Friday, September 19, 2008

Handling Failures

All of us enjoy and rejoice success, but not many of us are aware how to handle failures. In every aspect of life, it is important the people first learn to get into a mind set where they can handle failures in the same spirit as they would handle success. Life itself is a competitions, from the childhood between siblings, as teens with the schoolmates, as adults with colleague's, as business men with the entrepreneurs, as citizens with our fellow country men, life is a biggest challenge and not every time everyone sees success. The very spice of life is to see the failures and to realise the worth and wisdom it takes to over come disappointments, jump back into action with more energy, expectation, and enthusiasm, so that we do not repeat our mistakes that paved way for failures earlier. Learn from the lessons of the past and move forward. Be it a competition, a new business, expansion, work, studies, or even in a relationship. One should not impact the very existence of us as human beings and we should look forward for the next best opportunity. The more we keep looking at the closed door or a disappointing failure, we would actually fail to see the new opportunity or the new doors opening for us to continue with our quest for success. Leave the baggage of failure behind the doors, and pick the lessons that are needed to refine and rejuvenate us to go ahead with the next possibilities. Only people who are determined and are ready to take this move are the people who had been successful in life and history do give lot of examples of such achievers. High class achievers in the world are not the people who had never encountered failures, but they are the people who encourages themselves to look beyond failures and keep going ahead. They are the people who took life in their stride and moved ahead despite the most troubling tragedies in personal lives and devastating failures in the business lives as well. They emerged successful not because of the circumstances or all best opportunities but because they had the will to emerge and regain the spirit to make alignments and leave behind the failures as lessons learnt. Its not the destiny that takes you to your destination but definitely it is the way you take things and handle failure that make you successful. If your destination is called Success, do not fear the midway stations called failures and disappointments and do not disjoint your journey but keep your perseverance and hard work, faith in your possibilities till you reach your planned destination. Good Luck!!!

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