Sunday, March 13, 2011

Why Talwars wouldn't have killed Aarushi and Hemraj?- Part 5- Why justice in this case is important? and Closure of CBI report is wrong?

Aarushi Talwar case has an impact on both children who know her and who dont her....thanks to the media hype and introduction of this case to Indian Children all over the world.    

The end result of this case is crucial not to have an adverse impact on the young minds where 70% of urban youth is driven by opinions created by unthinking media jouranlists, senseless police going by nonsense declarations on this case.  It is equally important to parents who all having young children at home.  

Our children think that if Rajesh and Nupur have done this, then even our parents may do it if driven by similar situations and we have the need with this case to prove that parents will not do it senselessly. 

If courts decided that they did it, they have to also prove why they did it and expose all truths so that our young minds can be explained.

 It is very important more than anyone to these children who lived with Aarusi in her happy times

These children are extended support to Rajesh Talwar and Nupur and showing their solidarity in the smallest ways possible.  They think that parents are innocent ...they are still shedding tears even after 3 years and all waiting for justice

They are walking every mile of their lives thinking that justice would prevail to their best friend

Hope their belief will not be tarnished by Indian Law and judiciary!

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