Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Arise everytime you die!

I stopped for a moment when I heard some one in office utter aloud .."I am dead". Dead! Did I hear her right or was it just a way to express something unmanageable. Or may be just another exclamatory. But what if one comes across the same thing in the true sense. It necessarily need not be the final sleep that all of us one day have to go with. There can be situations equivalent or more painful than death. More worse that we find ourselves tremendously stressed out to handle.
To me every time, you die, you should arise. This death is not the end of the physical body, but it a tiring situation that makes us stop. Makes us stumble. Makes us wither. There seems to be no hope, no road ahead and no positive thoughts. Everything is blank and vacuum. There can be various reasons or circumstances under which once encounters death like situations. It is not easy as said. It takes lot of perseverance, strong faith, ardent belief and above all, the will to emerge, in fact emerge successful
Rama felt that her world came to an end and there is no life ahead when her husband died. She felt that her death could have been more a relief than going through the painful process of losing her beloved one. After 4 years, she emerged a strong woman running a small cooperative society supporting woman to begin small scale work from home opportunities. Today she employs 12 women in her small office.
For nearly 40 years, Keshav had built a small time pan shop into a leading jeweller shop in the city and was running a huge export business. A planned security breach of his employee with the security guards made him lose crores of his business. He felt lost. He felt cheated. He lost trust, faith and confidence. It took him another decade to recover and repay his debtors but he did it. Perseverance paid.
Jai, a stock broker in Chennai. The first of the few who introduced online trading in the city and got the BSE tickets to do the trading in the years when computers were not every man's commodity and trading was not a prospective business. He signed his first one crore rupees cheque in 1988, at the age of 24, the entire amount he made in 2 years of his career as a stock broker. 2009, January, Jai is reported to be missing from the city and his investors, customers and sub brokers are at the end of the road. Near to 30 crores of money that he owed to various stake holders is at a question mark. All that his office received is an email from him, is that he would arise from his death and come back. All he asked his folks is to trust him, have faith and be patient till the tsunami is softened. Having known the guts of this guy, am sure he would come back, this time, bringing some meaning to his people.
1970's were the time, the Vummidiars Jewellers were leading in Tamil nadu in the jewellery market having their best showroom in the place of the now standing Spencer Plaza on the Mount road. This is not the Vummidi shops that are flourishing in the city today and they were Vummidiars, the actual jewellers since 1920's in the business. Family feud, wrong market assumptions and taking people's trust to risk, by introducing a chit fund, way back in 1980's saw a sudden vanishing of this branded jewellers. Once popular group grounded, but what emerged are their wings in the form of expertise in United States where the young vummidiars are making waves as Gemologists. Vummidi group took the patronage and fame and created a new branding and image and sustainability.
Don't know if we should held our heads in pride for a woman's courage or shame for the vulnerability of few of brothers , when a gang rape victim, emerge from the social stigma, haunting police enquiries and courts proceedings and her own shell of pain and loss, and walk with pride running a school with the money she got as a compensation by the court in India and today she teaches children not just education but values that make them human beings above all.
Be it the loss of materialistic things, or emotional trauma's, what make people emerge every time they die? Faith. Faith in the future. Man is blessed with a mind to forget and forgive. Time heals. Those who learn to look beyond adversities, handle traumas with care and caution, keep up the courage and arise from confronting issues, will not only arise from death, but they show life to people around. They create success stories. They create a spectrum of happiness, peace and tranquility. They create a chain of life, a life beyond death!
Let me die millions times before I sleep, for every time I emerge from my death, what brings out of me is a better person, a learnt soul, a refined human being. That would put me to my final peaceful sleep!!! Arise every time you die!!!

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