Monday, April 20, 2009

Sri Lankan Civil War

From the time my memory began, one tragedy that makes me whine is the ongoing civil war in Sri Lanka. War is the last thing that should be happening in the civilized society and the modern world. When negotiations fail and deliberations begin, there is no end to the human anger. When this anger is outgrown beyond imagination, what breaks is not just a Nation but the entire humanity. What ever be the reasons of the war, the repercussions are devastating riping the Nation apart. Who ever may be the winner of this war, what remains is the scars of civilization that got devastated with blood shed and embroiling empathy less human factor.
In the urge of a National divide, a communal segmentation and fragmentation of the society in the name of language, religion, caste and creed makes us fail to realise one fact that all of us are human beings. Suffering to the very existence of the mankind is nothing but gruesome. Killing thousands of civilians, losing soldiers who fight for a cause found relevant to them and government stubborn decisions to withdraw ceasefire and the whole world gazing at the ongoing tragedy as a spectacular live show is a shame on humanity.
Children, women and men who lost families, homes and with bleakest future look into the skies ravaged by war. The end may be near today but it would emerge a new way of protest again. For the roots of the issue are necessarily forgotten for what so ever reasons. Its pathetic to let one fraction of the global community suffer. It could be a country's internal issue. Agree. But no country or a government or a rebel organization has a right to make the normal people die for the sake of war. Every person born in this world has a right to live till his or her natural death. But when the same is curtailed because of a impeding war that strikes their day to day lives and makes living a miserable thing, it is a shame to the mankind.
End of the day, what as a single individual can live is a maximum of 100 years in this world as a human being. In between the two shores of a human live, we are crossing the bridge called life. When we start burning the very bridge we need to cross, there makes absolutely no sense. Conflicts, terrorism, and rebellion forces would wipe away the world very soon if we do not aim at peace and a global harmony. The world is failing as a whole if some portion of it is also getting devastated. People with broken bones, thrown skin and raw flesh out of the war wounds stand as a testimony to the way mankind can hurt its own self. God, is there not a way out for this to come to an end and stop such things around the world! With prayers for all those suffering in midst of the war in Sri Lanka and praying hard for the end of unwanted human suffering. God bless my world!


Sam said...

good thought, I do agree Peace (silent) resulted by dominance (war) will not last long. But we have to isolate the issue of terrorism and civilian suffering. LTTE should be eliminated as we do our militants but civilian rights and lifes should be safegaurded. However with in the current framework of civil law in Sri Lanka equal rights to fellow Tamils is not possible. There 100 other ways to attain this equality, Hope LTTE and our symphethisers realise soon...


Umasree said...

Thanks for your comment Sam. Agree with you totally. No matter what, to make the civilians rights to be protected should be the main agenda of the governments. Amending laws to facilitate tolerance should be thought of than killing the protestors and their own people. We create laws to our own discipline and from time to time based on the changes happening, the laws can be looked for amendaments. In fact in India, we are still abided by 6o years rules which in fact do not make lot of sense to the current scenarios.