Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Do Not Let Her Die! AMMA - A saga and an era of glory and empowerment of women ! A Charismatic Leader

It may or may not be her time yet,
why speculate on her health!
Stop wanting her to die 
even if it is the truth that would not sink in
Like you and Me,
She is also a human being!
We all fall sick, go fragile
wanting care and rest !
All of us will one day go!
leaving behind the power and human body!
We will take the paradise gates
That's the only human final destination!
She is a leader, a most charismatic one
Roaring with her voice and opinions
Redeemed a lot with her achievements!
What did she personally achieve!
Family? Peace? Health? 
Wealth and Power gave her a ego boost
Governance had been her mantra in life
Like all aged women, she is fragile now
She will recover and come if God will
Let her take her time to recuperate!
Don't speculate her death and damage
After all, she is no ordinary woman!
She is the 'Thanga Talaivi' like her fans call
AMMA to the masses 
Queen of the Tamil Silver screen
Supreme reign of the Tamilnadu Politics
It is so cheap and mean
with rumors spreading about her 
Even if it is truth, let us respect the human being
for what she is!  The charismatic leader
Do not kill a living legend
let her live long and reign along 
for she leaves behind none to be called her own
She came alone to this world
living alone amidst the crowd
like you and me, she may also go alone!
what would be left behind are deeper footprints
and bigger shoes to fill and feel

May you Amma,  Selvi JJ ,  come back with good health and rule the land that masses have voted you to run the government!
As a responsible leader, people are concerned about your welfare and hence the speculations.   Keeping all aside, we would wish you speedy recovery.  God willing, what is best will be wished to happen for your good and the good of the masses!



K. Raghunath, PMP said...

Well written Uma. It is such a shame to create or spread or believe rumors! Particularly knowing the kind of impact that it would have on several people's day to day lives! She is our CM and she should be treated with utmost respect setting aside differences of opinions, if we have any. We will be judged on how we treat our own leaders. Hope people understand.

Kalarani Sivasubramanian said...

Beautifully written.Uma. Reflects the feelings of many of us. True, come back our powerful leader. Looks like a game of tug of war between God & Tamilnadu citizens. God- continue to have mercy on us & let go off the ropeπŸ™πŸ»πŸ™πŸ»πŸ™πŸ»

Fathima Nasira said...

Awesome take on the moment! Not withstanding the differences in political ideologies she is a persona that is rare and hence one to be cherished.

Bala Lavanya said...

Well done Umasree Raghunath

Kamala Selvam said...

Well written!

Nisha Nambiar said...


Vasumathi Marimuthu said...

Well portrayed ! Let's respect humanity and feelings of any individual

Bhanumathy Chiranjeevi said...

Not only that,, friends,,,if any thing like this in our family do we gossip or spread rumours. All that we do is only bribing God and offering pujas. Let us think in that way and do puja for our CM amma Jayalalitha. Instead of spreading and unwanted rumours. May god be with her and cure her illness.

Narmada Arul said...

very nice post !

Pra Jai said...

Really very nice.

Aishwarya GuntiReddy said...

Nice uma Garu :) I don't understand Wht pleasure they get in spreading such rumors

Nithya Narasimhan said...

Lovely post and agree, she is an amazing lady, God willing she will recover and spring back to action, but until then we have to calmly wait...

Shreelatha Narayanan said...

Well said.