Thursday, April 24, 2014

Vote - Fundamental Right and Duty of Every Citizen in Democratic India

Date: 24 April 2014
Chennai Goes to Elections for both Parliament and Assembly Today
Vote India vote
Day 24, NaPoWriMo 2014

Title: Vote

Cast Your Vote
To the candidate right
Send your representative
to bring the country back to progress
Elect the leader
who will lead the Nation
and not just follow the party
Give your best thought
for its the best talent hunt
Make this Right
your fundamental duty
Do not look at the religion
caste or the party
Look at the Person 
who is representing your territory
What matters to you 
is the progress of our Nation
Rebuilding our infrastructure
Improving our education system
creating employment opportunities
Bringing in Food Security
Creating Self- Reliance
Safe-guarding our National Borders
Handling infiltration with care
Respecting our Army and Soldiers
Eradicating the evil of corruption
Giving back life to Agriculture
Making us food- self- reliant Nation
Removing people from Poverty Line
Educating the Girl Child
Putting an end to female infanticide
Clearing the bottlenecks in passing bills
Making amendments that matter
Creating health care that is reachable
Redefining our Judiciary and Laws
Dust off the law books to create new laws
Punish the guilty with no mercy
Stop the death penalty
Create rehabilitation for down trodden
Communication that grows
Technology that brings innovation
Medicine that makes research happen
Religions that unity in integration
Nation being above politics
Representatives beyond party lines
Ministers act with diligence
Government that respects democracy
Parliament stops being fish markets
Assembly that stops throwing chairs
Representatives go to office every day
Remember people beyond the voting day
The changes required are end less
The evolution is just in progress
The change is the only constant thing
and Indians do care for it
We respect our Votes and democracy
We want progress and growth
in the right direction to show
We will Vote
For its not just our right
but our fundamental duty as well
May my motherland shine
with development and self-reliance
With strong boundaries
Friendly neighbors
Amicable in world nations
keeping away from war and chaos
bringing in peace 
Stopping the thief's within
Yes, India goes to Polls
The largest democracy in the world
We, Citizens of India
Respect and will cast our Vote

Jai Hind!

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

An Ode to Shakespeare

Date:  23 April 2014
NaPoWriMo- 2014 -23rd Day

An Ode to Shakespeare
Celebrating World Books and Copy Rights Day!  April 23rd- for Bard of Avon and Book Lovers

450 Years of Wonder Playwright 
A great writer, poet and actor
1616, this day, marked his exit from the world
at the age of mere 49 years old

The footprints he left behind
is an everlasting literary works 
38 plays, 154 Sonnets and 2 long poems
with innumerable verses

 Popularly known as the Brad of Avon
Married to Anne Hathaway and 3 children born
Renowned for his company of actor
Proudly called Lord Chamberlain's Men

Built the wonder stage of Globe Theater
today known as Shakespeare Theater
Left behind the Immortal Lines
from his massive creative plays

Every day is a day for book lovers
But we need a day to Celebrate Shakespeare
To encourage the literary pursuits
Rediscover the pleasure to write and read

Written words enliven the human progress
over the periods of time, the writers witness
Millions of Books all over the world
Countless number of writers emerge young and old

There can be no tomorrow without seeing yesterday
There can be no future without living today
Shakespeare is a synonym to Literature
Yes, he is immortal, as far as book lovers live

There can be no bigger nomenclature
For we all have grown enacting his plays
Remembering his words in Ceasar's praise
As every line of his plays echoed with grace

It is just another form of trance
that you have to dive deep to glance

Long live the book lovers and the passion to write
Long live the writers senses and readers pride
Long live the glory of Shakespeare clan
Long live the spirit to copyright

Long live the love for books
Let the words weave magic
An makes the worlds a stage
for us to live every day
with happiness
and grace!

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Mother Earth

Date: 22nd April, 2014; NaPoWriMo 

Mother earth...
lap of all warmth
green with trees
blue with water
air filled with life
soil filled with care
starts shining bright
moon looking like a bride
sun shining above
mountains filled with faith
birds flying here and there
animals roaming everywhere
trees shaking all around
small beings as they surround
fishes swimming in the sea
turtles crawling on the shore
children playing with the shells
man is busy making earth
in the name of civilized world
taking towards destruction
with hap hazard constructions
science that flies mars
ignoring our own mother earth
cutting down trees
digging sands so deep
erosion of soil
fears of global warming
arctic that starts melting
earthquakes that are threatening
rains that stop coming
fields no longer growing
where is the time?
or the cause for celebrating earth day?
as the earth is marching towards
its own dooms day!

Monday, April 21, 2014


Date 21st April, 2014
NaPoWriMo- 21st Day

Oh! My dear pretty nurse...
Thank you for all the help you do...
Working round the clock,
Caring patients with respect too...

What a noble profession
A sincere dedication
Making the sick cheer all the time
Saying with warmth, that I am there all the time...

Handling all patients alike
staying calm in all disguise
Keeping your comforts behind
Standing there for good health care

Thank you dear nurse
for all the help you do, 
amidst the hazards of health care
you deserve to be celebrated and cared

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Easter - Celebrating Jesus Christ and true meaning of life

  Easter - A festival of life and resurrection

Day-20- NaPoWriMo 2014
Date: 20th April 2014

Oh Lord, the day you rose from death
to show us life beyond the body 's rest
Resurrected from the pains of humanness
and the bondage's of body and soul

Mary Magdalene, Oh Lord, Mourning your death
Supporting your final moments on earth
Standing besides the crucified Cross
with tears along with John, the beloved

As Gospels Say, she was the one to see you raise
When the Angel whispered to her the holy fact
Eostara- the celebration of goodness of the spring
Equinox and the goodness of rebirth and glory

Feast that marked the rebirth of the mother Earth
Celebrated the divine resurrection and rebirth
Easter Eggs and the Easter Bunny
Carried from feat of Eostara to celebrate fertility

Pagan joy in the rising sun of lovely Spring
symbolizing the glory of the Rising Son of God
Decoration of eggs, and hunts that get organized
show that we search for life and pleasure to find

Sharing candy and spreading real love and joy
with chocolate bunnies,billion eggs and million peeps
along with millions of colorful jelly beans
Making all of us feel wanted and make life to enjoy

Its the day that makes you feel happy and alive
the joy of sharing, caring and loving life
Oh Thy Lord, we pray to you in humbleness
bless us, our dear Lord, for us to stay in peace

Give us, Thy Lord, your graceful wisdom 
and we say in thanks to you, Amen, in your Kingdom
Happy Easter! 
May God bless all of us with his blessings!

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Village Spread - The beauty of greenary, cattle, fields, innocent faces and lot more!

Day 19-  NaPoWriMo
19th April 2014

Village Spread

Driving across the green bed
of fresh air and a truly village spread
it looked like a painting
in God's own hands in making

Ladies giggling as they draw water from wells,
Having double layered pots on the heads
walking with the beauty of saree clad smiles
and ringing of their goongur bells

Children happily running chasing tyre's
with the sticks picked from trees
Few are playing with marbles
trying to impress each other in street games

Girls are playing the Seven Circles
Long forgotten games in metros
Few teens are giving flirting looks
hiding behind the large brown trees

The Season of mangoes just unfolds
and kids and adults jump together
to pluck the fresh fruits from the trees
and ladies trying to fill up the pickle pots

The smell of the fresh fields of Jasmin
makes you forget the best world's perfume
The sight of parrots eating away ripened guavas
makes you climb trees to pluck some yourself

The white fresh milk from the cattle 
the smell of the manure mixed in fields
Rising sun above the green lush mountains
the sounds of the fishing in the nearby lakes

A perfect place for a picturesque 
Men sitting under the trees making their own laws
Women covering the heads in shyness
Kids jumping in joy with no stress

You feel that its the perfect world
A beautiful loving Village Spread
Sometimes, its just so refreshing to drive back
to your roots of calmness and life

How much ever you spend on a exotic vacation
nothing comes like a run in the green fields
looking at the most innocent human faces
smiling back at you with no fake smiles

The peace of sitting under a large tree
and eating your home cooked food
with your grand mother feeding your full
what else can you ask in life to live

The night stars and full moon light
makes your life in a village more bright
The tranquility and peace it brings
makes our spirits goes in bang

No buffet in the world 
can makes you feel so full
than this visual, vocal and natural retreat
with our beautiful village treat

God Bless our Villages, India Still lives in our  Rural Areas
There is a sense of calmness and equally a fear of loss
It is time for us to protect the lands
 And the let fresh air of our villages live for long!

Friday, April 18, 2014

In Memory of a friend

18 April 2014
In Memory of my friend

Srujana..Your smile is now eternal!
 Your smile spread far
The journey taken afar
We enjoyed your dances
Embraced your lovely days
We grew together in one lawn
always looking fresh upon
Nothing but strong will
A dream that you always chased
We were  happy you actually achieved
The two letters called Dr. in front of your name
How much we rejoiced to know your fame
The happiness of seeing your lovely children
a very happy family that you lovingly shared
As friends when we got back in touch
after several years of running in our paths
The joy knew no bounds to measure
And those memories are a treasure
The happiness did not last long
When the call of God for you came along
The journey of night that you took
without realizing what is in hook
Sad came the news with a bang on us
Tears shed long not able to digest
We grieved with your family and friends
Thought times only should as usual heal
However, your smile fail to disappear
and wish one day, in surprise you would appear
again, to wish us, to meet us ,to love us
to hug your children and sleep with your parents
Only wished it never actually happened
years will surely move on, but painfully without you
We miss you dear friend.....
Just sad, that you are gone too soon!

Remembering my friend, classmate and a wonderful dancer, Maganti (Chava) Srujana Chowdary 
as she left us in a tragic car accident last year on this day.
May your soul rest in peace
Holding all good memories of you tight in our hearts for ever
Life is beautiful!

Thursday, April 17, 2014

The Joy of Giving!

The Joy of Living
Is In the Joy of Giving
For Its mean truthful sharing
with love, with life and caring!

The Joy of Giving
gives your life a meaning
there is happiness in sharing
warmth in genuine caring

Share your knowledge
and the wisdom grows in length
Share your happiness
for it doubles when given in wholeness
Share your love
for there is nothing more to give

Pledge to donate your eyes
for it shows the world new vision
Pledge to donate your organs
for they give new life to someone

Prepare to share your food
that makes you stomach full
Prepare to share your books
for the make light of knowledge shine

Give a true caring hug
that makes others feel truly good
Give those you love a warm kiss
for that makes hearts jump in bliss

Give your time to someone you care
for that is the precious gift you can give
Give you space for plants and trees
for they give you oxygen to breathe

Give it for any cause you care
that makes the purpose solved
for every single drop
makes it to the oceans deep

We make our living by what earn
We make our life by what we give
Earn hard as much as you can
for a share of it goes back to those in need

Stop being jealous and greed
for the earth can bear what all we need
learn to call on those who need
and spend some time to feed

Giving is not just another act
of gentle real kindness
It is a spiritual experience
that makes your live in peace

Raise above the mediocre minds
awakening the joy of giving in kinds
Smile is the simplest gift
that truly returns with its light

There is nothing like a right time
it all needs a thought in your heart
to make it in the smallest way
of kindness and happy care

Give until it gives you  joy
then you know you are truly giving
Love yourself if you learn to give
for you are making yourself loved
Live life in simple happy ways
nothing but the joy of giving!

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

A Theatrical Take On!

A Theatrical take on!
that's where the drama begins
The story is a reflection 
of the truth and fiction
 Dreams of man
mixed with his vision
Syndicate of stories
heard and unheard
mythical and epic
historical and sensational
sorrowful and of joy
myths and comedy mix
expressions that tell stories
dialogues that deliver sharpness
direction that details
story that holds the lifeline
actors are all mere players
in the stage called life
enacting their different roles
diverging into the depths
becoming the characters
that they effectively play
Eyes that squeeze to cry
Smiles that jump into action
Camera and lights that roll on
Editing and dances that mix
songs and music that plays
in the air that brings in peace
Theater is not just another art
it is the man's deepest expression
showing a sheer dedication
always a true celebration
Hard to play and portray
directly on the stage day
Each one plays their role
join together as one whole
big family of friendships
and feelings of all kinds
There is no end to this drama
that brings stories to life
There is no end to this art
till the mankind exists
However, we enact our roles
in our real lives, happily
we reflect the roles on stage
with nothing but being in the same
becoming characters yourself
we live in them and breathe 
so that the art of theater
just goes on for ever to live!


Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Transgenders are recognized third gender in India Now! Salutations to our Supreme Court for this landmark judgement


I was born this way
it's not my fault or I asked
but its the way God created me
its not my parents fault
I closed my eyes in shame
I could not smile like I want
We had a different stupid fame
no one about us ever thought
I wanted to go to school
But my parents did not know what to fill
in the forms that said Male or Female
I was abandoned from the social
There was no one to share
No one to talk or care
We were thought as a curse
and pushed out of our homes
We lived in the streets
along with other unfortunate friends
We giggled together
Dressed up like women
and spoke like men
We dragged the passengers in the trains
for the few coins they throw ed at us
I was pushed in to prostitution
for that's the only entitled institution
to feed our hunger and live in homes
We had no health care 
We had no voting right
We had no ration cards
We lived like that we almost never existed
The Vedic culture of India
recognized us ages ago
The heritage of India in epics
showed us a godly form with respect
But the very people who believed
in the unseen gods and adages
throwed us mercilessly on streets
We were not entitled to jobs
not to the basic educational rights
Talking to us was a taboo
We were the cursed lot
As transgenders we had our own ways
dealing with health issues
and unpredictable hormonal changes
social or moral issues
denied the basic human rights
We fought for our own rights
Long was the fierce battle
for survival with respect and dignity
Alas! At Last! The great judges
of Our Highest Court in the country
recognized us as a third gender
We don't need to struggle to fill 
if we are males or females
We can proudly fill the third gender
We don't need to hesitate to use toilets
We will have our own washrooms
I can educate myself
for a better tomorrow
I can deal with my own life
not at the mercy of the others
Yes, we are not the beggars or prostitutes
We are Human Beings!
Just born in a different Way!

Kennings - With structural beginnings....Dear Snow-Wolf!

A Buzzing Beast
Caught the buzzing insect
with a flippy winged
A Flower Raider
with the colorful monster
and a continuous talker
with a giant food taker
followed the girls stalker
Bumped on a sleepy header
happens to be a web maker
also a mischief player
with man's best friend
his adorable loyal dog
a loud barker
a great swimmer
wonderful companion
and man's loyal friend
Flipped through white pages
a hard cover
colorful picture
great author
with a super story 
made my book reading
truly wonderful
came across a slim ester
a fly eater
a spawn layer
a water lover
and creepy creature
away from the sleep of the sword
away from slaughter dew
keeping away the blood-ember
sailing away from wounded sea
rules of the breaker of rings
flame- fare welled
with bane of the wood
I do not bid adieu
the the life rejoiced
than living in vain

Monday, April 14, 2014

Salute to the Man behind our Indian Constitution - Dr B. R. Ambedkar.

From the words of Dr Babasaheb Bhim Rao Ramji Ambedkar....
Father of Indian Constitution

Remembering the Great leader on his 124th birthday today

Words of Advice
Educate, Agitate and Organize
Have Faith in yourself
With justice on our side
No way to loose our battle
To me, its a matter of joy
Battle that is fully spiritual
There is nothing material
or to be thinking social
Our battle is not for wealth
or for a greedy power
It is the battle for Freedom
Battle for reclamation
of a great human personality
Abolish Slavery by yourself
Do not depend for its abolition
upon God or a superman
It is not enough people
are numerically large in number
Majority to be watchful
and strong, and high will
Self respecting and attaining
and maintaining success
We must shape ourselves
and by just our course ourselves

Jai Hind!!!

Sunday, April 13, 2014

My Experience of Running at Pinkathon 2014 Chennai

Couple of years ago, I started to get involved with lot of running/ trekking activities as part of the Chennai Trekking Club, more as a volunteers.  What started as service during weekends, soon became an addiction.  Without even knowing, slowly I started running.  

Almost after 15 years of IT career that easily added 15+ kgs to my weight, I did not realize that I have already become a couch potato.  With 24*7 work schedules, I hardly gave a thought to fitness forgetting about eating right or running.   But during one of the social treks to Nagala, two young girls gave me the gyan that I needed.  I was their caretaker, and after few meters they started feeling frustrated because I was not able to pace with them.  Thats why they banged the question at me...'Aunty, evalo gunda yeee irukinga...konjam odalamey'.   That when I realized, I am not only losing myself, but also losing the happiness of them at that moment.  Probably I am doing this to my own family and friends, ignoring my own fitness and health.  

Not long after this incident, I happened to visit the family of my deceased friend, and physically as well as emotionally I got drained off.  My lungs bleeded internally making me fight for survival.  Bi-lateral pnemonia plugged me to ICU on life support and made me a frequent visitor to hospitals after that long stint at the hospital where my veins cried in pain of anti biotics.  To me doing any exercises, even to improve my cardio-vascular strength was like a nightmare.  I had to push myself hundred times more than an ordinary person, for my lungs ached in pain even when I walked for 100 meters.  I became more and more fatter.  I could not control the weight because of the long medication.  But, my die hard will did not let me sleep in silence.  I continued volunteering and that gave me immense happiness.  

Slowly but steadily I started running and walking short distances.  In the last one year after that traumatic illness, I participated in more than 7 marathons, running short distances of 5-6 kms, there were times when I registered for 10k and could only do 3 kms.  But I did it. This is my third pinkathon and I participated in the not so popular previous pinkathons as well.  And also the Pink walk for cancer awareness.  I made friends who encouraged me endlessly.  I made friends who inspired me.  I loved watching little 3 year old girls Twin Tigers in the running fraternity of chennai inspiring me with each run of 3 or 5k they completed.  I thought I can atleast be a 3 year old and start again.  

The spirit continued.  I participated in 2 of the last few Dawn to Dusk runs,  Terry Fox runs, Chennai Cycling rallies as volunteer, trekking club activities as a volunteer and also as part of Inner Wheel club of Madras South and Sevai Karangal.   I made loads of friends and created my loads of opportunities where I can give back.  We earn for living and we live life to celebrate giving.   To me Pinkathon was just another great opportunity

I was asked to join the Inner Wheel group, CTC volunteers, Sevai Karangal group brining children from homes to run.  and the invitations from IBM to join the Corporate group was equally inspiring.  Finally when I got selected as one of the handful of people to represent the corporate team with timing chips, I felt bit nervous.  The fact that I should not disappoint them was running in my head.  My gym PINK helped me regain my stamina.  My family stood behind me with great care.  Friends encouraged.  

The day I went to Pink Carnival to get the bib, I almost made up my mind to let someone take the timing chip.  But few minutes before I entered the counter, I met Miland Soman.  He congratulated me for taking the time to run and said that I should do it more often.  With his words of encouragement, my plan of not running with timing chip was taken back.  I decided to give my best.

IBM Running Club!
Thanks to my ever supporting husband Raghu who really cares and ensures that I am comfortable always.  He got me a new pair of shoes saying that I need lighter one this time as my Sketchers was getting worn out. He eagerly got up at 3.40 am and got ready along with me on the run day and picked  up my friend on the way to Island grounds.  We joined the warmup  sessions of Zumba dance along with 3 of my team mates who are also close friends.  We danced happily, swaying along with the S group and close to 6000+ women of all ages.

I met friends from my Manmar days , HP team, bloggers community,  Inner Wheel, friends from CTC and also few from my FB circle.  I missed meeting the sevai karangal team.  

The first few meters with the new shoes was not cooperating.  I told Girija and Padma to go ahead and took some stretches and then started to run again.  Slow pacing with no sprint made me reach the half way mark in 26 minutes.  As I started back, I was happy the way the Chennai Runners and Dream Runners were cheering all the ladies who actually painted the Chennai city in Pink that morning.  As I was close by 400 meters to the finish line, I saw a old aunty struggling to walk as she happened to have her knee surgery just couple of weeks earlier and was almost 70 years.  I helped her for a while, encouraging her to slowly walk and offered her water.  And after ensuring that she is ok, I started to pace again.  It was 58 minutes 2 seconds when I hit the Finish line and you should see my happiness.  I made it.  I just made it.  

I got my medal and refreshments., took lots and lots of pics with IBM gang and shouted loud cheering IBM.... and then got a call after I reached home that the Corporate team of IBM won the 5k category also along with the Treadaton that they won second place as a pre-event to Pinkathon.  My happiness knew no bounds.  I just hugged Raghu thanking him for all the encouragement and support.  

If I can run, You can!  I will run, till I can, Probably till my end!

Happy Running.  Thank you Pinkathon and thank you IBM and thank you my friends and family!

I love you Miland , you are truly a great brand ambassador and so do you Neville Billimora and also 

Uma with Miland Soman

LOVE YOU CHENNAI!  We will chase away Cancer from our City!  Very Soon!

My Old Age- A imaginative walk with the time machine ahead of 26 years from now....into year 2040 - A dive from 2014!

A futuristic dive into my old age.....

Vision is getting blurred....
Hands are shaking as I write
Got my third leg to walk
and very few friends who come to talk

I sit under the tree, that grew with me
remembering the hay days lingering within
The house is now standing behind me,
with its empty rooms and opened windows

There are no one to accompany and laugh
all that remains are the pictures hanging on the walls
Sometimes, heavily, I turn the pages of the albums
that I happily made all the time when I was young

A old neighbour greets me a inaudible good morning
I wave him back my hands in the same greeting
my lips whisper, a good morning
that probably is not so loud and heard

I silently walk back into my living room
and on the songs, that soothe me to the core
I regain my smile, and walk to the shower
take a look at my bridal dress, with a shy

Slowly, my physical moments are restricted
but heart fails to acknowledge the same in any way
I still want to trek the nagala water falls
and run one last marathon, atleast those few miles again

I know I cannot anymore enjoy a full outside meal
but simply still pester my husband for a candle lit dinner
At the table, I slip the spoon as I sip my soup
My plate shakes as I go for the buffet refill

Once in a while, my child and grand children
visit me to surprise, to share and smile again
I get energies from all over the world to strain
every bit of me, to make all food and comforts

My grand child, asks me to play with him
I lovingly hug him telling him that I may be slow
He says, nothing doing, run behind me
and trust me, my steps dont tremble when doing so

A old collegue calls me for a evening tea
I call her over to my place, just to show off in glee
all that I achieved, the medals, the certificates
the appreciations and the enchanting journeys!

The bells of a last journey rings on the road
the fear of death, starts silently within
its not the fear of existence, but its very form
that's when we want life to give us even more

Yes, I have done my duties to my satisfaction
Life to me was truly a happy celebration!
I have done my set of good deeds and fulfilled needs
Now, I can count my bonus and blessings !

Saturday, April 12, 2014

A lone traveler!

A Lone Traveller
Date: 12 April 2014
NaPoWriMo- 2014...Day 12

Picture Courtesy: Ramesh Raja

Where are you going, my lone traveler?
Amidst the barren lands and unsound fields
A tree stand lone in the distance or two
Clouds gushing with winds for rains to pour on you

Where are you going, my lone traveler?
With just a bag of trodden old clothes
and the barefoot walks that you take
towards that far off lands unknown to care

Where are you going, my lone traveler?
Once a very prosperous happy farmer!
leaving behind your fields to dry 
and your cattle left uncared to die

Where are you going, my lone traveler?
walking amidst the slopes of mountains
down the unknown valley and paths
leaving behind your family and farms!

Where are you going,  my lone traveler?
Leave not behind the lands that gave you grains
Fields that made you feed millions you never knew
Just hold on the hope,  that you would shine again


In Tribute to all the farmers, who are forced to leave agriculture and travel to unknown lands in search of work, to all those farmers who commit suicide not knowing what else to do in life, to all those families who don't earn enough but feed the mouths that they don't even know...
Let us give back our villages, to its own earlier glory and survival
that is when this country would raise back to food security and self-reliance! 

Jai Jawan!  Jai Kisan!

Friday, April 11, 2014


Date: April 11, 2014
NaPoWriMo 2014-  Day 11 

Had it not been for hunger
there would not have been the human race
Had it not been for hunger
There would not have been the civilized ways
It is all for that small sack inside
that cries at regular intervals
wanting for good food and water
making us work hard to get it rest ensure
Is not just another English word
Its the inspiration 
to stay active, and crave for more
Hunger is not just for stomach alone
it is for the mind and heart together
Hunger makes dreams come true
Hunger makes you realize what you want for sure
Hunger for life, hunger for world
hunger for glory, hunger for peace
hunger for boundaries, hunger for success
hunger for love, hunger for wisdom
makes all the things in this world that matters
or reasons for all the things that shatters!
Hunger is not just a feeling
It is the pain in the utmost pit of our stomachs
That pulls you down or pushes you to run
in search of food for your body and brain
There can be no sense when hunger over takes
lot of petty things happen as it takes away common sense
Those who can control hunger
can control anything in this world in wonder
But not many can always do
that's why hunger strikes succeed true
Let the food we eat,
the thoughts we have and share
the hopes we dream and dare
the aspirations we kindle and desire
always enrich our hunger pranks
and satisfy the crazy hunger cravings
Let this world wake up 
one day where there is no single hungry soul
hungry for food and water
Let this world wake up
every single day with a hungry world
hungry for goodness and kindness
hungry for warmth and growth
Let this world be filled with no hungry deaths
with no hungry children going to bed at nights
Let this world be only filled with hungry minds
towards a better human race!

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Paru emerges from Fire! As a New You!- Another Short Story from Paru Tales- Within the Four Walls!

Like any other ordinary domestic quarrel, Paru fought with her husband demanding to move away from the joint family set up to a nuclear family environment, where she can focus on her children and husband,  plan her daily chores than being dictated by her mother-in-law every single day on what to do and what not to do.  She also wanted her personal space to do things of her passion like painting, traveling and making friends.  

The joint family set up did not allow her to make any savings and stressful daily chores made her sick both physically and mentally.  Her husband empathized with her, but there was very little he could do as he was not able to speak against his parents will and wish.  Paru felt disgusting as her husband’s inability to convince even on little things in life like taking a day off with his own family for an outing.  She decided that it is time for her to speak up than expect her obedient husband who never could muster courage to speak his heart with his parents. 

Paru has grown in a environment where girls were treated equally and did all things that boys could do.  She was raised like a boy participating in sports and enjoying trips with friends and having her own space to explore her creative skills and talents.  Unfortunately the domestic set up where she entered as a bride was just the opposite.  It took her several months to understand on how to deal with people from a different planet.  The house was dominated by male chauvinistic brothers who played to the tunes of their arrogant mother who controlled her husband without any qualms.  Poor father in law has little or no say in the management of the house and always acted as per the decisions made by his wife.  Her arrogance was covered by fake smiles that the world could never see her true self.   She was hardly sensitive expect that in looks she looked dashing and beautiful even as she became a grand mother.  Behind her feminine looks, was a truly selfish and dirty mind that people from outside can never ever imagine of such an existence!

Paru also initially thought that her mother in law as a fairy-tale god mother.   She just followed her ‘orders’ and felt relieved to complete the same.  She got excited when her mother in law praised her to the neighbors.  Not after the day she got the pinch of the other side of this woman.  Paru was in her bed room when she heard her mother in law talking to the neighboring Kamala aunty.  Her mother-in-law was telling her that she unfortunately brought home a short and dusk skinned woman for his son as a daughter in law.    Paru was the shortest of the daughter- in- laws and other ladies in the house were fairer than her.  Kamala aunty was trying to convince that Paru is a good girl and she would fit into the family easily.  Mother in law countered that she would easily fit in for a permanent servant and should be treated so as her son is not earning much and managing his family is her burden. 

Paru felt the earth below her shaking.  She could feel the tremors in her body.  She is a graduate with a gold medal and can any time get a decent job that would make her run her family.  Her husband’s small business and its dependent hassles is not her share of trouble.  She can take care of her children and herself without depending on any body.   Within a week of that over heard conversation, Paru was ready with her afternoon meal and bag to her office.   Her mother-in-law was furious that she is losing control on this woman.  However, she did not stop Paru from going to work as it would mean extra money to the family.    After three months, Paru realized that her hard earned money is smartly and slowly being pushed to the joint expenses of the family.  She could not save anything nor spend on her own needs.  That’s when she realized that she had to move out of this joint family system.

After weeks of deliberate discussions, her husband finally agreed to her decision.   The information to his parents went slow and firm.  He expected their reactions.   Communication grew into arguments and an ever lasting debate.   Arguments became abuses on either side.   He requested his parents if he can take up another portion of the house in the first floor and live separately with his wife and children and at the same in the vicinity of his parents.   Parents started to abuse him saying that he is playing to the tunes of his working wife.   Paru interfered saying that her husband also can think on his own on what would work for his family.   Immediately her mother in law jumped with a new tactic.  They demanded the rent that the current tenant has been paying to them.  Paru got wild.  She kept the cards straight saying that there is no income coming out from her husband’s business and it is her hard earned money which is running the household expenses and raising costs of meting children’s medical and education expenses. 

Mother-in-law was quick to respond.  She shouted at Paru saying that she can as well leave her husband and go, if she thinks that he is of no use.  Paru was taken back.  She loved her husband irrespective of his limitations and what he is capable of and what not.  Instead of empathizing with her situation, mother-in-law makes her life miserable at every turn in life.    Paru was in tears.  Her brain stopped working and she was pushed to be the wolf that she is not.  Her caring, sympathetic, affectionate wolf went into hiding and her ego was deeply hurt.  Her self respect was pushed to the drains. She took the sacred yellow thread and put it in her father-in-laws hands saying that it is end of her story in that household.  She rushed to her bedroom and closed the doors. She did not want to cry in front of every one in that house and wanted to weep herself out in silence and loneliness.

It was 30 minutes past 10; her husband came to their room and started to plead her to calm down.  She dragged her children and moved to the small living room adjacent to the bedroom and put the mats and quilts and made her children sleep with her on the floor.   Her husband felt helpless.  He went inside the bed room and kept the door open and fell asleep.

Past 2 am,  Paru woke up with a shock.  Her night dress caught fire and the fire engulfed the whole room and was like whirlwind till the fan.  She shouted in distress and pushed her children out of the mats which caught the fire.  Children woke up in half sleep and started to cry.  Her husband from the bedroom pulled the blanket and covered Paru quickly stopping the fire engulfing the night dress.   He stopped the fan and made the mats to fold and burning blanket was thrown aside.  By the time, rest of the people in the house came rushing from other rooms

They realized that a petrol dipped shirt was rounded to a stick and was pushed from the window to the mats where Paru and her children were sleeping.  It was an intentional attempt to kill her.  Paru was still in shock.  She could not speak.  Her brother in law called the police and then they took her to the near by hospital for first aid. 

Early morning around 4 am, police came to the scene.  As usual, slowly and after all the drama was over.  They enquired Paru from several angles.  She kept quite.  She did not reveal the previous night domestic quarrel.  She did not utter a word against any one in that household.  She had the highest respect for her husband and any kind of words against any one in the family would ruin her relationship with him.  To her, at that moment, he was important than any thing else.  It is him, who saved her life and acted on time to rescue her from the fire spreading all around.  She is always indebted to him for this.  He was the one who saved her and her children from the clutches of death.  A small fire can destroy the whole forest.  An intentional endeavor of someone went futile as her caring husband acted on time.

The next day, Paru’s friends and parents rushed to her side.  She hugged them in tears.  She took her children, their important stuff and clothes and went off with her parents to her parental home.  Her husband neither stopped her nor accompanied her.  He stood silently as the taxi that took her away from the house turned the street corner and disappeared.

Yes, Paru is now alone with her children.  In a house she built for herself.  She is free from the clutches of relationships that entangled her and suffocated her.  She is now free from the thoughts that surrounded the insecurities of life.  She was sure one day her husband would come back to her and live along with her and her children.   She now has all the time in the world to smile and play with her kids.  She can teach them, tell stories and take them out.  She no longer needs to spend all her timing cooking for a dozen people at home.  She can make simple food for them or at times eat out.  She got time to read books, take up to paintings in the weekends and enjoy her time with friends.  She is no longer dictated by her wimpy mother-in-law.  She is no longer engaged in useless gossip with other ladies in the house.  She now has a home of her own. 

Yes, she has her own Life.  Life regained from the fire that engulfed her. Making her become a new You!