Wednesday, August 5, 2020

What Makes YOU a GREAT Leader? Key Factors contributing to Successful Leadership

With the UN Theme of Generation Equal this year 2020,  What makes you a great leader is not having years of experience alone and talents but lot more things that you need to be aware of!
As you move from being a Manager to a Thought Leader,  there are few things you should be focusing on!

Be a Great Leader

1. Focus on what you want to do

It is very important we identify all things we do,  like in every single day., organize and prioritize and focus on the things that need top most attention.  You should be able to assess this at the beginning of the day so that you can make the best use of every work day.  It is very important that we do not procrastinate on things that need to be finished that day.   A good professional is one who is able to manage multiple things and still work effectively.   That is possible only when you are able to compartmentalize your day according to the priorities and stay focused to complete the tasks in hand.  

2.  Are You Executive Material?

First you need to do a deep  self-introspection on what takes it to be a Senior Executive or a Thought Leader in a Organization.   It is very important that you enable yourself with upskilling/reskilling and preparing yourself to be a great Executive.     Self-assessment to identify the needs of the Top Layer of the Organization and preparing yourself to get there is key for your success.  Years of experience will not take you to the top always.  What brings more revenue and business to the Organization and what makes you the face of the leadership is what will give you the advantage to get to the top.  Getting there is not easy but not impossible if you have the confidence to be the Executive Material.  Believe in it and prepare for it and don't believe in luck

3.  Identify the mistakes that may sabotage our growth

Today in the digital era, what you are in the Social Media reflects on what you are as an individual persona.    Your thought patterns, your emotional balances, your reactions/responses, everything is under scrutiny when it comes to professional growth.    Gone are the day people rely on the resume or experiences or the ratings within the Organization.   In the rat-race to win everywhere, there is a strong competition.  So be very cautious of your social media posts, your ideologies that may reflect on your professional behavior,  your people skills that may show up in your references and also your emotional and social wellness matters a lot.    

Next, it is very important that we learn from the mistakes of similar professionals around us and we do not get caught into the same situations.    Stop being overeager to explain all things for a simple reason that you cannot please everyone.   Also ask for forgiveness if you make a mistake and give a reassurance that you will not do it again, and move on.   Do not stay in one single troubled situation and whine over it for long.    

4.  Be Assertive -  Learn to Say No

Always saying YES is not an acknowledgement of accepting things as they are.  Sometime , the situations may demand to say NO.  So say NO firmly when you have a reason to say so.   Do not hesitate to say no just because it may strain a relationship or give up on a business opportunity.  In the long run your firm decisions may not only benefit you but also the Organizations.  So being firm and strong and having a strong reasoning ability, analytical thinking and logical reasoning is very important for a good leadership

5.  Stop making couching statements

It is very important we keep our statements brief, precise and clear and avoid making couching statements that can be interpreted in any way others want.    Sometimes saying negative comments in couching statements may be pleasing for others, but its not always practical in a work environment.    We should not making deliberate statements that can hurt others,  mislead businesses and may impact negative work environment.      It is always advisable to have clear communication, in simple sentences that are non-ambiguous or non-provoking and hurting sentiments, triggering wrong emotions and causing confusions at work place.   

6.  Self- Motivation to be a Leader

No one will make you a leader if you are not ready.  Leadership is not something that will crowned on you unless you make conscious efforts to reach there.  Make every effort to make yourself worthwhile to the change in life.   A good leader is one who takes utmost responsibility of his/ her actions as well as be ready and accountable for the actions of the team.   A leader is respected for what they do, instead of what they preach.   One thing to remember is that every leader is closely watched, followed, admired, inspiring someone or people can even have a negative impact of jealousy and fake friendships due to your position and success.   It is very important to be conscious and take success to heart and not to head resulting in egoistic behavior that will destroy your success.   Being humble, approachable and setting yourself as an example are key traits of successful leaders

7.  No need to be liked all times

You cannot please everyone every single time.  It is ok that your actions may disappoint others when their expectations are not met.   However, you have to be clear and consistent in your work,  stay focused and be sure that the outcomes are what matters in business and take every effort to achieve the objectives of the work you do.   Integrity,  Trust and Consistent Hardwork has no parallels and you can actually see these qualities in any great leader around you.    There are no short cuts to success.   As you climb the Corporate Ladder, always remember there is less crowd up there and there are chances that you can get really alone and miss the fun of being in the crowd.  But once you become a leader, your perceptions and growth mindset will make everything else insignificant and trivial.   As a Professional you will standout, when you can overcome your emotional imbalances.   

8.  Stop letting people waste your time

Do not give time or attention when someone walks to your desk and calls you for a coffee..For them, it may be a break, but you may be in midst of something really important.  Learn to politely refuse niceties that no longer necessary.   Grapevine helps but unwarranted gossip doesn't.   So do not indulge in political, religious discussions and reacting to every single negative current affairs happening around us.   Without you even realizing, you will be spending more them on these non-productive activities at workplace which in turn may push you to work late into the night to finish your priorities.  It is OK to burn mid-night oil to learn new things or focus on innovation and creative things that benefit you as professional...but not for useless chatting, overloaded push of unwanted forwards on social media.  which actually may negatively impact you.   You  should be strong enough to filter out what is needed and act accordingly.      

9.  You are a leader not a MOM at Workplace !

We all love our families and friends.   We all have Gods and faiths that guide our lives.  Keep that private and limited to your homes.  Do not decorate office workspace like a living room.  Having religious texts or pictures at workplace can add sentimental value to some..but in reality it is better to avoid any kind of religious marks at workplace.   Today we are talking about a much inclusive society and being equal.   We respect all faiths and we as a Nation are far more secular in the world today.  However, keeping our work places out of any of these sentiments is worth giving a thought.   And also stop feeding people at work just because you are a great cook and a great mom.   Celebrations and team bonding is always fun and productive.  But going out of the way, to keep pleasing your team is not necessary.   It is ok to be professional and productive and learn to draw a thick line between being a good friend, a great person Vs Great leader or a strong professional.    Don't bring emotions and attachments that may impact promotions, assessments,  ratings and appraisals.  

10.  Miracles don't happen

Have Faith. Faith in the possibilities and power behind the veil.   But don't expect miracles to bring you success.   Rome was not built in a day.  A great leader is also not made overnight.    Being a successful leader is like a penance.   It takes years of learning,  skill enabling,  hard-work,  perseverance,  handling challenges, going through difficult situations,  handling various types of people and business situations,  focusing on innovation,  keeping your creative juices flowing to find new improvements, experience,  focusing on health,  team work,  various soft skills and then the leadership factors.   

Great leaders are those who have

  •  Own Strong Personality
  •  Personal Branding and Image Management 
  • Make Statements that matter to business outcomes
  • Who are ready to take the stage - for both success and failures
  • Being fearless and unafraid of your beliefs.   
So go ahead,  become those leaders who are ready to be real change makers in this world.  The World need strong leaders!     Get yourself there sooner than later!   God bless! 

Monday, June 1, 2020

Gayatri Mantra: Meaning and significance

Gayatri Mantra was recorded in the Rig Veda and assumed to be written some 2500 years ago in Sanskrit.     The Gayatri Mantra comprises twenty-four syllables organized inside a triplet of either syllables.   Reciting the Gayatri Mantra not only decontaminates the chanter but the listener as well

Gayatri Mantra

ॐ भूर् भुवः स्वः
तत् सवितुर्वरेण्यं
भर्गो देवस्य धीम ..

Om bhūr bhuvaḥ suvaḥ
bhargo devasyadhimahi
dhiyo yo nah pracodayat

Gayatri Mantra English Translation:

We meditate on the glory of the Creator;
Who has created the universe;
who is worthy of worship;
who is the embodiment of knowledge and light;
who is the remover of all sin and ignorance;
May He Enlighten our Intellect

Gayatri Mantra Meaning

O, Divine mother, our hearts are loaded up with darkness.

Kindly make this darkness distant from us and advance brightening inside us

1. Why is Gayatri Mantra chanted?

It is believed that by chanting Gayatri Mantra, you achieve success and happiness in your life.
With regular chanting of the Gayatri Mantra, one can firmly establish and stabilize the mind.
The mantra is a declaration of appreciation to both the nurturing sun and the Divine

2.  Who is Gayatri?

Goddess Gayatri is additionally called as Veda Mata or the Mother of Vedas.  Rig, Yajur, Saam and Atharva in light of the fact  that it is the very premise of the Vedas.  It is the premise, the truth behind the accomplished and the cognized universe.  Goddess  Gayatri is known to eliminate darkness by imparting light in our minds

3. What are the benefits of chanting the Gayatri Mantra?

* Regular chanting of Gayatri Mantra improves concentration and learning
* It is known for removing toxins from the body
* It improves breathing and functioning of the nervous system
* It keeps your heart healthy and removes the negativity
* Chanting of Gayatri Mantra clams the mind
* It reduces stress and anxiety

Gayatri Mantra - Universal Prayer

4.  When is the best time to chant Gayatri Mantra?

According to the Vedas, time has three qualities, satva, raja and tamas (Purity, Passion and Inaction)
*  4 am to 8 am and 4 pm to 8 pm have the satvic quality
*  8 am to 4 pm are rajasic
*  8 pm to 4 am are tamasic

Satva is the best time to chant the Gayatri Mantra.  Hence the Gayatri Mantra should be recited during the satvic time for more benefits

Reference Source:  Internet/Times of India.

Monday, May 11, 2020

Mother! An Ode to my mom! Value them when they are around!

11 May 2020

What will I write
What all will I not write!
When she was around, I never valued her enough
As she was gone, I could not stop wanting her more
She was not the normal mothers who cuddled around
Or hug you, kiss you and suffocate you with love
Her way of expressing love was different
That I never understood as a child
I longed for her one long kiss on my cheek
Wanted to hug her and cuddle over to sleep
Waited to tell all my stories non-stop
But she was never there around for these flops
She ensured we had proper clothes,
Food on our table and books to study
She breathed her lungs out to make a living
To give us a decent life and rebuild everything
She shouted like a monster most of the times
Disciplined us like a circus ring master every time
Forget about getting her love, it was more of hate
More of anger, more of no where else to go days
Having three teenage girls to take care all alone
As the man who was the rock of the family slipped away soon
I never understood what all she would have gone through
Having to feed, having to raise and having to live alone
Today as I crave for love, so much in life, despite all comforts
I feel so sorry for her, for how much she would have needed
That one shoulder to support and lean on when she wanted
She was there, with that frail body that troubled her with wheeze
Steroids that kept her crazy and not have proper sleep
Yet, she ensured she cooked us delicious meals
Made sure that all of us had the normal lives
Her anxieties always did kill her and our peace
Marrying us off became her life’s biggest goals
And she did it without loans and with such an ease
She was a true Leo. The roaring lioness in her own way
Looking back, probably she was right in her say
At times, words ripped us like the swords around
I forgot the fights where we threw knives abound
Yet, after all the battles within the four walls
She ensured, that we were safe, we were not hungry
We were educated, we could live our lives on our own
Not sure, if my hate did turn to love, when I saw her sick
As her days were coming to close, I know I evolved
When the world shunned its doors on me, she rescued
As life ripped me apart, she stood there to strengthen my resolve
All I could give her back in gratitude was my ample time
In her last days, pampering her with my care and love
Today, I know her value, I need her more, I wish her around
Mother is a mother, no matter how different, yet always profound!
Love you Amma!
Wish I told you more of this when you were around!

Sunday, May 10, 2020

I want to be that Migratory Bird! Flying High and Far!

Image may contain: bird, possible text that says 'WORLD MIGRATORY BIRD DAY Birds Connect Our World'

I want to be that 🐦
That flies with the times
To destinations far and new
Chasing my odds n dreams
Migrating from my mundane
Routines of life
In the skies that are far
And wide to embrace
With the birds of my kind
Flocking together
Want to touch the rainbow
With the dash of sunlight
Shower in raindrops
Before landing on a tree top
When it's time for flying
I want to glide my wings
And take to new shores
Fluttering for a while
Flapping my wings
Yet raising against the storms
To the new warmer shores
Hoping from one love
To another in life
Migrating like a bird
Wanting a new home
All seasons I unfold
Into reasons untold
I want the new song
From where I truly belong
Make me that bird
That has strengthened
To travel distant horizon
In search of solitude
With undying spirits to fly
As the seasons make you try
Migrating from my thoughts
Into the spirt that rise again

Thursday, April 30, 2020

#Day30 NaPoWriMo What will I seek? What will he give? #AdiBhikshuvu #Sirivennela #Inspiration Lord Shiva Hindu God Large 8.25" Temporary arm Tattoo ...

Oh Lord Shivaya…The Supreme vagabond of this universe
What blessings will I seek from you, the Master Scrounger

What can I seek from the one who smears around the ashes
What favours can I ask him…What blessings can I seek in his remnants

The one who blessed the black dark colors to sweet singing Nightingales
And the one who gave the brightest glitters to the roaring thunders and lightening

What can I seek,  what favours can I ask,  what blessings will I pursue!

To the one who blessed a three days’ time to the honey dwelling flowers
And the one who made the stony mountains live forever eternal

What favours can I ask him…What blessings can I seek in his remnants

To the one who almost burnt the God of love while trying to marry
His divine consort Goddess Parvathi,  daughter of the God of Hills

What can I seek,  what favours can I ask,  what blessings will I pursue!

Whose kindness melted even to the demons who worshipped him in penance
And ensured that they get the highest boons and lift their heads in arrogance

What favours can I ask him…What blessings can I seek in his remnants
What can I seek from the one who smears around the ashes

Oh Lord Shankara,  the one who sees the fierce face of love or fire
Three-eyed,  snake adored, short tempered, unstable Shankara!

What will I seek,  what will I ask,  what will I get

The Truth is!

When everything of you is in me.  When you are in me,
The Ultimate seed of life that raises its head when needed to be!

Om Namashivaya

Inspired by the Song Aadi Bikshuvu from the evergreen
Movie: Sirivennela

Lyricist: Sirivennela Sitarama Sastry
Language: Telugu

aadi bikshuvu vaadinedi koredi
boodidicchedi vaadinedi adigedi
aadi bikshuvu vaadinedi koredi
boodidicchedi vaadinedi adigedi
Edi koredi vaadinedi adigedi
Edi koredi vaadinedi adigedi

teepi raagaala koyilammaku nalla rangunalamina vaadinedi koredi
teepi raagaala koyilammaku nalla rangunalamina vaadinedi koredi
karaku garjanala meghamula meniki merupu hangu koorchina vaadinedi adigedi
Edi koredi vaadinedi adigedi
Edi koredi vaadinedi adigedi

tenelolike poola baalalaku moonnaala aayuvicchina vaadinedi koredi
banda raallanu chiraayuvaga jeevinchamani aanaticchina vadinedi adigedi
Edi koredi vaadinedi adigedi
Edi koredi vaadinedi adigedi

giribaalato tanaku kalyaana monarima darigeru manmadhuni masi chesinaadu
vaadinEdi koredi
vara garvamuna moodu lokaalu peedampa talapoyu dhanujulanu karuninchinaadu
vaadinedi adigedi
mukha preeti koreti uggu Sankarudu vaadinedi koredi
mukkanti mukkopi mukkanti mukkopi tikka sankarudu


What should I ask for blessings to the master beggar
What should I ask the one who gives the ashes
What should I ask for blessings to the master beggar
What should I ask the one who gives the ashes
What favour should I ask, what should I ask him
What favour should I ask, what should I ask him

What should I ask the one who attributed black colour to the sweet voiced Nightingale
What should I ask the one who attributed black colour to the sweet voiced Nightingale
What should I ask the one who gave the glitters of lightning to the cruel roars of thunders
What favour should I ask, what should I ask him
What favour should I ask, what should I ask him

What should I ask the one who gave too few years to the sweet kids
What should I ask the one who blessed the rocks to live forever
What favour should I ask, what should I ask him
What favour should I ask, what should I ask him

What should I ask the one who burnt the Cupid (manmadhudu) when he is trying to get him married to Parvati (giri bala - daugher of hill)
What favour should I ask
He blessed the demons who were torturing the three lokas with the arrogance of the gift
What favor should I ask
To the Lord shankara who only sees face value (Mukha preeti)
To the three eyed, Short tempered, Unstable Shankara

Wednesday, April 29, 2020

#Day29 NaPoWriMo Self-Love is the greater love?

Y for Yes...Yes for S!

Self Love Takes illustration print · Stephanie Chinn art · Online ...

Yes.  I will love. Love everyone who shows me love
Just like the gentle summer breeze

Yes...I will make you feel important. I don’t care if you
make me priority or no.  I don’t need to know

Yes...I will not make you feel lone.  Never when I can still breathe
Even when you make me struggle in loneliness and insane

Yes...I will smile at myself in the mirror.  Even though you no
longer call me beautiful.  For the love you gave me is good enough

Yes.  I feel loved.  Not because of messages from random men pouring on
But because you gave it all. The smell, the sounds and the love

Yes...I feel like a woman.  I will dress up in the brightest blue saree
drape myself in the jasmines I adore.  Even if you are not ever around

Yes.  I will remain old school type.  Writing letters that I no longer send
The poems I no longer share.  Scribbling the pages of my dairy in silence

Yes...I will still be awake all night.  Feeling you next to me, soothing me
The forehead pampering by your kindest hands and I feel the tears all dried up

Yes...I sit in silent meditation.  Even when you no longer pray along
I will sing the songs of the Universe that we once shared

Yes...I will not be emotional.  For you never liked me cry or not smile
I know for sure I never will have you again.  Yet I will smile. 

Yes.   I will remember to show up with every new sunrise
I would have cried my heart out the whole night.  Yet I will arise

Yes.  I know you left for the reasons you better know.  The way of Liberation
I will never hinder your progress.  Despite pain gliding down my spine

Yes.  I  know what love is.   In body, in mind and in the soul
I will never call it an illusion.  A Moment of truth.  A Memory to live

Yes.   I will not write any more words. Will close my eyes
I know you are there.  In my thoughts. In my deeds and in my life

Once Loved, can never be the love of the Past!
So, love yourself.   The only love is that of self-reflection!

The 6 Essentials for Cultivating Self-Love - positively present