Sunday, March 13, 2011

Why Talwars wouldn't have killed Aarushi and Hemraj?- Part 1- Reasons for this obsession

The obsession to the Aarushi Talwar case is not because it caught the headlines of all National Newspapers for a continuous three years.  Because as a parent of a teenage daughter, believing in liberal upbringing, and inspiration to make our children grow up with all facilities despite the struggle we had when we were kids, wanting to give the best to our children, compromising to have single kids so that we can given them our world,  and struggling 24/7 physically to make their life's better and more meaningful, Aarushi Talwar case sends shivers to my spine every time I see the little girl's bright eyes and beaming smile that got vanished.  With 90% of similarity with my daughter and her, in their quest for Music, love for books, Co-education schooling, equality between girls and boys as friends, access  to phones, Internet, blogs, books, facebook, orkut and exposure to western world, vacations every holiday just to make sure of the family time, celebrating festivals and birthdays, with no joint family support relying too much on friends and their families and their children becoming close to our children, with our professional challenges making us slog till midnight, every bit of the case is so similar to our lives that this cases sends us waves of caution, and adequate warnings to check and recheck our lives....again and again, both working parents, to only child, with every bit exposure of the modern world....time to introduce and caution the children of the gruesome world as well, I guess.....

Now look at the pics of this young girl

1. Do you think she would have involved in sex with a servant almost her fathers age at the age of 13?

2.  Do you think that Aarushi was not a happy child?  Think again and look at her pictures

---- to be continued

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Anonymous said...

Yes I think so... Anything is possible these days including several incidence where father has raped their own daughter!!