Friday, April 29, 2016

#LifeatRamco - Bloggers Day Out at Ramco Systems Chennai #DInfluencer @Chennai Bloggers Club

After a hectic day in office, you get a chance to spend a Friday evening at a Blogger's Meet with an invitation for another IT company to see their workplace and fun way to work and working into fun...what else would you do than to accept their invitation.  With my friends who are in Chennai Bloggers Club and other influenzer bloggers in Chennai,  I stepped into Ramco once I was done with my work.   A smiling reception greeted me with a visitors tag...and on back of it written 'Idly Sambar'.   Honestly seeing that I wish I could have a plate of Idly and Sambar.    However, there was much in store at Ramco for bloggers than the tag of the team I belonged to was given.   The other teams got names as Marina, Rajinikanth and so on.  After a inspiring presentation,  we were taken to the cool cool places inside Ramco in the hot Chennai Summer evening.

I would let the pictures speak for themselves and the key takeaways from this extra-ordinary bloggers meet and visit are listed below.

1.  Digital Marketing takes a new turn of life.   A new way to create a brand to strike a chord with influence r writers in the city.
2.  The first feel of the visit was I entering a Facebook Office in SFO or a Google Office in Hyderabad.    It really looked cosy and interesting.
3.  The workplace was conducive to  employee participation and motivation.
4.  The office did not look like a typical IT organization.  It was like experiment, play and learn.  Give what best you can give back!
5.  The HR area looked welcoming with swings and comfy work areas.  The meeting rooms were designed with an overdose of hospitality and transformed like you are sitting in your living room and conducting a board meeting
6.  The Marketing place was packed with the enriched services.  Ramco being a product company, the marketing team's idea and initiation for such a meet itself was not only innovative but also informative
7.  The in-house massage services provided stress relievers to employees who work for hours together on laptops.   Relax, rejuvenite and enrich productivity seems to be their mantra.
8.  The Cafe...served by Spoonbill looked elegant and refreshing.   They do charge nominal charges, a little less from their restaurant on TTK Road.   I heard that CEO being himself trained to brew coffee enjoys Coffee mornings with employees at this Cafe....It is good when top management are easily accessible to employees.
9.  The nominally charged  laundry services seem like a blessing to bachelors working in Ramco. 
10.  The fitness center and Zumba classes seems to be making them sway to the rhythms of time


We had a good discussion on the initiative with the organizers and we were glad that they were spontaneous and willing to answer all our questions with a big broad smile.

1.  Work life balance is the key of all these additional amenities to employees of Ramco.  They are given to enjoy the work with ease
2.  Work from home on sick days and during need is not a written process or protocol but goes without saying when the employee is in need to work from home.
3.  The culture of the employees is empowered with ease and a feel of belonging to the work place.
4.  Attrition rates have come down from two digits to single digits encouraging people to join Ramco.
5.  Productivity happens from the Happy Work force.  The in-house music, no firm cubicle culture,  go with the wind attitude of the employers make working at Ramco worthwhile.  

We also spoke to few employees who sounded quite positive about the work environment and the kind of growth and acceptance of the work life balance.

Good wishes to Ramco Family for a successful days ahead!  Thanks for your invitation and hospitality.   Amazing coffee and food and it was fun coming to your work place.  

Disclaimer:    I have been to this bloggers meet as a Digital influencer  and this has got nothing to compare with the organization I work for.    The opinions given here are purely based on my visit today and in no way connected to my profession or Organization.   

Saturday, April 23, 2016

Our Visit to Positive Friends Welfare Association Tiruvallur....

Positive Welfare Association of Tiruvallur provides rehabilitation support by distributing medicines for a month on every 4th Saturday to close to 200 + children between 1 year to 18 years and 700 adults most of them women effected by HIV. They are provided medicines, counseling to deal with the emotional imbalances, educational support to children, employment support to adults who are shunned by the society. Many of them work in village brick klins, cement industries and as local labourers. They have lost jobs as farmers could no more continue farming in their lands and have taken other odd jobs. The positive side of this trauma story is that children are continuing their studies. 53 children have taken up their Board exams this year. The highest score of this rehab centre last year is 475/500 in 10th and 1134/1200 in 12th exams. The only thing that binds them together is the hope to see the next dawn. We as a society should create awareness, support system and put our ever step forward to eradicate this deadly disease from India. Rotary club of Tiruvallur is doing an amazing job here. Hope of Home is providing food every 4th saturday to all who come to collect their medicines. This time, Sandhya Subramanian and I represented our Inner wheel club of Madras south with amazing support from my husband Raghunath AnandaBabu and brother S Thilak Raj from Sevai Karangal Inspite of the heat waves, stress of work, going ahead was not easy but not a discomfort even for a minute. We distributed 108 sarees to the ladies who really are in dire need of clothing.

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

T for Travel to Incredible India :-)

Beauty of the Himalayas
Fierce sands of the Rajasthan Thar deserts
Amazing Cheerapunji rainfalls
The fragrance of the Kashmir flowers

The mesmerizing Hindustani music sounds
Divine music of carnatic songs spells
India with its rich culture and creed
Lives in harmony and fruitful deeds

Gateway of India opens the gates of love
India Gate stands tall with the Soldiers who got laid
History of India, in temples inscribed
Civilizations that evolved and inspired

The long fields of serene agriculture
amazing unity in diversity of the best culture
Amazing Sudarbans, gifts of nature
Cool showers of the Kerala, God's own country

TajMahal, the symbol of love
Qutub Minar and others reflects our skill
The pride of our armed forces
Born to rule and make victories

Humanity enlightens itself in this country
The country of rich heritage and Pride
The Mighty Himalayas & the vast spirits of Ganges
The wonderful rivers that flow in our country

The wisdom of the people over the centuries
Where else would I go than being in my love land
The land that gave me life, pride and made me its own.

Love You India..>My Country! My Pride

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

S For Superstitions!.....

Hanging lemon and green chillies
To a Truck of dozen wheels

Poor Little black cat
stay away from my travel path

Mirror. Mirror on the wall
Do not jump and have a great fall!

Twitching of eyes
Is said to be inauspicious

Hello dear gift pack
Wait till I put the one Rupee back!

It is already sun set!
so keep the brooms away from sweep

There can be soul hanging on
Do not go to peepal tree at night!

Mensurating women are considered impure
And not let in temples and rituals

No cutting of hair
or shaving of beard after sunset

Pregnant women, its a request
do not go out or eat during eclipse

Bats entering the house brings death
So does keeping the dead man's eyes open

Lizards, please keep away
for falling on humans is a bad luck way

Friday, the 13th
How unlucky you are!

Don't wash and comb your hair
fallen hair brings fights everywhere

The ladders are there to climb
Bad luck comes if you walk under

Sacrifice of goats is for Gods
Crows are treated as our ancestors

The superstitions just goes on!
Think twice before you follow!

Let the animals and birds be spared
Let the superstitions with science survive!

Useless, aimless, superstitions
It is time for them to be gone!

Monday, April 18, 2016

R for Romance.....With my Mr.R

He showed me love
He treated me like a dove
In his silence I heard words of wisdom
I am a queen in his kingdom
He is strong as the rays of sun
To be around him, is real fun
His actions speak louder than words
Takes away the tension swords
He keeps the home in peace
takes care of family trees
I love him with all my heart
Can never imagine being apart
He strongly stands with me
showing me what is love to be
I love his silent silky smiles
makes me jump in happiness miles
He listens to all my braggings
endures all my childish naggings
Put up with my tantrums
Hugs me to get me back to calm
He can't express words of love
but shows it in all his deeds
endlessly putting up with ease
never trying just to please
My home is full of happiness
Because of the love that he shares
My heart is always at peace
Because of the life he cares
What else can I call this
Than my man's every day romance
Its with none other than my own
My darling husband Raghu to rejoice
I feel truly blessed and at brim
Thank you God, for giving him

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Q....for Questions! That has no answers!


Questions that has no end!
Meaning or purpose as they posed!
Why am I born?
With a purpose of its own
Why am I a female?
for I am destined that way
Why am I killed?
Is it a sin to be a female!
Why am I raped?
For me being vulnerable!
Why am I abused?
For I am genetically weak!
Why am I shunned?
for being from a lower caste!
Why am I not reserved?
for I am born in a upper caste!
Why am I not rich?
for my ancestors did not make it
Why am I poor?
As I dont know to earn
Why am I educated?
Is it because I lack knowledge
Why am I not educated?
For women dont need any knowledge
Why am I killed?
For world forgot what peace is!
Why am I provoked?
To join extemesim with no end
Why am I violent?
For the voices of jihads inspire
Why am I restless?
To see children and women dying
Why am I going bonkers?
Seeing soldiers getting killed
Why am I going sick?
watching politicians corrupt
Why am I feeling freedom lost?
For in name of democracy we lost
What did we lose?
Our culture, values and creed
Where are we going?
To a destiny unknown to unfold!
When will be awaken?
No answer from a deep slumber
When will we be enlightened?
This has no defined answer

Questions that dont end
Answers that don't apprehend!

Saturday, April 16, 2016

P for Passion.....Ignite it:-)

Passion makes my blood racing
Making my things worth doing!
Passion provides the catalyst
to do things that are in my love list!

Passion shows my purpose
Of this life and its meaning
It drives me hard and strong
to make my dreams come along

Many things and actions keep coming
On my way in life to hold
Yet, being passionate about few
makes my passion become purpose

Purpose turning to my profession
comfort doing what I love to do
As I enjoy the effort, it become easy
to achieve to be the best and true

I don't regret failures or falls
for with passion I get to raise again
Had it not been for passion
I know, I will soon give up

When I love what I do in galore
I will endure the pain and sores
As I stay strong till I gain and roar!
Enjoying my life that way I bore
Never give up on Passion
for it makes our dreams & deeds
It is our emotion and desire
chasing away wrong fears

Let us live strong in life
embracing our passion 
to follow all our dreams!
to celebrate life in passion

Friday, April 15, 2016

O For Ocean....Ocean is where I belong!


Every time I sit near the Ocean
I feel that, it is where I belong
It stirs deep in my heart!
Inspires me like an eternal art!
Kindles my inate imagination
Makes me love in fascination.
Eternal joy to my inner soul
makes me complete and whole!
Words flow as verses as I sit
on the shores of the sea
makes me rejoice myself in grit
as some spell of nature to see
I walk into the waters
determined to sail for long
making me rejoiced and refreshed
for that is where I belong!
Seeking the finest things
within, saying this is me!
My life is externally calm
just like the deeper oceans
stirs hard rigid and rough
Life is beautiful in its gulf
 The silent voices of the oceans
speaks to my rejoicing soul!
Yes - It is the Ocean
Where I feel I truly belong
I can sit there for long
Staring at the waves 
letting my silent tears
of happiness raise and surge!
Ocean is where I belong!

Thursday, April 14, 2016

N For Nemesis.....We shall over come one day!

I set to conquer 
the world at large!

I struggled to achieve
the stars at edge!
Yes,I was stopped
by the tides of the shores
To depths I was pushed
to the galore of sadness
Was pushed by men
down to earth every time!
Was crushed by women
with emotional games of dime!

How can I let something
be my strong Nemesis!
I rose with a roar
against the strong winds
I doused in passion
to overcome the disdain
I won over nothing strong
but my own arrogance
I rejoiced my triumph
over tough inescapable

In my nemesis, it all had
to give what is due
distributing the goodness
destroying the evilness
to behold the crown of glory
towards the rejoicing wisdom
Yes, it is time to overcome
and not let anything be my nemesis!

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

M....For Money ! I love you Honey!

Money, Money, Money
The World's biggest Honey!
If someone says, they don't love you!
I am sorry!
They are lying!
What will it be without you!
Barter or Tender
Everything ends with you!
For buying food
or even doing good
For wearing clothes!
or even getting homes
For helping others
or helping yourself!

Money, Money, Money
Love You Honey!
Use it -  Carefully
Save it- Wiselly
Earn it- Working for it
Give it - Willfully!
Hold it- Contently
Share it -  Properly
Pay it -  Dutifully
Gain It - Invest it!

Money, Money, Money
Love you Honey!


Tuesday, April 12, 2016

L....For Lust....When Lust becomes divine!

Don't get me wrong!
You got me right!
My day is to define
how lust can be divine

 If there is no love
romanticipated with lust
there would have not been
mankind to savor in trust

Mesmerized by the eyes
the beauty of temples
between those spell bounds
where salvation lies

Exploring the hidden confines
opening the gates of love lies
Imagining naked truths
for a long lasting happy ever afters

Lust wins over the battle
beyond the curtains of prudence
Togetherness that it binds
unimaginable emotional tides

Grasping for breath
holding the magical trance
Two bodies merge in to one
beauty of tender but raw love

Blossoms with smile
a making of mother's womb
cherishes the man with leads
leading into his fatherhood

It makes beyond tender love
into the depths of high felt lust
that makes into oneness!
for letting them sleep in peace!

You may like or dislike
talking this in open
Let you cherish it behind closed doors
But dont let your  heart stop

Let us stop uncontrolled lust
unaccepted sexual abuse
In the name of rape
and as the seeds of violence

Let us enjoy the needs
of being born as humans
in a more civilized society
making it normal and divine

SEX or LUST is no more a Big Taboo!
Let us shed down inhabitions
Arise and understand 
Educate & Enjoy the life as it need!