Sunday, March 13, 2011

Why Talwars wouldn't have killed Aarushi and Hemraj?- Part 6- Hemraj and his hidden past - Why investigations fail in this angel?

Hemaraj is a innocent servant and cannot be blamed.  He is from a poor Nepali family and had meagre earnings.  He called Aarushi -  ' Aarushi Baby'. and treated her as his daughter.  Would he have made attempts to sexually abuse her?

Hemraj told lies that he worked in Malaysia before joining Talwars which is not true.  He was a rickshaw puller in Delhi.  Why did he lie?

If he would have approached the local social worked as she claimed?  why did he live in the same roof with talwars...why did not he flee to his son in law or confide in his friends?

Hemraj is also killed and equally abused.  But the angel of his relationships, contacts and whereabouts of his affairs are not unearthered in detail.    Hemraj's angel is totally ignored by media also just because he is a poor servant?

Hemraj and his friends and his habits have totally became immune to the case?  Neither he can nor his family could defend themselves and at the same time...he is also a sad victim?  Or was he is the reason for both the murders.

Was he involved in an affair in delhi with a married women as some journalists scribbled and that was the reason for his murder and Aarushi also became a victim because she witnessed the rustle.

Was he in good terms with his son in law who raises slogans now and then in the press?    Do we have direct answers for all these questions and why people only think about justice to Aarushi.

Are Hemraj's family not in need of knowing the truth as well and see justice?   Losing their sole bread winner and troubled by poverty and sickness... are they are not eligible for justice though they dont live in the land?

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Anonymous said...

99% of the general public are just incapable of fair judgement. By the law of averages, they have an average iq. The reason we have courts is to prevent the public from passing their brainless judgements. Those poor parents need to be rescued and sent to a more civilised country so that they are put out of their suffering.