Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Coalition Government - A Tamasha Selection Beyond General Elections

The actual drama of the outcome of the upcoming Loksabha General Elections will unfold after the election results. Its is not easy like Obama calling in United States saying that we are not Red States or Blue States but United States. The dirty negotiation of buying winning constituencies is the actual time when the game begins. Elections is just a democratic formality and a false way of selecting the government. No more we can keep singing the song of "Socialist, Secular and democratic republic'". Yes we are right. We are still secular. Each state is having its own color and religion. Divide and Rule policy is gaining momentum in its own right.

There is a famous joke, that an tourist visited India and later when he went back to his country, he described India as a great country with vast heritage, beautiful tourist destination and various food and dress habits. There was no mention of his interaction with any Indian. When he was asked the same, the answer is that he met a Tamilian, Gujarati, Marati, Bengali, Delhiwalla, Mumbaiwalla, but he never came across an Indian. How true and how disgusting.

On every road today I find colourful flags flying high. Black and Red, Green, Blue, Orange, White, and even some pink and yellow ones. One moment I thought I found the one I was searching for, one with saffron, white and green. Yes, I found but with a hand in between and not my Ashoka Chakra. India as a Nation fails to bring in the significance of the National flag in the minds of all Indians. From the time we step out of the country, we will find the National flag of other countries flying along side the regional flags what so ever. Here what remains is only the divided India in the same of regional parties, national parties, different impractical election manifestos to woo the voters who are later forgotten inadvertently :-)

These once in five year elections is just a waste of money and time for all of us. Who ever is dynastic ally controlling or politically (monetarily strong) correct still rules. The Indian General Elections is no place to expect a Obama-way or a kind of change that we dream for.

As the Nation is ripped by the neighbouring unrest with Taliban Vs Pakistan, Moists Vs Nepal, LTTE vs SriLanka Army, our borders are insecure along with the fact that internal naxals play their part. Yes, we cannot appreciate our Army and Soldiers...because we are busy watching IPL, where the Modi's and Khans and Shetty's making crores at the cost of time and energies.

There is no security in the country. Tourism is haunted by the attacks in Varanasi, Mumbai and Delhi. But we are not worried about it. We will fast and protest now for a neighbours internal issue because its time for some show of concern. We are worried about the devastating human conditions of civilians in our neighbouring State but did we ever have a statistics of our own slums and poor who do not have a roof over their heads. Nearly 70% of India do not have proper or adequate access to health care and education. But we are not concerned

Acres of land is under construction, bridges are getting laid, and millions of rupees are invested in the infrastructure growth of my Nation. I am happy. I am excited that tomorrow my rural India will grow to that extent where I can find malls, shopping complexes and costliest educational institutions in villages. Wow Change. But where is my food. Where is the land to cultivate rice and grow vegetables. Today my one kilo rice costs me Rs 36, may be after 5 years, I will not be buying rice anymore as its a luxurious commodity. Can i keep eating my shopped branded stuff and not my staple food? I don't know.

God, give me one boon that I should die without being in a hospital. Yes, I mean it. Health care in India is a total divided area. I am OK if I am in government hospital or a reputed medical institution. Anything in between is not mine. But affordability to the common man. I cannot imagine. Today we talk about Research and development, advanced medical transplants, improved pharmaceuticals and growing availability of health care. I feel like puking when I think about the government hospital. Burnt patients laid in corridors, women struggling to give birth in the common dormitory because labour wards are full and worse that the mortuaries are full with unclaimed bodies. Gosh, it is stinking atmosphere. Why can't we change this?

Education, Training, Nuclear Sciences, Advanced studies, Agricultural revolution, Forestation, Mineral wealth, Indigenous industries, Small scale cottage industries, construction and infrastructure, manufacturing, allied and ancillary industries and lot and lot of things need an overall acceleration. But does any of the elections manifestos talk about this? A forgotten growth. we want to build temples if we come to power. That is our agenda of National Secularism you see. Disgusting.

Women Empowerment is just another myth. I am not proud having a woman president for my country for the simple reason I do not know what she is capable of. Only 3% of Urban Women fall under actual empowerment. What about millions and millions of women still suffering in this nation in the name of marriage, dowry, unemployment, sickness, parenting and domestic violence. Where is an end to this? Did any time the 33% provision given by constitution for women in Parliament fully utitlised. Why the hell someone fixes our ratio even?? Why can't we see more women leaders coming up genuinly breaking the glass ceiling????

OK, I think I am getting emotional, feeling bad and getting sick now. Let me wait like all of you for the Tamasha Phase 1 to get over and the final and phase 2 Tamasha of the Actual Indian Elections begin. Till such time, I will wait and watch like any of you. I will not vote for this false elections anyway!..

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