Sunday, March 13, 2011

Why Talwars wouldn't have killed Aarushi and Hemraj?- Part 10 Tributes and voices for and against would continue....Rest in Peace Aarushi and Hemraj...Hope Justice Prevails

With the goofed up investigations, horrible collection of forensic evidence and playing of words and opinions on this grace...the race for justice in this case is long and awaiting. 

There can be no sooner end for this tunnel and Tributes will continue for the little angel Aarushi and her servant Hemraj.    

Let them Rest in Peace, as rest of India, breaks their heads in opinionating and insuniating this case as they thoughts and directions take.

This is my personal opinion that parents are innocent in this case and has to direct relevance to this case on my reviews and opinions on this case. 

 As a parent, my concern for this case is mutual and neutral.  I only wish parents will get justice if they are truly innocent. 

Or they explain to us all why they did it if they are guilty. 

Either way, all those effected by this case and its ongoing investigations and media attention need answers to put an end to this obsession of an unfortunate event of a child. 

Media frenzy on this case will not end soon....'Everyone killed Aarushi'  Is the truth....if No one killed Aarushi....

Only wish God shows mercy on Aarushi's parents if they are truthful and innocent.  Let them have peace of mind in their lives and let Aarushi Legacy Continue

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deen said...

One and only child.
I wont believe the parents will be behind the demise.
Even if court passes judgement against them, i would still have my benefits of doubts for the parents.
Its a huge loss.
Nothing can compensate.

The look in that kid's eyes ...