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Why Talwars wouldn't have killed Aarushi and Hemraj?- Part 7- Several reasons why Rajesh and Nupur would not have axed their only child?

Aarushi was their dream child., after 11 years of waiting, through a strenuous process of IVF, the child was born as a symbol of their love marriage.

• Both are educated and highly talented professionals, having a high sense of commonsense, social awareness and ample aspirations for their only child

• Employing a nepali male servant in a house, when both parents are busy with highly demanding professions is not uncommon in upper middle class India and cannot be blamed for they were not having a teen guy at home, but a matured fatherly figure Hemraj who also regarded Aarushi as ‘betti’.

• Aarushi was a normal teen in a upper middle class family, having access to internet, cell phone, friends, co-education, foreign trips, planned vacations and holidays, regular tantrums, celebrations of birthdays and every special day (remember her Father day cards that were beautifully written to commend how best his dad could be in this world)

• Parents sleeping just 6 feet away in another room and not hearing anything is a quite possibility with Window AC’s on in both the rooms. CBI did the trail check of the same situation and confirmed that they did not hear any sound when they replicated the situation.

• Parents locking the room. It is not a literal locking but having the automatic door locks for safety when the child is sleeping in another room and keeping the keys safely. In matured modern society, children no longer cling to the beds of their parents as practiced in most parts of the world. So putting their only child, who is well aware of what is right and wrong to sleep in a different room is no sin. I wouldn’t think that any mother would not tell her daughter to close the door and sleep, for various reasons. Why do media make this a big issue is nothing but a drama!

• Parents not grieving in public. Is being composed and shocked is a sin? Why should they grieve in front of the camera…to garner your sympathies? Heights of public expectations. Are we not moving to a more matured world where we stand in silence during funerals and grief in private? If the parents are boldly facing the cameras and not crying in front of public, does it mean that it should cost them their innocence?

• Parents being awake till midnight on the night of the crime. Rajesh Talwar have confirmed that he was awake late that night, as he made phone calls to his brother in law and also an association in US for which he had to sent some subscriptions and it was only post midnight he went to bed. 60% of working parents, who are doctors, and who see patients till 9 or 10 pm, end up sleeping around midnight. That was usual for them. Not planning up a murder of their only daughter. Being doctors, they could have killed her in more planned and peaceful way if that was their only intention.

• Aarushi’s boy friend giving clues against her dad…This is another absurd theory. Aarushi spoke to Anmol for close to 600 times in 2 months before her death and all were normal calls that happen between teenagers and friends in school. They were not lengthy conversations like crying and cribbing over some issue. 90% of coeducated children today spend 50% of their time on internet and cell phones. It is the system today. For upper Noida and delhi kids, I don’t think this would be strange. May be for the conservative society that still thinks talking between boys and girls is a crime , yes this would sound absurd.

• Aarushi being angry with Rajesh Talwar in one of her Orkut messages…it is not being angry. It is being pleading to go for a movie with friends for which Rajesh refused. Just like any other parent would do usually. Even we warn our teen daughter not to post pics on facebook, does that mean that she will be technically angry on us to create a forever rift? Give me a break!

• Aarushi Talwar and Hemraj having sex, Rajesh finding them in compromising positions and what not. Such a cheap statements from Noida police because of the ongoing honour killings in Haryana, Punjab and many other states. I don’t think Aarushi would have ever stopped to such a low of having a affair with a fatherly man who is a servant in their house. She defiantly had better friends and options if she wanted to.

• Murder done with a clinical precision… Possibile it is done by a professional killer too. I don’t think doctors would find it easy to plan splitting their daughter’s throat and to see her go from this world. She was the most beautiful child, well behaved and parents wanted to give her the world. Either they should have been mentally retarted to do such a barbaric act and Talwars definitely are not.

• Talwars parents were all well established and served in Armed forces and have high social values. There was no motive of money or honor killing in this case as the parents themselves were in love marriage, and any of Aarushi’s expectations would have been met with counseling, warning or changing lifestyle but killing would not have been the only way for them to get of any such oddity.

• Rajesh Talwar having affair with Anitha Durrani. Another theory that burnt with the time. Anitha and Rajesh shared the same premises to work and that is very common in doctor community to share clinics and hospitals to see their patients at different timings. Nupur and Rajesh loved each other and got married. Anitha was close to Nupur and their children were best friends and classmates. So the intimacy is at the level of family friendship and may not be on an extra marital affair. Even if that is the case, I am sure, Rajesh would have known to conceal it from Aarushi and she would not have been affected by it. Aarushi would have gone to Nupur to support if she found something fishy about her dad than to Hemraj.

• Why could not Hemaraj had an extra marital affair or something outside his work in Noida when his ailing family is far in Nepal and that could have been the trigger for turmoil?

• Hemaraj was troubled and tensed and feared his life and approached a social worker. If he was afraid of Talwars, he would have taken the next train and run to his son in law or his family back in Nepal and not wait for them to come and kill him one night? So there is something else that he was afraid of and no one knows what it is?

• Dinesh Talwar trying to conceal the postmortem report. This is again an unproved theory as there could be chances that any family member would approach to know the findings but I don’t think any sensible person would ask the facts to be concealed when it comes to report of a little girl. Moreover, parents were never ashamed to talk about the vaginal swab or the white discharge of their daughter in front of the media and I don’t think they would have made attempts to conceal the fact if she was raped. That would have infact raged a educated and responsible mother like Nupur and would have only helped her stance of innocence stronger.

• Circumstancial evidence makes Talwars accused. This country witnessed millions of cases where there were so many eye witnesses and other forensic evidence but people escaping punishment just because they are capable of that. Talwars seem to be fighting with straightforward approach and that is what is making them stand behind bars today.

• If the theory that ‘Innocent till Proven Guilt’ still holds right in Indian Judiciary, then Talwars cannot be arrested unless someone comes out with concrete evidence against them.

• Aarushi and friends having sleepovers at their home and wanting privacy. How stupid of police to cliam that they were indulged in some sexual activity? The kids wanting to be alone to giggle around, play and talk, should not always indicate that it is an inappropriate gathering for some activity sounds hilarious.

• Talwars never refused to undergo Narco analysis tests or any other investigation methods and have cooperated with grace in all of their investigations. They repeated 100 times the same set of facts they were aware of to the media and police and CBI. No one found an inconsistency in what they said.

• The police couldn’t fathom a household where a teenage girl receiving a bouquet of flowers from an admirer leaves her parents unruffled. They were busy insinuating that her school project on drug addiction meant she had dodgy interests. The media were to also make ominous noises about Aarushi’s activities on Facebook and Orkut, about her having 688 ‘transactions’ with a boy from school over 45 days. 688 transactions. An average of 15 phone calls, SMSs, missed calls per day. Any beleaguered urban parent would have explained the phenomena to the UP police — it’s a teenager with a phone. But the police and media were to use this to build a portrait of promiscuity. As Pinaki Mishra, a lawyer who advises the Talwars told TEHELKA in 2008, “The whole lot have been bred on Manohar Kahaniyan, seeing sex everywhere.”

• Police not being informed before relatives in this murder. That is quite natural. If I am hurt, I would only run to my comfort zone first than to my social zone. What did police do after they came to know? They did not protect the crime scene from being tampered by people, neighbours, relatives, and press

• The insensitivity with which the police handled this crime, the media and police passing verdicts before even the investigations began. The police officer not even getting Aarushi’s name right, went on to pass derogatory comments of the victim, her family and friends and what not. Who allows this kind of defamation just because they were normal citizens in this country? Scary. If it happened to them, it can happen to any other common people in this country. Scary!

• Scene of crime dressed up heavily even before the maid arrived. The killer could have done it. Be it Talwars or not. They had enough time from the murder till dawn before they escaped

• Touch DNA is an experimental method and is insisted by talwars to be conducted which is not heard by investigation authorities. Though this could be validated right or wrong, can still stop them from running behind this method and prove either way

• If the Talwars had tampered the crime scene, why have they not hidden the whiskey bottle that had blood strains on it?

• Why Rajesh suspected Hemraj initially of killing Aarushi, was that other than they too, it was Hemraj alone who lived in that house and all probability that he killed her and escaped with some motive. As the house was locked from all sides as it used to be. Servants killing people of the house was not a rare phenomenon in Delhi /Noida in the recent past and had Rajesh done this crime, he would have planned a different story, having known that Hemaraj is also dead. For the body was just in the terrace of his house.

• On the night of the 15th, Umesh dropped Rajesh at the house and went to park the car at Nupur’s parents’ house nearby. When he returned to the Talwars’ house to deposit the car keys, he saw Nupur and Aarushi near the dining table and saw Rajesh coming out of his bedroom. Umesh says the clothes Rajesh was wearing the morning after the murders were the same as the ones he saw him wearing the previous evening when he came to return the keys. This opens up a line of enquiry. If Rajesh had committed the murders under sudden provocation, as the CBI says, where was the blood of both victims on his clothes the next morning?”

• Why would the Talwars push the CBI to keep investigating the case if they were guilty? Why would they leave the biggest trump of a clue in plain sight on their dining table — the Ballantine’s whiskey bottle with acres of fingerprints and both victims’ blood marks — if they had ‘dressed up’ the scene after committing the crime?

• Why won’t the CBI conduct touch DNA testing on the bottle and other evidence and simply put all the speculation to rest? Again, why would the Talwars agitate for such testing if they had something to hide?

• Talwars made Easiest available victim. The police made a mess of the case, they see no hope of finding the real culprits…

• Some one could have been in grudge and scuffle with Rajesh or even Hemraj

• A 8 or 9 foot size blood strain have been found next to Hemaraj’s body on the terrace. The hand print on the wall with the blood strain also did not match with Rajesh or Nupur. So there have to be a third person

• Investigation on the simple life of Hemraj is not done completely and his contacts when he was a rickshaw puller in Delhi. There could be flip side to his other wise innocent life too

• The narco tests of Krishna, said that they three were with Hemraj on the night having drinks in the terrace. Why is this not figured anywhere in the closure report

• If nacro tests results of servants are dismissed as false, then why are Talwars put through them again in 2010 during the CBI team 2 investigation

• Nupur being an Army kid puts up a bold face in front of media and answers to all the questions raised calmly and composedly. Broughtup in the military family and educated in a professional medical fraternity, I guess she gained that composure which is wrongly opinionated by the press and general public.

• Aarushi’s class teaches and school proved that she was a brilliant kid, supposedly to be a head girl the following year, and scored high which means that the girl gave importance to education and her aspiration to be a pediatrician or a dancer.

• Aarushi’s dance school and her friends said hundreds of times, how lively and happy child she was. Media almost projected her as a sex starving child which is totally absurd and wrong. She was a modern teenager full of fun and life and aiming her usual highs in career and entry to AIIMS

• Aarushi’s father’s day cards clearly denote that she shared a strong bond with her parents and they were doing everything for her best in the world. There are absolutely remote chances that they would kill her in spur of the moment rage

• Rajesh Talwar said to kill his daughter and wash her private parts. This sounds ridiculous on the father-child relationship. Rajesh would not be able to live with such a guilt for so many years after the incident had he done so and the fact that he boldy still fights for justice is clear indicator of what a sensitive father he was.

• Aarushilegacy and the activity of the NGO set up by the parents show their courage to move on with her memory despite their own fates handing at the destiny of courts that no longer care for people’s emotions and sensitivity

• I don’t think parents would have killed her for what so ever reasons and live in a house surrounded by her pictures in every nook and corner of the house, reminding them of the gruesome crime they committed. It clearly shows that they are reliving her good memories in all those pictures, people, please be sensitive !

• What is it that they are going to achieve by killing their daughter. Their dreams and full life’s effort is gone in vain

• Hemaraj could have had an extra marital affair as his family was away in Nepal for year and he lived in slums as rickshaw puller earlier. Why should the Talwars alone be blamed.


Anonymous said...

Hello Umasree,

There is no questioning of the fact that Talwars doted on their daughter.
Nowhere in your post there is a mention of an accidental,unintentional,unplanned event leading to the death of both Hemraj and Aarushi. Unfortunately that is what has happened.

I do feel sorry for the parents but unfortunately the truth can not be changed by pages of explanation.
If you can not see it for yourself then there are some serious shortcomings in your judgemental capacity.

Umasree said...

My strong belief is that these parents could not have acted on repulsive behavior - which could be dangerous, accidental, unintentional and unplanned with something that got to do with their daughter's life. When you say strongly that it is what happened? what is your evidence on that? What is the motive? They had better ways to streamline things if they knew something was wrong with their daughter or with the servant. They were not in drugged state or anything abnormal after a long day of professional commitments.

I dont fail on my judgmental capacity as I have been closely following this case from day 1. Please have your name mentioned when you post such a strong view. I have discussed this with so many children and also with parents, with people who knew Talwars for years as doctors and had been their patients., with their collegues and they are surely not people who would be criminals by fist rage of the moment. They have an inbuilt personal balance gained over years...and that is what they have been displaying to media ever since the tragedy

Anonymous said...

Even persons of great integrity and character and inbuilt strength have been known to lose thier balance in moments of weakness/helplessness. No one is perfect.

Dr.Rajesh Talwar, probably wanted to streamline things but did not realize that golf club that he picked up was an iron club using which could prove fatal. Probably he assumed he had a wooden stick in his hand. Probably he (internally) repents now that he should have picked up something else instead.

Umasree said...

God Forbid this did not happen. There is no evidence that Rajesh did it and the weapon was a Golf Club. It is the circumstancial evidences that stand against them at this point in the court. Refer to Pankajdavatia case in Gujarat where a young wife was accused of murdering her mother in law just because she was the only person at the time of crime in the night. After her 20 years of suffering and 14 years in Jail, they got proved that she was innocent. Such injustice should not happen if they are not guity. If they are guilty, I would stand by your every comment that they should have the worst punishment possible. But I beleive its not the truth.

Anonymous said...

Of course there is no evidence that Rajesh Talwar did it as all the evidence has been tampered with, and misleading evidence has been deliberately planted to cover up the accidental killings.

Krishnan said...

this might give you some info about the cover ups and crime scene tampering ...all points to father .if there is someone else involved that will come to light soon

Umasree said...

Please read this too! Just in case the ordinary media failed to point it out clearly

ahmedabadonnet said...

The secret never revealed....

Anonymous said...

I am so shocked that it is so easy for people to assume a parent guilty of murdering their own child on the basis of news reports only. Everyone should be assumed innocent until proved guilty. I consider it impossible for any parents to kill their only child for any of the reasons given in press reports. It is an extremely unfortunate that these parents have not only lost their only child but are also being believed to have killed her. People should not come to such a drastic conclusion based only on media reports. Its a shame.

Umasree said...

I strongly feel that parents are not the killers in this case. No matter what, I dont think Nupur and Rajesh would have killed Aarushi. As a mother, I can only feel their pain and frustration on two losing their only wonderful daughter and having lost the purpose in life.... and secondly the whole system senselessly frustrating them instead of providing justice. They should be left to grieve instead of trying to protect themselves from the senseless law cases against them. Police, CBI and parents collectively failed to protect a child and no use in discussing how she was lost.....Aarushi can never be a faded memory....RIP dear

Anonymous said...

The servant may have been abusing the girl as the parents trusted him with their daughter. Children often don't disclose child abuse to their parents. The talwars one day saw this and thought it was a 2-way relation, and killed them both in a spurt of anger. This is just a wild guess though.

Anonymous said...

I can solve this murder in 30 mins time. Just give me UP police SHO who investigated the matter first time and Rajesh Talwar..... and a baseball bat. Truth will come out in less than 30 mins.

Anonymous said...

Dear Umasree,

I feel happy that at least u took the pain of posting this much . I feel Rajesh and Nupur are really unlucky parents. They lost their daughter which I feel u can recover after a few years. But the pain the media and society gave to them they can never come out from that. Actually for what we are having police and courts. If Rajesh did such a crime how can people think any mother will stand with him. Today if u see Nupur in TV u can see her facing things cool. U should appreciate her for that,she is a bold lady . If she make a dramatic scene then our media and public they feel so happy.Actually we all show sympathy on others ,but the day they recover from their worries we start gossiping. If a lady becomes widow all feel bad ,but if she remarry then all will be her enemy.THis is world , so it is better for Rajesh and Nupur to face again cooly ,because from more than three years what they suffered is nothing if they ll be jailed also.At least in jail they can be peacefully from this type of media and public. Once again thank u so much umasree for posting this

Anonymous said...

i could not understand why your comments are biased. it does not mean only educated and wealthy are innocent and all people from slums are criminal.

what kind of attitude is this? you need to grow up?

Avdhesh Tanwar said...

Its clear now!. THEY ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR THE MURDER. Hemraj was having sex with their daughter and in fir of anger he did murder them both(Rajesh Talwar) and then dressed up the scene.

Dr.A.V.Thally. said...

Hemraj was hit with golfstick from behind on the back of his head,while Aarushi recieved a blow with it on her forehead...could it be that someone enraged on seeing them 'close together' hit first Hemraj who collapsed down with it on Aarushi.And second blow actualy meant for him only hit Aarushi on her forehead? And later knowing that the severe blow on forehead could cause damage to Frontal lobe (which is responsible for conscious thought, voluntary movement, and individual personality characteristics.) leaving her an handicap for life,decided to give her a quick death by cutting her throat......Couldnt this be a possibility?And do not overlook the PM reports of Aarushi and the fact that her body was as quickly cremated as possible.

Anonymous said...

Hi Umasree

Yesterday while surfing the tv channels i had stuck to an Indian news channel ( Im frm Bangladesh) which was delivering the news of Dr Nupur's Bail regarding this murder case and it made me interested to know the details and I started to search from internet and found a lot of info. Im terribly shocked and really feeling sorry for the parents who are accused of murder. But from the record of Diary found these: June 12: Talwar’s compounder Krishna undergoes a narco test, where he confesses his crime. He is arrested.
June 14: Rajkumar, Durrani’s domestic help, is subjected to a lie-detector test.
June 19: Vijay Mandal, the domestic help of a neighbour of the Talwars is also subjected to a liedetector test.


My ques is if Krishna confessed why parents are accused?
Im really confused.....

Anonymous said...

The main thing is a motive, and in this case there isn't one. No one is saying that educated people are innocent and slum dwellers are criminals, it is exactly these kinds of out of context statement that are sensationalized and hyped. The parents seem eloquent and logical, which only happens when you are sure of what you are saying and is true. I believe the parents and my heart goes out to them, even if they are will be the case of justice delayed, is justice denied.

Shireen said...

On May 16, 2008, Aarushi Talwar, a 14-year-old Class IX student of Delhi Public School in Noida and the adopted daughter of a successful dentist couple, was found dead with her throat slit in her parents' home at Jalvayu Vihar in [Noida, Uttar Pradesh]


But from yr writing we found that Aurushi was an IVF child......could you plz explain the truth>????

Anonymous said...

are u by any chance related to d aarushi family... a 15 yr old died lets not discuss her character as she is dead but did the parents take sum anesthesia and sleep that the murderers did so much chaos n then clear up all evidence and they are sleeping.they definitely have had some role in the whole act and now if they try to cover up they cant be supported.and her dad who was apparently awake til 3 browsing net... what was he searching on google how to remove blood stains n finger prints? lol.We do big mistakes in rage its human... we may repent it later it may be unintentional but its done.n ya for an 15 yr old gal in delhi having desperation fr boyfrnds n physical relation is calling her sexually experienced is not insulting her character.and sumwhere down the lane tampering with her room evidences bedsheets vaginal samples has been done...n leaving a couple of evidences can happen when u have 2 murders n so many evidences to cover u often forget a few.n lets be practical.its time the parents prove that what made them sleep so heavily that night :P

Samir Thapa said...

You believe in "Innocent until proven guilty.." and I believe it very strongly and apply it in Aarushi case. Who is going to prove it? Not media, only the learned judges in court can separate the truth from the lies. But Nupur and Rajesh do not want the legal process to start ... they try every single trick to avoid the courts and delay the proceedings. It appears to me that they prefer a trial by the media...

To me it appears that the Talwars want to be declared innocents even before the beginning of the trial at court. I find this very strange. They are suspects and they have to undergo trial -- very simple. Why do they want to have a VIP treatment?

Samir Thapa said...

There are some points worthy of your attention:

-- Aarushi's cut in the throat was done after she died. Hemraj was cut while he was still alive, maybe he was unconscious. Most probably, Aarushi's death was an accident(the blow that was intended for Hemraj, hit her and killed her) while Hemraj was the main target. Aarushi throat was slit to hide the motive('honour killing'). Aarushi was a collateral damage.

-- Honour killings are usually done by the family members.

-- The killer went in great detail to hide his/her crime and mislead the police. No outsider would dare to drink whiskey after the murders knowing that the parents are sleeping. No outsider would hide the body of Hemraj in terrace, cover it up and then LOCK the terrace door.

-- No outsider would swap Aarushi's postmortem swab. If some sperm would be found in the swab, then it would be a clear case of honour killing and honour killings are done by the family members.

It is very very sad but it is true that nobody but Rajesh and Nupur Talwar killed Aarushi and Hemraj.

I hope I am proved wrong.

sarag said...

hi umasree..... its really pathetic on d side of investigating team UP police n so coled independent judisicary n so coled social activist too . Today for d fist tym i really tried to find out the matter bt i wasnt able to find anywhere the story behind d scene. WHEN i consider the descriptive scene from side of a parent i feel yes for a bit it cud happen dat dey wud have killed hemraj bt nt their own so loving daughter. And if being a civilian i cmpltly feel first of all its really vry wrong on media's hand to interpret such a wrong accusation nt only dis bt also highlighting dis bullshit. It wud definately carve out minds of all d parents n kids too. Although we dont noe d real truth bt i feel it cud jst be india where victim cud b considered as accused n if really not den shud give some relivishing evidences. It was really gud to see yes still sm people r dere who dare to think n even utter.

Samir Thapa said...

Why I believe Talwars killed Aarushi

-- Too many coincidences e.g. Talwars cannot be sleeping and not hearing anything. Talwars not recognizing the body of Hemraj. Talwars leaving Aarushi's door open that fateful night. Aarushi's swab getting changed in the hospital ... An AC that is too noisy will not let you sleep. Even if the CBI verified that the AC was noisy, I do not believe it to be true.

-- Even though Talwars are educated and come from upper middle class, anybody .... ANYBODY is capable of if killing if one sees his beloved 14 yrs old daughter in a compromising position. The more you love your daughter, the more intense is the anger. I believe Talwars intended to give fatal hit only to Hemraj and Aarushi came to his rescue and got hit. The death of Aarushi was more of an accident.

-- Not police, but Talwars have meticulously destroyed the evidences. The NOIDA police acted like any other policemen ... nowhere do they secure the crime scene and Talwars house was not an exception. The whiskey bottle was an evidence planted by Talwars because it did not even have the fingerprints of Talwars... if it belonged to Talwars, it must have their prints.

Anonymous said...


Please explain how somebody other than the parents entered aarushi Talwar's room, if the room had been locked by Nupur Talwar

Please also explain why were the parents so much in a hurry to cremate the body if it was a murder case

Please explain why did the Talwars not search the terrace of their house...if a murder has been committed would they not check the whole house??? In fact it was on the insistence of another person that the terrace was checked the day AFTER the find a dead body there??

We all understand that the clues and motive in this case is not clear...that does not provide an explanation to the questions above.

And yes...Aarushi was an adopted child as per media reports. Where did you get the idea that she was born through IVF?

Anonymous said...

Dear Umasree,
Though I liked your blog and way of writing, I would suggest you and others who have commented not to be Jasoos Karmachand or Sherlock Holmes.
It might be possible Talwars are innocent and its possible that they are not. The CBI is also not a fool to start proceedings against Talwars and neither the courts who have rejected Nupur's appeal again and again. When a murder happens, its to the witness to prove that he/she is non guilty which Talwars have failed. Even the people who are said to be their fast friends have not supported their views. Something is fishy. Let the courts decide.

Anonymous said...

Umasree ki maar li lol

Anonymous said...

Umasree ki maar li... lol

Anonymous said...

Servant killed Aarushi and Talwar's killed the servant....isnt that simple and obvious

Suryakala said...

I have seen your sympathy for Rajesh and Nupur in your post.they wouldn't have done! I really appreciate your supportive analysis for them.I think they don't deserve it Uma! No doubt they are the real culprits.Only truth we have to know is why they killed? How they killed?
Honor killing or accidental in fit of anger and later forced killing to save themselves?
These things have to be trailed by court.
Parents are killers due to the following facts:
1.we never found any curiosity in parents in opening the terrace door after noticing blood stains on the door handle.They wantedly avoided it. can they claim that hemaraj killed her ? That too very assertively? they can even say we don't know how it happened? They clearly misled the police.
3.they didn't recognize a person who was with them always.
Like this so many cooked up stories by them.rajesh did only the crime.the rest is the master brain of up ,facing the press boldly ,exhibiting brave and composed postures etc.hats off to nupur.but she will be caught soon by the court. Let us wait for the day of justice to Aarushi.After all her throat cannot be slit like a murgi's.

Anonymous said...


talwars are innocent is what you feel and not the investigating agency, the judges and most of india.
their love for aarushi was intense so they could not witness a scene not matching with their beliefs. definitely rajesh talwar would have tried to neutralise hemraj but accidently aarushi also received a fatal blow.
nupur talwar was the mastermind behind dressing up of the scene, since rajesh talwar would have been in a state of shock after the episode.
next day morning they tried to do things as per nupur talwars plan and were successful in deceiving the noida police. after that the full family joined and decided to rope in inflential people and turn things their way. they influenced CBI also in their initial investigation and thought will get a clean escape.
the case is draging so much because they took advantage of the goofups of noida police and support of inflential people trying to save them.
i donot know what ultimately will be the decision but parents are not clean-that's for sure.

Anonymous said...

First, the police are paid thugs for the politicians.They carry guns to protect themselves, not you.
Secondly, Men of this country are disgusting for thinking low of women.Any woman who lives in a city and chooses to be civilized is thought of lowly, regardless of age.I'm a man and I would carve out your filthy eyes with a spoon given the chance.
Third, the author's views are very biased.The parents didn't need to be under the influence of drugs or whatever to harm their child.Point after point you seem to mention that they are educated.Ist that you think that only the uneducated and poor can sin? My father was an alcoholic, my mother is bipolar.They are generally loving but all of a sudden they lash with rage.Just because you have been a good parent, don't expect everyone else to be the same.

Anonymous said...

Before I forget, humans in general are psychotic and barbaric of nature.Nothing less can be expected on anyone.Morals and values can be dropped in seconds if anything is not as they please.Simply the fact that they were educated would not assure that they are completely innocent.

HorribleTruth said...

I respect your view Ms. Umasree.
Well, let's take into consideration that most local and extreme cases that traditional families in India think that they control their child's life from the beginning to the absolute end. In some cases we see there are families that murder their own flesh and blood because of their manical and stupid beliefs.
In this case, the parents as you said are educated and what not. But, i anyone is possible of anything.
Not accusing any one here. But the judicial system is so flawed and corrupt here that Hitler and Stalin would be considered as the holy lamb, and people would start to lick their arses and still consider it as a blessing. I would consider a rejected guy, the parents of one the friends or the person who was rejected, or a stalker, or a patient of the father,
Or just a professional hit.

irshad said...

Umashree is 100% right, Talwars never kill their daughter. its possible to have immoral relationship of Hemraj and Aarushi, or theres more people are involved in it, that lead to her killing, or Talwars could kill hemraj but absolutely not their child. who came as a blessing from god after waiting for 11 years. North Indian medias/some police officers are behaves like a blunt fools who create fake stories.

Anonymous said...

makes me laugh, the way you say one after one evry thing way normal, I did not bother to read till end , because I draw the conclusion that your coanclusion would be that the murder was normal as well, hppens a lot in higher middle class now-a-days, so just chill chill just chill. Thats wat u concluded , right?

anshul said...

highly sponsored/biased post? ( i say sponsored because aarushi's aunt has been trying to persuade people that the parents are innocent by spamming strangers with emails.etc)

Your only "strong" argument is that the parents were educated and so in conclusion they would not have acted on impulse/provocation.WHAT? give me a break! you also claim of talking with their relatives and you conclude by their obviously obvious (sic) answers that the parents are docile, intelligent and calm human beings and hence wouldn't HAVE committed such a heinous crime. YOU might be aware that the people who used to know the perpetrator of *nithari kand* knew surinder kohli to be a very calm,loving,peaceful human being.

You then go on to blame the police and CBI for not doing their work properly when there is more proof present than required that the crime scene had been tampered with. If some outsider is a murderer, would he spent time washing the stairs to remove blood stains and to leave the second body on the terrace? he would have just killed and ran away. ALSO YOU REPLIED TO EACH AND EVERY COMMENT BUT SINCE THE PARENTS HAVE NOW BEEN SORT OF PROVED GUILTY, YOU HAVE KEPT QUIET!? IF YOU HAVE A BETTER THEORY REGARDING THIS CRIME.... ENLIGHTEN ME!

Umasree said...

Hi Anshul and others..thanks for your comments and different views. Unless this case is resolved, we never knew who is right and who is wrong. It was my opinion and just various views of the case from the time I started following ofcourse based on wha we hear and read from media sources. I am no where related to Talwars and this case is of particular interest as a parent and the way it effected loads of children in the way they trust their parents and the securiy of four walls of our homes. Emotions drive to any extreme and educaiton is a redundant factor as long as crimes are concerned. Education is no way the one thing to convince that educated people dont do crimes...most of the worlds largest disasters are masterminded by the most intelligent and highly educated brains. But somewhere deep inside me, I still feel and strongly think that Talwars would not have done this... If they would have...possibly done this, it would be the biggest shame on the parenting in the name of what ever it is honor killing, adultery, male servant...etc etc etc.....and I would be feeling only sorry for them for having done that for they lost the very purpose of their lives....this would haunt them for ever than any judgement could if at all they have some true conscience. Lets see.........

Anonymous said...

At first I want to say, may Aarushi & Hemraj's soul rest in peace. I think that it is a clear case of honour killing and the culprit is none other than Aarushi's parents. Aarushi's father Rajesh Talwar himself is the killer and now her mother Nupur Talwar is protecting him. For the last two years I am listening almost all turning points of this incident in the media and the following points I want to mention:

1. It was been told in Aaj Tak news channel 2 years ago that the the night when the murder happened, Aarushi's parents had booked a hotel in Noida for a meeting with some people.

2. From Aarushi's srcap book in Orkut it was seen that she liked to make flirt with boys. There was a boy in her friend list who regularly chat with her but deleted his account just after that incident.

3. Request for non mention of Rape in post mortem report by Rajesh Talwar

4. Aarushi's room had two keys to open and one of them was under Aarushi's possession and the other was under Nupur's possession.

5. Presence of scotch bottle with blood stains of both victims indicates involvement of inmates.

6. Surgical cuts on the neck of both victims were work of professional trained experts.

7. Entire data on Aarushi's mobile deleted

8. Presence of finger prints of an unknown person in the terrace where Hemraj's body was found.

9. Dinesh Talwar, brother of Rajesh Talwar had no surprise when he was been called after the discovery of hemraj's body in the terrace.

10. Normal behaviour of the parents of Aarushi and no sign of sadness in them on 16th May morning as observed by the servent who came in the morning.

11. Presence of blood spot in the stairs to the terrace.

The 1st point clarifies that that night Aarushi's parents came late home. The 2nd point clarifies that Aarushi is a Y generation girl and she might had affairs with boy(s). The 3rd point clarifies that Aarushi might have willful sex before her murder and that is why Rajesh don't want its diclosure because it was not a rape.

Moreover, Aarushi belonged to Hindu Khatri family and such families are very strict interms of social morality.

So from the above points I had guessed that perhaps the following incident happened that night:

On 15th May 2008, Aarushi's parents have gone to attend a meeting in that hotel which they had booked. Taking the opportunity of loneliness, Aarushi called her boyfriend from her mobile to come to her home. The boy came to her home and went inside her room. There, after passing some time they started having sex by locking the room from inside. But by that time her parrents came home and Nupur went inside Aarushi's room unlocking it from outside since Nupur had the key. Then Nupur found Aarushi in an objectional condition with that boy. Seeing Aarushi's parents at home the boy fled away. Aarushi's parents became very angry on her since premarital sex is a sin in Hindu society. They started scolding Aarushi and had exchange of hot arguments. Out of rage Rajesh slit Aarushi's neck with his surgical weapon and killed her. Hemraj who was the third person present in home then opposed Rajesh's crime. To make him silent Rajesh also slit his neck and killed him. Then Rajesh called his brother Dinesh. Dinesh sent someone close to him to help Rajesh. Rajesh then dragged Hemraj's body through the stairs with the help of that person and kept it in the terrace. During that activity the helper left his finger print in the terrace. After all these incidents Rajesh drunk Scotch Whiskey. Then he deleted all the data from Aarushi's mobile and clean up all the clues by the help of Nupur.

I may be wrong, but I am sure that the actual incidence is very similar to the above one. The murder is nothing but the outcome of indisciplined lifestyle maintained by very rich people of big cities.

Hope this will answer you!!!

Anonymous said...

i totally agree wit u..wen they saw their daughter n gameraj togethr..they cudn control their anger..i m sure nw they mus b regrettn n missin their child..

Anonymous said...

servant har sex with arushi n killed her..talwar killed gameraj but bfr tht nupur gav a blowjob to servant..rajesh ws hittin nupur bt gameraj came in between becos nupur gav blowjob to him..

Tarun said...

Parents are the culprits....crystal clear

Varun said...

Stupid theory and analogy

Prashant said...


The below is a contradiction of it sorts.

In your post you state both:

• Employing a nepali male servant in a house, when both parents are busy with highly demanding professions is not uncommon in upper middle class India and cannot be blamed for they were not having a teen guy at home, but a matured fatherly figure Hemraj who also regarded Aarushi as ‘betti’.

• Aarushi was a normal teen in a upper middle class family, having access to internet, cell phone, friends, co-education, foreign trips, planned vacations and holidays, regular tantrums, celebrations of birthdays and every special day (remember her Father day cards that were beautifully written to commend how best his dad could be in this world)

**Upper Middle class

In the post which you offered in the comments for read on Tehelka @

it states as below:

The grieving, bewildered middle-class doctor couple proved inept at handling the conspiracy theories and titillating fabrications produced by the media. - by Gaurav Jain.

If Gaurav didn't know these guys were upper middle class who could afford a house maid 24/7, then how could he prove the fact the maid was paid by a middle class family?

When you say they are upper middle class and offered this as a read how can you prove that he missed this fact? If yes, you could, then these two articles were contradictory based on which you have built the case the parents are innocent. If Tehelka's article is correct then the question redirects to the one above.

Whichever way this should progress, i believe the guilty will be punished. Because an innocent soul has been silenced.

Anonymous said...

I seriously agree with the author's thoughts. Our police and politicians are so outdated in their thoughts. It will take forever for our country to grow and make progress.

k.rahman said...

whether the talwars killed aarushi or not. we may never know. but it looks like that there is a witch hunt against these couples by the media. the mere thought that media can bring down a person if they wish is sickening to my stomach.

i just wish the truth will come out one day or the other. my personal hunch is that talwars wouldnt have committed this crime. the other servant in nepal should also be questioned.
let god leave this family in peace.

Swetha Ramesh said...

My personal theory is that hemraj might have killed Aarushi. The parents may have seen this and killed him the same way he killed their daughter. Psychologically, it seems logical for them to have mimicked his methods.

Anonymous said...

Hi Uma,

Though this case is now closed with the parents languishing in jail till death, I happened upon this blog and appreciate the way you have put reason to what has transpired. Couldn't go into details but would like to add my views.

1. If the killing was at the spur of the moment, they would not have time to conceal all the evidence so meticulously and in a short time the investigation would have stumbled on to something.

2. For so many years both the parents would not have been consistent in their statements and eventually the mother would have broken down as her love for her daughter would have overcome her support to her husband.

3. The question of planned murders is ruled out as the parents were in a good frame of mind and would have opted for another sensible recourse to the situation. Lets assume it was planned, then they would not have made it so easy to zero upon as portrayed by the cops and judgement passed on circumstantial evidence.

I would like to end by saying it is highly unbelievable to imagine the father killing Aarushi and the cops including the CBI have bungled the case and to protect their arses have denied justice in their inability to catch the real culprits. As the old saying goes 'The law is an ass' but in this case it was an arse - The Talwars have been sentenced to life in addition to the loss of their daughter.

Savio Alves

Anonymous said...

Hello, Ive got 2 very important questions and a PS for you, which could at least quench my thirst of curiosity and allow me to sleep peacefully.

1. If the Talwars had not killed Aarushi and Hemraj, then who possibly could? You have not provided an alternative explanation in detail. You are just assuming by going ''may be it was him'' and needless to say you as well are lacking any sort of evidence to support your version of the murder theory.

2. What in the name of all that's holy would the CBI gain by taking an innocent at task? Just because it could protect itself from a blot in the name of investigation? I don't think so. If Mr. Talwar was indeed innocent the case would have been shut.

I mean this simple case has now become like a bloody conundrum, you put 4 people in the house at night, no one gets in or out, but in the morning 2 are dead and 2 are alive. Now obviously any 6 year old would also agree that the burden of the murder falls on the 2 surviving. But people like you don't, just because ''Oh The Talwars were such cute, pony loving people who did not even have a knife in their kitchen''. Strange world! And I pity you, All that time and resource wasted just to talk to a section of people absolutely irrelevant in contributing anything substantial to the investigation. If I were you, I would have rather utilised my time and money to personally investigate the matter and then come up with a modified/new theory. And unless that is done, wouldn't it be instead more rational to go along with the verdict? And please do not brand me as a ''cold'', ''insensitive'', or a ''boorish'' dolt, but as a matter of a saddening fact, there are thousands of Aarushi's killed everyday in our country, and I think the CBI has lot more important to do than to put one unknown Mr Talwar in jail. Please.

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

i totally believe in "Narco n lie detector tests".....which proves d servants guilty n parents innosent. otherwise Guilty parents would have committed suicide out of guilt n pain of loosing their only child.God will decide their fate according to their karma.

Kirsten said...

It cud be hemraj frens planned this with hemraj. Hemraj might have spiked the food . Tats y the parents r totally knocked out during the whole night. Therefore they can't hear a thing n the culprits have all the time to rape , kill n clean up all the evidences, even drink whiskey to calm down . Hemraj wud have regretted the plan as it went overboard by his frens n therefore he was killed too. The father asked not to disclose of rape probably is to protect his dead daughter pride n dignity.

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