Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Japan Tsunami and EarthQuake 2011- A Tribute. Time to Rethink! Time for Global Harmony!

The fury of Mother Earth.,

Devastating the planets precious lands

Succumbing to the devilish waves of sea

Where will the man go in calmness?


As the earth below our feet shake

Can there be shaking to our Faiths

That Nature wins over Man always

No matter how much intelligence he gains

Mankind in its quest to conquer lands

And protect against those uncivilized perpetrators

Build up science and nuclear plants

But who can save them from the nature’s call

Was the nuclear plants helpful when Nations shook

And was there any predictions of them in the books

Was the man’s science greater than god’s creation

And will there be a day where we can run away from such devastation!

A nation called Japan struggles to live after shocks

The world looks at them in fear of the future

A world that is so uncertain how to handle the

Volcanic eruptions and the seismic motions

We clone lives, and build satellites,

Run behind borders and expansion plans

Fight with Nations in sharing every bit of this planet

Exploiting it forgetting that there is nothing at the end…

Nations and its leaders crave for materialistic wellness

Capturing and exploiting every one down trodden

Moral values go only good in the books

And human values devoid at every corner…

How much big or small you are as a person

Rich or poor, which ever race or religion

Creed or caste, nation or language.,

You are all the same in the Nature’s view

People who understand these things few

Will feel elated and praise for the blessings we have

Stop worrying for the wealth’s that we don’t make

Or the rules and laws we make and break

The Japanese showed a unique sense of solidarity

They did not loot or steal the fellow people and stood together

Have worked to rebuild lives after the first atomic bombs

And they would recover from this catastrophe too

The Nation called Japan, in all its preparedness

To handle the known and unknown chaos

Have shown the world the calmness that engulfs

After the tsunamis and storms that tore life’s apart

Only wish, we extend our thoughts and prayers

Stand by their hope, strength, faith and recovery

Learn not to exploit the natural beauty of this world

And learn to live with the a Global Harmony!

We all know, the end is uncertain,

Be it for individuals or for a Nation together

Either that be man- made or Natural Fury

So there is a need to live in Peace and Global Eternity!

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