Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Fifty Photographs of the Mother’s Darshan of 21 February 1973

On 21 February 1973, the Mother’s turned ninety-five. In the Darshan Card distributed on that day, she wrote: ‘The more we advance on the way, the more the need of the Divine Presence becomes imperative and indispensable.’
In the evening of 21 February 1973, the Mother gave Darshan from the east balcony of the second floor of the Meditation House to her disciples and devotees who had gathered on the street beneath, that is, Rue Fran├žois Martin. On that day, several photographs of her were taken by Sudha Sundaram, Siddhartha Bhabock, Wilfred Pinto and Dilip Hindocha out of which fifty photographs have been published in the website of Overman Foundation.


Few of them here:

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Bruised all over

In the darkness of the night
I was waiting for my knight
There was no news of him around
Fear and pain started to surround
I felt the knifes of life ripping me apart
The strings of rusted iron tearing parts
The sore red eyes filled with tears
Unable to shed down the cheeks
The salt-mess of the tears touched
The temple of my nose and tongue
Intense pain in the pit of my stomach
Aching for the smothering hands
There is no solace, no repose
The thundering sounds around
No words whispered into my waiting ears
Yet, the silence killing me with deafening fears
I felt like being pulled to the mid of the road
And thrown down to be bounced upon
I closed my eyes in deep anguish
Life suddenly turned soar and sobering
With the bruises all over in silent suffering
Waiting for the god’s to show up on my doors
Take me in the arms of comfort and peace galore

Monday, May 8, 2017


Happiness comes every now and then
it is not about just how and when
When it is around, I enjoy every hour
for the real happiness has such power
immense pleasure and joy it brings
making the songs of the birds sing
it makes me shine and glow
with peace of mind happiness can show
making it nurtured to longer last
forgetting the troubles of the past
Not fearing that it would disappear and go
for happiness can always grow
Tomorrow is another dawn, a new day to be
for happiness can set our mind free
Happiness is being in warm arms
in love and affections with no qualms
Happiness is waking up with no pain
and feeling fresh walking in the rain
Feeling wanted, feeling refreshed
feeling the best in you with no regrets
a moment of raw happiness
sitting idle and gazing at the sky
holding hands together in love
whispering sweet nothings feels like dove
The crescent moon trying to hide behind the tree
when you and I discover to be in life free
cherishing the togetherness of you and I
as we laugh, we giggle and we talk
and towards the life, we silently walk
Happiness is everything that is of mind
to make life, better, sweeter and warmImage result for Happiness

Saturday, April 29, 2017

#AtoZChallenge : Inspiring Indian Women: Zahabiya Khorakiwala- Managing Director at Wockhardt Hospitals

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The daughter of Habil Khorakiwala, chairman of pharmaceutical, biotechnology and healthcare giant Wockhardt, Zahabiya, the company's managing director, has work on her mind even when she is travelling, her eyes fixated on the iPad. The psychology graduate from New York University joined Wockhardt after getting an MBA from the Indian School of Business in Hyderabad in 2009. 

Zahabiya Khorakiwala reaches her Bandra-Kurla Complex office in Mumbai at 8.30 a.m. every day and works for 12-14 hours. 

The youngest among three siblings, Zahabiya has inherited the responsibility of strategic planning in her father's company. Her siblings, Murtaza and Huzaifa, look after the marketing and corporate social responsibility divisions. An avid painter since she was five, Zahabiya used to do paintings in chalk and watercolour till 2010. But she stopped after professional challenges started consuming all her time. 

She believes Tier-II and Tier-III cities are where the future of India's healthcare lies and has a strategy plan for each of Wockhardt's hospitals that revolves around excellent nursing. "Doctors come, check the patients and go. It is the nursing staff with whom the patients interact directly for a longer time," she says.



Thursday, April 27, 2017

#AtoZChallenge: Inspiring Indian Women : Yamini Krishnan - HR

Yamini Krishnan  #YaminiKrishnan #InspiringIndians #AtoZChallenge

Yamini Krishnan

In this entire series of the AtoZChallenge 2017 and the theme I selected as Inspiring Indian Woman, probably, this post is the most difficult one to write for me.   You may wonder why?  Just because this woman is not only a HR leader in India, but also happens to be my elder sister, friend from birth, mentor, guide, philosopher and above all, my god mother.   To write a story without taking personal bias and at the same time, tell the world, the things hitherto unknown of an amazing woman is not an easy task.

Born in Eluru of West Godavari District of Andhra Pradesh, she was the eldest of 3 daughters to her parents.   Very active in school activities and academics.   She learnt Bharatanatyam for few years before she got keen in music and continue her singing spree even today.   

The year she was born, also saw the release of the famous yesteryears movie Bobby and she was fondly called so at home.  Earlier named as Yamini Venkata Lakshmi, she later on after marriage went on to become famous as Yamini Krishnan.

Very intelligent and obedient child and loved being a big sister to her younger sisters in guiding them and always being there.  She enjoyed singing and learnt her initial music from our grandmother who raised us.  She loved food except for Brinjal and curd to which she had a deep aversion.  Right from young age, she was very fascinated to have people around her, especially her friends.  She associated with everyone around, but had very few in her inner circle.  

Life was fair to her as a child.  Raised by an absolutely loving and pious father, god-fearing and noble, and a mother who was very disciplining and strong willed.  A fairy god-mother (grandmother) who loved her, pampered her and cared/ raised her with stories of freedom movement, mythology and moral values.  

Life can be equally cruel at times.   With all hopes she moved from Eluru to Chennai city for her high secondary education.   As she was few days away from the much dreaded final year exams, life threw at her the rudest shock we can face…losing her father to a massive heart attack.  She was just 17 and was not yet ready to face life.  Yet to understand how to handle adversities.  Overnight life became uncertain. 

Our mother took the courage to get back to work and routine for the sake of her daughters.  Yamini went ahead boldly with her exams with a brim face.  The road ahead was not easy.  Her dad’s dream of her to be an engineer faded away with him.  She took B.Sc Mathematics in Meenakshi College and started to bring back her life along with that of her sisters.    

We loved watching cricket, tennis and also do all the household chores.   From a very comfortable life to a life of modest means threw the reality of life.  From the comfort of servants at home, we had to manage life with its limited means.

Having three daughters and a whole lot of responsibility suddenly on her single shoulders, my mother was worried.  The first proposal for marriage was the solace for her and she agreed to get Yamini get married at the tender age of 18 just as she completed her first year of college.  Her husband Krishnan is an amazing person, a wonderful human being and a very understanding spouse.  He encouraged her to continue her studies and supported to start her own career.  He was at that time at his modest beginnings of his own career.

Behind every successful woman, also there is a man.  Shyful, ever smiling, soft spoken marketing man Krishnan took the brightest decisions all through his life starting from being married to a country fruit like Yamini.  He stood by her to complete her education and managed both home and studies.  He taught her to drive, not just life but her craziness of cars.  The transformation began with the transition of S.Y.V.Lakshmi to Yamini Krishnan, the twilight star.  

Krishnan changed the way she looked, the way she carried herself, and groomed her to what she is today.  He helped her socializing, sophistication and showcasing a class of empowerment.  He taught her to make decisions both strong and bold.  Pushed her to experiment with her limitations and beyond.   A teen who discontinued her studies for her marriage, re-emerged as an aspiring career woman.

She travelled extensively all over India with Krishnan.  Step by step, the career grew along with them.   After 5 years of marriage and couple of degrees and diploma’s to her credit, she was blessed with a loving son Ajay who stood by her supporting and loving throughout her journey.  He became her life.  Collectively they had to make loads of sacrifices and adjustments.  They did it all with smiles.

Yamini did not look back from there.  She went ahead to pursue higher studies and ended up in IIM Calcutta where she mastered her Management degree.  Her leadership is well received and respected.  She inspired many young women to fight all odds and keep moving ahead with the goals of life.  

Despite the demanding challenges at work, she loved being the creative person she is.  Crazy about long drives, creative and happy to paint her own diyas for Diwali, go on Garba dancing during Dussera, making her regular visits to temple, being there for friends and family at all times of joy and needs.  Not many know that she writes amazing poetry and loves blogging at her blog ‘maddening silences’

Amidst all this, they both make time to travel and enjoy the beauty of this world in its raw and real form by taking vacations round the globe.   

Yamini and Krishnan encourage each other to climbing the Corporate Ladder.  Today Krishnan is Head of Retail Sales in Pidilite Industries and Yamini is enjoying her career as Director - HR, South Asia at QuintilesIMS.  She has extensive experience handling entire gamut of HR functions. Handled end to end responsibilities of Talent Acquisition, HR Operations, Business HR functions, Corporate Social Responsibility, Employer Branding activities.   She was identified as one of the Top 16 HR leaders in India for the year 2016. 

Yamini & C.G.Krishnan

This is a story of grit and determination, hard work and perseverance, converting adversities and opportunities.   I can only end this note by saying that I am very proud of Yamini and thank God for making her my sister.