Tuesday, October 4, 2016

The Falling Petals of Autumn!

Orange, Red, Yellow and Brown
Autumn leaves are falling all around!
Danced to the tunes of Nature
Breezed through cool air and hot summers
Finally it looks like falling fair
when the time comes to touch the Earth!

Colors of life, merge in bliss
raking through the times 
Bagging memories with care
where else to go, than falling to the Earth
my precious falling petals of Autumn
the leaves that cherish the days!
Passed through in life with grace!

Lady bugs on the lawn and leaves
Grass-hoppers making loud buzzing noises
Flowers, leaves and corn in the Gardens
Eating up the aphids, being hungry 
and looks dull, dried and ready to die
Yet, the Nature gives its beauty
To shine once again before the silent snow!

Among the sea of souls 
Rejoining the remnants of the  past
Rejoicing the new shores on other side
Enriching life down under, far and wide
Loitering along the various seasons and winds
touching lives of people of all kinds
Bid Adieu, to the seasons
and those wonderful souls all along!


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