Friday, December 19, 2014

Children of Peshawar! My heart bleeds for You!

What you sow, is what your reap
Tears rolling seeing the parents weep
Some one’s thoughts, some one’s deeds
Ended up in some one’ else greed
What did the innocent children do?
70 years ago, their grandparents were Indians too!
What did the terror outfits think?
Making their cheapest tricks on the weakest lot!
As Peshawar turned into the capital of terror
Children who survived will live in constant fear
Beautiful little angels of god, let to shiver
Where is the humanity, where is the science
What is the civilization, what is the universal feeling?
If Nations do not unite NOW to curb the terrorism
What is the use of reaching Moon or Mars?
If we cannot reach out the caves of arms and crimes!
What is the use of research and satellites?
When we fail to locate the grooming grounds of terror
What is the purpose of modern technology and innovation?
If we cannot protect our children from the sadists dreams
Schools are the temples of learning
And children are ambassadors of God
Be it Hindu, Muslim, Sikh or Christian
What fall to the ground is the same blood of human race!
The fall of the years of growth as civilized society!
As we go back to the carnivorous way of life’s
Destroying each other mercilessly without a thought!
There is no good thing of going to pray or call in the name
Of which ever God or Truth waging a useless war!!!

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Waves Within....

Waves Within
 18th Nov 2014
Gobbled by the fires of nature
on all sides of your surreal self
the shadows disdaining what you are
the iconic waves of tragedy engulf
Fluttered by the furious waves
of the sea, of the winds of the sky
You close and hide within
closing eyes tightly in fear
and ears not to let you hear
There can be mottling thoughts
of grief, of shame, of loss
Stop!   Calls a sound strongly within
The wave of the integral thought
Flushes away every other linen
Makes you daze in disdaining rot
For a moment, the world however stops
For you, to recollect, rejuvenate
Refresh and Re-assume the work
that is left half finished
You arise again, against the winds
Much stronger, much brighter
with a clear vision and thought
You awaken the waves within
to make the path more sure and smooth
You hear the God inside you
Your consciousness, Your integrity
It helps you arise to a newer you
fighting ahead of waves within
The applause of your senses 
making you look ahead with brightness
The trembling nerves all set 
for handling the much fondled newness
Yes, what makes you
are the fights of the waves within
Yes, What Makes YOU
is winning over your own disdains!


Friday, August 8, 2014

Call it a passion, love, dedication or belonging...anything and everything in Chennai you should experience and yeah, few need to change too!

This post is a part of the Tablog titled CBC TABLOG-2. CBC is the Chennai Blogging Club which is the most happening Bloggers community. We the members of CBC bring out the Voice of Chennai .This Tablog  is a relay of post about “One aspect of Chennai that I would like to change” where 30 members from the group shell out that aspect which we would want to change and make this beautiful city even wonderful .

Dear Friends,

It was during the Indiblogger Meet held at Hotel Hyatt, that I pulled myself after a long stint in hospital due to prolonged illness to meet my co-bloggers.  I sat quietly at the first few tables and started to watch...suddenly I hear a roaring sound behind me..just few tables away...within few minutes I realized that they are all from CBC...the most loved blogger community in the city.  I quietly admired them, loved watching them having fun and wished one day I would be part of them.  Very soon, I was one amongst them and attending to the bloggers meet in CCD, Nungambakam.  That's it.  I met so many like minded friends, with millions of thoughts and thousands of topics to discuss, write and criticize, appreciate and admire all around me.  

One thing that bonded us all together-  CBC- Chennai Bloggers Club. Yes, today I am proudly a part of this beautiful group of people.  And I found a naughty young girl S(T)ri....Srilakhmi Indrasenan who blogs at

When we first met at Chandini Chowk for dinner, I did not think I would come across a beautiful little weirdo who is just like me...many things, talks and crazy stuff.  If one day can make someone strong friends, we are just an example for that.  We ate so much, had fun and partied till we got dropped tired..yet, we loved being in touch, following each other and amazingly getting closer with each passing day.  Love you Sri and Happy Birthday Girl.

As part of the CBC Tablog, I would love to be part of this amazing thread of blogs

There are million things that I love in Chennai..being a proud resident who fell head over heals in love with the city.   However, painfully there are many things that make our city crying for change.  As Sri said, we can write a thesis, a serial, a book and one full volume about this.

One thing I would personally want to bring in a change would be stop beggars in the city.  As children and destitute women knock on our car window panes, my heart bleeds.  For I know the wounds are greed inflicted. The women are abused and drugged.  Morning they are sent for begging and evenings they end up as prey to the predating brokers who control them.  Infants sleeping all the time as the rented mothers make them hang in the half torn sacks around the necks, I feel liking taking the child away from her arms to a rehab center and rescue both the woman and the child.  But how many signal stops will I be doing this?.

There were several government initiatives to curb this menace from the city.  The tragic part is that these women and children run away the second day from the rehab centers.  They don't stick on to the schools and micro employment units where they are sent to revive their lives.  The drugs, the easy money, the left over food, getting habituated to sleep on roads and to the sex and liquor take them back to their routine lives very easily.  Unless and until each one of us resolve to stop supporting them, and push them back to lives away from this menace, this tragedy on roads will never come to an end.

Being a social activist,  I am sure I have hit on a tough topic..though I want to capture the fun parts of the city like letting the dance floors open till 4 am, round the clock biryani centers,  spreading the fragrance of jasmine, and asking the devotees to keep the temple surroundings clean after eating never ending prasadams., especially in Nanganallur....and so on.  Anyway, there is always a day to rant about what I feel...for my train of thoughts never end.  

This tread would continue....the love for the city would go on we celebrate the Madras Week starting next week and would have more choices to feel proud of and equally vent our anger on things we want to change....and now its time for my friend and co-blogger Kalaivani to take this forward.   A good food blogger whose posts make you feel yummy and would fall in love with  food and the easy tips she gives in her blog.  Its a pleasure knowing her and going through her blog.

Love you CBC and Love you Chennai!


Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Macbeth comes to life with Mummers from MacTrics celebrating 60th year of the Mighty Pen from Vietnam House

A review from a passionate theater lover!

Macbeth -  presented by MacTrics (a Mime and Body Theater Group)  for Vietnam House celebrating  60th year of the mighty pen – dramatization and narration by Legend Vietnam Veedu Sundaram and presented by Prince Educational Trust.   Inaugurated on 5th of August 2014 at Smt. Sivagami Pethachi Auditorium, Mylpore. Chennai. 

This is the first ever production of presenting Macebeth in amazing medium of silence and only in action.  Life of Brad and Brad of Avon coming live on stage and talking to his wife of his next play in making…introduces to us a new Shakespeare in true sense.  The powerful lines of ‘We know what we are and we do not of what we may be’  resounds loudly awakening our inner selves.  Human aspirations and dreams have no end.  Macbeth is no different from this ardent urge of human beings towards power and glory. 

The introduction of the play in the voice of Brad gives the audience a sense of involvement.  The lights and sounds take us to the world of Greeks reliving the mythology.  Amazing formations on stage by the mime artists makes a visual treat.  The quick movements on the screen in flash of seconds, recreating the scenes brings Macbeth to life.  The astrouding sounds take us to the mythological warfare with ease.  Crowning of the  king after victory for a moment makes you feel like standing and giving due respects to the crown and its glory.  The amazing expression on the artists makes you feel out of place and takes you to Scotland with ease.  The chamber of Lady Macbeth and crucification of Christ scenes gives you a feel of reality and splendor.  The bonus are the dance and the war scenes where the artists play with grace and act with swiftness keeping their expressions in tact and the purpose of the play in tune. 

Vikas as Macbeth is a sure replication of the king in the Brad’s original story.  Lady Macbeth acting by Rani makes you have the feel of pride, happiness, glory and villainess all mixed and quickly shown to match the scenes makes her a proving actor.  Madhuvanthi Arun as Anne Hathaway and Sundar Subramanian as Brad himself adds more glory to the play

Amazing direction by Sravanth  and aptly done music by Giri and lights by Charles Baby makes the play completely a visual treat.  Mummers were amazingly talented and expressions were a delight to watch…Hemanth, Vairamuthu (who also did the stunts), Rajesh, Athiv, Karthik, Abishek,run, Gandaprakash, Senthil,Sandhya, Dipali kesh, Mahesh, Mukesh, Shiva, Sandhya, Dipali , Jayashree, Shankar, Satya, Prithiv, Karthick, Abhisehk, Hari, Prashanth, Sridhar and Naresh and Siddharth.

Dancers Lavnya, Sneha, Dhwani, Sakshi, Ananya and Marian were very graceful and full of life on the stage

There are many who contributed to the success of this play in the most innovative way.  As the world is moving towards 4D and animation,  the animation on the stage through the oldest form of human expression of mime is a real bold venture and they have done the best.  When the audience cheered at end of every scene, it means that the objective of the stage and performers is achieved.   Stage is nothing but the lap of godess of arts and when the audience cheers , it is the best thing any artist can ask for.  Having performance this same play my school days,  this opportunity to see this Macbeth ringed the bells of childhood and glory.   Yes, manin audience would ve travelled to the memory of waching the plays and dramas of Brad of Avon.   I am no different than being an obedient viewer who loved every moment watching the young breed of talents perform with ease and grandenuer on the stage.  It is a true treat to all theatre lovers.  Long live the aspirations and success coupled with happiness of contented performances from MacTrics team.   Well Done!

----------------About Macbeth-------------------------from Wikipedia

Macbeth (Original Title; The Tragedy of Macbeth) is a tragedy written by William Shakespeare, and is considered one of his darkest and most powerful works. Set in Scotland, the play dramatizes the corrosive psychological and political effects produced when evil is chosen as a way to fulfil the ambition for power.

Macbeth is Shakespeare's shortest tragedy, and tells the story of a brave Scottish general named Macbeth who receives a prophecy from a trio of witches that one day he will become King of Scotland. Consumed by ambition and spurred to action by his wife, Macbeth murders King Duncan and takes the throne for himself. He is then wracked with guilt and paranoia, and he soon becomes a tyrannical ruler as he is forced to commit more and more murders to protect himself from enmity and suspicion. The bloodbath and consequent civil war swiftly take Macbeth and Lady Macbeth into the realms of arrogance, madness, and death.

•           Duncan – King of Scotland
•           Malcolm – Duncan's elder son
•           Donalbain – Duncan's younger son
•           Macbeth – a general in the army of King Duncan; originallyThane of Glamis, then Thane of Cawdor, and later King of Scotland
•           Lady Macbeth – Macbeth's wife, and later Queen of Scotland
•           Banquo – Macbeth's friend and a general in the army of King Duncan
•           Fleance – Banquo's son
•           Macduff – Thane of Fife
•           Lady Macduff – Macduff's wife
•           Macduff's son
•           Ross, Lennox, Angus, Menteith, Caithness – Scottish Thanes
•           Siward – General of the English forces
•           Young Siward – Siward's son
•           Seyton – Macbeth's servant and attendant
•           Hecate – Queen of the witches
•           Three Witches
•           Three Murderers
•           Porter – gatekeeper at Macbeth's home
•           Doctor – Lady Macbeth's doctor
•           Gentlewoman – Lady Macbeth's caretaker

Monday, May 26, 2014

An Arangetram with Passion and Perfection by Young Bharatanatyam Dancer Shradha Anand

 Dancing is like dreaming with your feet.  For every Bharatanatyam artist, Arangetram is a celebration of the art, trained over several years.

It is the public graduation of art and the artist.  Acceptance of the audience towards more professional aspirations.  Dance is one of the most beautiful forms of expression, inspiration, focus and perfection.  It needs a strong devotion and commitment to the art.  Focus on the intricacies of the art to the minute details.  It is a collaboration of the training from Guru, music that encompasses itself with the dance, the percussion that supports the rhythm on the stage, the sounds and lighting, the very stage of performance and catching the attention of the audience.  

Shradha Anand

Any Arangetram for that matter would be a successful one only when this collaboration is coupled with ardent love for art, support from family and friends, a perfect understanding between the guru and sishya, and selection of the right theme for dance that suits the dancer who is to perform.  When all of this come together with the blessings of Lord Nataraja coupled with songs of Thyagaraja, Annamacharya and many other musical gods, and full support of parents, mentoring every moment and supporting the artist to accomplish, the end result can only be a marvelous performance that is lauded by everyone. 

Yes, we are here talking about one such amazing arangetram showcasing the talents of SHRADHA ANAND,  disciple of Parvati Ravi Ghantasala and also daughter of devoted and amazing parents Mrs Geetha and Mr. Anand, student of Kala Pradarshini.   An summer evening, on a Saturday, 24 May 2014, Shradha astonished the audience with her enthralling performance of Bharathanatyam, at Bharatiya Vidhya Bhavan, Mylapore, Chennai.

Smt Kalyani Rajaram started with a wonderful narration of the dance programme coupled with Nattuvangam by Smt. Parvati Ravi Ghantasala assisted by her accomplished disciple Divya Suresh.   Vocal by Sri Koushik Champakesan was an added bliss to the evening making it a memorable combination of dance and music.  Kesavan’s  mridangam and Kalaiarasan violin and and flute artist were pushing the audience to an transitional form of music.  We should give credit to makeup artist Sri Murugan who did an amazing appearance of Shrada and costumes were designed and made by one other than Shradha’s mother Geetha painfully and patiently over the last 3 years.   Capturing every moment of this ecstasy by photographer Dhilip and videography by Ayyapan and design by Vinayaka made the performance complete. 
Guru Parvati Ravi Ghantasala

The words of chief guest Sri. K.N.Ramaswami, Director of Bharathiya Vidhya Bhavan and Smt. Prema Satish of Natyanjali, only made it a blissful acceptance of Shradha’s perfection of the art and her focus both in arts and academics.   Her whole family was there and friends jumped in joy watching her performing the toughest of dance moves with ease, thanks to her yoga guru who made her so flexible

Now let me write a bit about the evening that mesmerized for full 3 hours with her beautiful and electrifying performance.   Starting with Natrajar Anajali , Adi Talam, with Nattai ragam with a traditional compostion, Shradha started with her beautiful performance.  She looked bit nervous on the first song, however, as she started to perform Murugar Kauthuvam in Shanmughapriya ragam with adi talam, composed by Gangaimuthu nattuvnar, she was taking the stage and audience under her control.   The posture of muruga really made us for a minute raise in devotion to the Lord himself.   Then came the beautiful tanjore quartered composition in vasantha ragam with rupakam talam presenting Jathiswaram.    The best of the best was Amma Anandadayini  varanam with gambheeranattai ragam in adi talam composed by none other than the leend Dr Balamuralikrisna.  For a minute, as Koushik kept singing, I felt that Dr Balamurali himself is singing …and reminding us of the 3 beautiful hours of Balamurali we experienced in LA.   

The vibrant kalaingnarthanam made the audience not to blink even for a second, in a view not to miss the moments of joy that is displayed on the stage.  .  Sahana ragam bhajan on Sri Rama by Saint Thyagaraja brought the audience to a feeling of trance with her dance.   Shradha was felicitated by one and all along with her guru Parvati and parents.   Sri Muralidharan’s composition of punnagavareli ragam padam made Shradha dance in her beautiful peacock costume made by her mother specially for the occasion.   The last but not the least Thillana performace in Nattabhairavi ragam and adi talam composed by Veenai Krishnamachari was a perfect end to the blissful evening.  Shradha’s slowly but satisfyingly ended the arangetram by paying her due respects to Lord Natarajar,  her Guru Paravati Ravi Ghansala, her  stage and audience and to her parents.  

A standard tenth student of PSBBM Gerugambakkam with a score of 10CGPA, Shradha proved a talented youngster in both academics and arts.    Her parents ran from pillar to post to ensure that every single person in the audience is received and entertained with respect and thanks.   The Programme ended with a beautiful and mouth-watering food spread to the people whose hearts were already filled with joy watching young Shradha and not to forget the beautiful bags her mother made as mementoes to all with invitation and also the goodie bags with traditional coconuts and blouses.  It was so grand like a wedding with passion.  This wedding is between an artist and art in its purest form.

To us personally, it was an evening of bliss, happiness and joy as Shradha happens to be my daughter’s best friend as well.   We wished her with whole heart that she should achieve all her dreams and make her parents and family proud.   She is definitely a wonderful person with a great attitude and respect to elders and for sure will shine in life for the best of herself.   Love you Shradha and all the very best dear!

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Good Bye Dear Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh

Dr. Manmohan Singh will be leaving the Office of the Prime Minister, of the largest democracy in the world in 48 hours from now.  The Country has seen him as a great economist,  a good politician and unfortunately as he retire from his political whirlwind, there is less that this country appreciated in him and more it hated.  However,  when the time came for him to bid adieu to 7, Race Course Road, New Delhi as India's first Sikh Prime Minister, a truly highly qualified politician in Indian diaspora,  a balanced Libran born on 26th September 1932,  my heart aches.  As the world shouts at its peaks that we had a Silent Prime Minister, a dormant politician and a chamcha of the Gandhi family,  the shadows of the scams and silence truly have covered the other side of this humble and honest man who ruled our country for long good 10 years. 

Dr Singh is not a doctorate given by some university as a honor degree.  He earned it with efforts at Oxford.  He did not reach the seat of Prime Minister by luck or for fancy.  He climbed the political ladder step by step.  His experience in United Nations, in the Ministry of Foreign trade,  being Chief economic advisor and also as RBI Governor and heading the planning commission before getting in the ministerial spectrum.  

Thanks to then PM P.V. Narshimha Rao, another whirlwind politician and a shrewed decision maker, who took bolder decisions for the economic progress of this Nation.  It is so sad that the present generation do not even know about the achievements of PVN period that brought in a boom  of economic reliance and opened up gates for foreign investment which boosted our trade and industries.  The combination of PVN and Dr Singh changed the country's fate during the severe financial crisis in early 90's.  The liberal financial reforms changed the destiny of the Nation from being an agriculture based country to a technologically advanced country where the skills and competencies were given greater importance.  From being a self-reliant country to a vastly export oriented Nation generating revenues from global markets transformed the growth of this Nation.

 The Nation that was ravaged by the times of Mandal Commission, Reservation based riots and suicides of young Indians,  got a relief when Dr Singh took over the reigns of the Nation as a Finance Minister in 1991 in PVN's Cabinet.  Less would he have imagined that one day he would take over the hot seat and stay there under fire for 10 long years.   After the strong opposition that set in against Sonia Gandhi becoming Prime Minister after UPA won in 2004 elections, Dr Singh became Sonia's choice.    

Several reforms under his leadership took its wings and reached the common man.  Amongst which RTI definitely needs a mention.  UID, Rural Heath Care, Employment Guarantee and nuclear agreement with United States were surely his plus points during his tenure.  However,  his tenure saw the most traumatic conditions as well.  The government was day in day out haunted by the scams in all the streams of governance.  Corruption and Terrorism took different forms and sizes beyond control.   Dr Singh from being a  transforming leader was pushed to become a silent manager.  From being an aggressive governing head, he was forced to silently  withstand the turbulence within his own government and became a silent spectator. 

Dr Singh dream of creating a role of active politics for betterment of human affairs.  Thinking the unthinkable and making bold decisions keeping the larger growth of the country in mind, Dr Singh definitely made an impact on our economy.  What ever the media may call him, how much ever Press may degrade him and the jokes on Internet create him as a joker,  the truth is that he was a humble man, a honest person, a great academician,  a wonderful thoughtful leader, pushed to be a selfish politician unfortunately and overall a great human being.  For such a diversified Nation like India, it is not easy to manage several ups and downs and Dr. Singh did it with his own charisma

History may record him as a Silent Politician who was a mockery and a puppet in some one's hands.  But the truth will also be realized sooner than later that he was an example of integrity, a man of tolerance, and a leader who had healthy relationships with world leaders and built a strong relationship of understanding and harmony with neighbouring Nations.  Managing insurgencies on all sides, handled terrorism within the country, dealing with a long list of scams and still coming out clean is no easy task.  The biggest mistake probably he had done would be to go silent and immune as the scandals shocked the Nation.  The government would have collapsed many times costing the election commission exchequer further more losses effecting our economy had he gone on a mode of taking strict actions against his own ministers and parliamentarians who have tarnished the image of his government and him as a leader who has the competency to rule and a strong political power.  Being aware of the irregularities and corruption charges and still staying quite was his draw back that made him called as the weakest Prime Minister India could have.  However, despite all this, he quietly did his duties.  He silently went ahead with his reforms and governance.  He did not speak in favour or against of anyone.  He remained calm and himself.  Which is not a sign of a good leader but a great manager.  

At the age of 81, his decision to retire from active politics and giving away for new generations to come in, we would surely miss the wisdom of a great leader.  Every ruler will have his pros and cons.  Dr Singh should be remembered for the best he has given to our country.  Hope he will have a peaceful retired life.  And also wish that the chaos towards the end of his political era should not haunt him in his old age.  We should give him the due respects as some one who managed this Nation for a decade keeping the image of India strong, high, proud and in the growth trajectory in the world map for several causes and reforms .  

May god give Dr Man Mohan Singh a peaceful retired life,  good health and happiness.  May his time give him an opportunity to write why he should not be called a weak prime minister so that we would know his thoughts and as his conscience speaks up the truth.   May the wisdom he shared be appreciated and May he have a life with real internal strength and integral peace at least now that he is out of the hot seat.  God Bless!

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Why do we hate Death ?

DEATH -  The one word that often brings immense pain and trauma.   It creates the saddest of human emotions and disappointment.   All of us knew the fact that for every living being, there is an end.  The death is the final end point of our tunnel called life.   Death is hated in any form.  The natural, unnatural, timely, untimely, sudden, ill-health, killings, suicides, during birth, during war, during doing nothing and doing something. 

Death is not an unusual thing and it is the phenomenon we watch day in and day out.  Newspapers, TV channels,  messages and every mode of communication in every day life transmits this news of some death or the other to us.  However, when it happens to our loved ones, to those who know, those we adore, those we think passed away unfortunately,  those we think they deserved some more time in this Earth,  we feel the loss more.  We feel being itched by death like nothing else.  We feel that we are the only one's suffering and we fail to accept the reality.  The composer is lost, tears and sadness rules and the sense of hopelessness creeps in and going beyond our control to manage our own thoughts and feelings.  Why?  Because, we will not be seeing them again.  We will not feel the comfort of their existence around.  We will not feel the warmth and love they share and many a times, they just cannot be replaced.  

Words of philosophy on death is shared, we celebrate the good lives that they lived, we cherish the moments of happiness with care in our memories and pictures, every thing that they touched, created and experienced becomes all the more precious.  We feel at we were blessed to have them in our journey of life.  To be with us till their time came.  To be guiding us, to be protecting us or just living with us as a closed one.  Be it as a parent, sibling, child, relatives, friend, colleague, neighbor or an associate.  We cherish their existence in our lives at some point.  When the graph of points of existence is longer and close to the line of our life, their existence matters more to us.  It creates a deeper impact on how we continue after their line of life ceases to exist. 

Fluctuations of life is very much a normal process.  Ups and downs are the life line.  But, we hate death like it should not happen.  We hate it so much that we don't want to hear about it, we don't want it to happen to our own people and we don't want it to happen in any unnatural sudden way.  It is because of the deep attachment we have to the human form and body, than to the soul. The realization that we do not have the form to feel and see is the bitter truth that we don't want to recognize.   At times, the pain is so immense, that we want to go with the deceased.  It creates a sense of vacuum, a sense of loss and a sense of no purpose.   For all this, time is the only healer.  Exceptions to this is also there.  Few people will never come out of few deaths.  Their minds and thoughts get stopped with the person gone.  To them, they continue to live feeling the divine presence of the person they loved and continue with life.  The inner chambers of them knew that it is a depressive condition.  Most times, very normal for those who are emotionally very attached and are equally sensitive.  

Those who exhibit strong emotions in public may also be grieving in private.  Those who make a hue and cry and battle themselves to the core during death of a loved one, may actually get to move on faster in life than the other kind.   Grieving, crying and feeling the sense of loss is all ok and very much normal during death.  Hence, controlling this human emotions is not a necessity.  Same time, sooner the realization dawns on us about death and its reality, we will learn to move on.   It is easily said than done.  

In the moments of grief, the memories are the biggest solace,
In the moments of death, the footprints are strong to walk in,
In the moments of loss, the courage to smile is the biggest thing
In the moments of fear, the time is the only best healer
In the moments of anxiety,  the company of loved one's helps
In the moments of silence, the Prayer comes as a God's blessing
In the moments of loneliness, the thoughts are the gifted company
In the moments of delicate moments, remain calm and pray 
In the moments of departing loved one's, wish their souls Rest in Peace!

Having Lost my best friend's daddy last night to a sudden death, it made me go back to introspect deeper into death .  Recent losses of friends Srujana, Satish Velayudam, Prabhu San, and many of my friends aged parents disturbed me alot.  Equally the death of Major Mukund Varadarajan and many other soliders fighting for the safety of our borders is a cause of concern.   I have seen death in my hands at the age of 15, when my dad slipped into eternal sleep in my arms on a winter morning.   Ever since, I know the various impacts death can have on those people who are left behind .....and this is just a reminiscence of the same.

Rest in Peace Uncle Valluri Radha Krishna Mohan uncle.  Will miss you for ever.!

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Why do we Pray? - A Prayer - A Self-Study - A healer!

Why do we pray?  An innocent child once asked me.  I replied, we have to pray so that God keeps us safe and happy.   She countered asking ‘ Will God not know to keep us safe if we don’t pray?’  .  I blinked.  God created us and we are his children.  We are made the way he made us to be born, raise and lead each of our lives the way we were created.  Each one of us was created with certain limitations and blessings.  We count our blessings and regret for our limitations.  To over come such limitations, we pray to god to heal us, to refine us and to re-make us.  Our situations and circumstances are the results of our own actions and thoughts.  However, there are various external things that contribute to what we are pushed into.

Example, though we are driving in the right direction, in the correct speed, following all rules,  a drunken driver coming in the wrong way may push us to an accident that changes our life in a split second.   A minor earth quake may shake off the very house we built with care.  A holiday may destroy the whole life with a cloud burst similar to that happened in Uttarakand floods.  An evil terrorist may gun down a self-less soldier fighting for our Nation.  Anything may happen.  Life is so trivial.  Death is not the only suffering.  The very passage of life, the bridge between each one’s birth and eternal sleep is defined by our own destiny or fate.  Those who do not believe in destiny,  may think that what ever is to happen will happen.  This is also destiny.  Then why do we pray?

Prayer gives us a sense of hope.  We have God who would listen to us without questioning back our intentions or expectations.  We can crib, cry and beg God for anything that we want in life.  Though he gives us or not, the hope and faith, that we have asked and will get makes us go through positive vibrations.  These vibrations are so important that we keep ourselves with positive thinking.  The affirmation makes it important to concentrate on things that can make our lives better.  We cannot change our destiny.  But instead of brooding over a tragedy, or a making a misery out of a disappointment, we need to be internally strong and make the best of the opportunities out of our adversities.  Then alone life will find a meaning.  And for this Prayer helps.

Prayer heals.  The way we pray, we let all our emotions come in true form in front of the God’s altar.  We thank God for blessings.  We fight with God for putting us through test, we feel that we have him to hear to us and heal us within.  There is a promise felt in a prayer.   We hear answers when we question things with God.  We feel solutions around us for every problem.  We hear the responses within.  Our mind comes into equilibrium of thoughts when ever we get derailed from the path set before us.  Prayer is the key to this process.    Daily prayers make us strong because of the vibrations they create.  Prayers control our emotions, especially negative emotions like anger, hopelessness, revenge, frustration and falsehood.  Prayer makes us feel that God will take care of charge of things that are not in our control.  Prayer also gives us a strong hope that God will punish who are not righteous to us.  Prayer makes us think with common sense and calmness of mind.  It gives us a time in solitude to introspect our own selves peacefully.  Prayer is nothing but an assurance to one self that things will be alright and there is a supreme power guiding us.  Sometimes, the supreme power is very much within you. 

I leave it to God, when it is beyond me!
And the Miracle does happen!