Sunday, March 13, 2011

Why Talwars wouldn't have killed Aarushi and Hemraj?- Part 8 Why Talwars are in deep trouble?

Why Talwars are in deep trouble?

1. Not investigating a male servant background in detail before hiring him to stay with them

2. Repeatedly going on Television with a bold face and trying to prove innocence. There is more self defense than grief in the whole situation according to ordinary Indian viewers., who love to opinionate, gossip as long as its not their personal issue

3. Relying too much on the police and burecracy that has no meaning in India

4. Being innocent, vulnerable and ordinary upper middle class professionals who still believe in Judiciary

5. Giving too much of freedom and never imagining to what extent this would blow up

6. Nupur consistently claiming that she would have left the keys on her daughter’s door inadvertently. When she finally went inside her daughter’s room when she was awake could have knocked and asked her kid to open from inside and then Aarushi locking from inside before sleep. Small mistakes make bigger issues

7. Rajesh inadvertently initially claiming that Hemaraj killed Aarushi

8. Because there was no other person inside the house during the time of crime, than the two defendents and two victims, they are victimized. Similar case in Trivedia Pankajkumar Drivedi in Gujarat in 70’s proved such a claim by the courts

9. With all the above said and done, somewhere there could be missing pieces that Talwars are hiding in this case? Why and what is it? For if the murders were preplanned there had to be a motive and that associated with Talwars in some way directly or indirectly.

10. Top most reason is that it is not enough to aspire for our children, but it is equally the parents responsibility to protect them and secure their lives emotionally, physically and financially till they can be on their own.

Talwars as parents should be feeling guilty for life time for not having been able to protect their only child from the cruetly of mankind in its wildest form. No court or judgment can help them to survive this guilt and as parents I am sure they must be going through a inner struggle and fighting with this thought not just now but for rest of their lives.

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