Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Tenali Raghavan - A Tamil- Comedy Drama that you would enjoy watching ! - A Review

Indulging in the essence of Chennai during the month of December, savoring the vibes of Arts all around - Dance, Drama and Music,  Chennai is the destination during the winter months.   One troupe,  a small beginning few years back, started getting into the theater circles with some big shows and names in the year 2014.  

"Shristi Dramas"  - a young and vibrant troupe formed by two like minded individuals who already are making their careers in IT joined in passion to form a drama group.  Their friends joined to make the dreams come true.  What bound the youngsters is the passion for drama-   action, play, story, music, stage, rehearsels, sets, make-up, dates, sabhas everything followed.   Getting the big names of the Tamil theater like Sri Karur Rangarajan sir as actor and Crazy Creations 'Appa' Ramesh Krishnamurthy sir as director added the required fuel to the fire of the artists.  Script which started its formation to a stage show, slowly took onto the momentum from home practice to regular rehearsals at 'Sri Venkateswara Kalyana Mandapam' in T.Nagar.   This group saw the old marriage hall helping them get into a perfect form for presentation of their inagular show before going under the movers for demolition.      Professionals with range of expertise and a common passion for drama spent weekends tirelessly bringing Tenali Raghavan in making.

As they performed their 10th show at Tag Dakshinamurthy Auditorium on 25th Dec 2014, it was the right time to write a detailed review about the show.  

'Raghavan'  a middle class lazy man working as a bank employee wants to grow in life without doing his share of hard work or commitment to work.  His ambitious wife keeps pushing him to get the most 'wanted' promotions siting the reasons that they need to come up in life by buying a house, car, and lead a good life.  Lively father and father-in-law makes this family complete.  'Raghavan's close friend and colleague Varadhan is also like Raghavan finding easy ways to grow in life.   On advice from Raghavan's wife Sita, they want to take to 'swamiji's' advices and act accordingly.  Meanwhile, dreams of promotions, two managers who are two different kind of people, the house owner Alamelu mammi,  the office watch man, all happen in a flow of sequences and scenes.  

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