Sunday, March 13, 2011

Why Talwars wouldn't have killed Aarushi and Hemraj?- Part 4- Durrani's were great friends to Talwars...and whats wrong in that?

Aarushi with her mom and best best friend Vidushi Durrani.... with the onset of nuclear and indepent families in urban India, friends become family.... Noida police, please listen and understand this for heaven's sake!

Aarushi with her mom and Anitha Durrani...their parents best friend and her dear aunt.  If she ever suspected that she was involved wrongly with her dad...I dont think this child would have shown such love in this picture

Sid Durrani updates in his orkut profile that every child is special no matter how small or big they are....You can see happy Rajesh with Aarushi and Durrani kids...They were one set of good friends and more like an extended family.....
This picture portrays how happy and loving child Aarushi was and the way she happily clings onto to her dad on the swing with Vidhushi equally loved by Rajesh.... Now stop guessing that Rajesh was her dad and so on.... People, please think out of the box!  Come out of your soap operas cooked and killed the Indian television and thinking by the great Kapoor clad with all K-Serials..... the happy homes are filled with crying television sets every day and our administration and burecracy also thinks only as the Soap Opera's make them think....Wicked mindsets created by the Idiot box!

The only mistakes in life Durrani would have made, is to be close to Talwars.  Praful Durrani was sensible enough to stand by his wife during her character assacinations.   Professionals sharing same work space is quite common in doctor community and the servants cooking stories of friends and sex is equally common.  A maroon called Krishna cooked enough stories to weave around Rajesh and Anitha Durrani's thereby redirecting the case in totally different angle.  

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