Sunday, March 13, 2011

Why Talwars wouldn't have killed Aarushi and Hemraj?- Part 3- Aarushi and her friends- Common Teenages of Urban India inspired and lively

Aarushi and her best friends Fiza, Sanshe and Vidhushi Durrani....called themselves Awesome Foursome.  They stayed together, studies together and had fun together in their happy days.  They were like any other urban teenages who loves life, pampered by parents, had aspiration to be professional and to them Music and fun is part of their lives.   Whats unusal with Aarushi alone?  Are these three girls also under threat of some kind because of this upbringing?  I wonder the way Police and CBI mimeked this case!

10% of population today have access to social networking sites....9% to Facebook, 2.5 % to Orkut...and of this close 35% are teenages.  Aarushi was one among them.   Is having a technological liberation a crime?

Aarushi had her room filled with stuff toys and books for her appropriate age.  Giving the child the exposure to the best of the world is an every parents aspiration.  Is this a Urban India Parents' grave mistake?

Aarushi spent time with her family and played dumshurads with her dad in this video clip that got telecasted ever since her death.   Does it show a child haunted by a parents mistakes and sexual involvement?  God bless the minds that can only think mean!!!

Aarushi spent her vacations with her parents and extended family---what Urban India parents call Quality Time....does these images portray a neglected child as father is busy with his collegue and mom is with kitty parties....Even they do, I dont think this child was neglected by any means!

Lovely child who never dreamt that her world would be torn apart and her little life investigated from all stupid angles possible.   Press and Police blindly went on to say that her dad not only killed her but cleaned up her private parts...Shame on such thinking.  

She was a innocent little girls, brigtening her life with friends and slowly showing her puppy love for a classmates supposed to be showing interest in her and enjoying the fun of it.    Now India Police is not immune to go behind the young lovers in parks on Valentine's day and her calls with Anmol at an average of 15 per day is a crime!.  Ofcourse, parents should have checked what it was?   Must be daunting time for the little boy as well.

If CBI thinks that parents killed, is it not time to send some folks to save these two other girls in pictures, may be their parents also will kill them going forward.  This is exactly what my 11 year old asked me when we were discussing this case at home?   These children were normal urban kids and they had their normal lives.   Imagine in the widest angels because our investigation agencies can only see things with a suspicion them Talwars also look like ordinary criminals.    Nupur's matured way of handling press is because she is a Army kid and Rajesh Talwars on and off anger and frustration is because in the battle of justice they are not only the victimes but accused according to Indian law...which had millions of loop holes to loot the Indian progress and make the Criminals as Politicians and still win their stance....Time to feel regretted!

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