Saturday, July 11, 2009

The New GM

The news that General Motors emerged from Bankruptcy and declared to be a new company yesterday is quite a pleasing news. Every fall has a rise, towards a better rise. Its ok if they start it all over again, but the willingness to emerge, vision to success and focus towards set goals makes the difference. The success doesn't always is in the continuous growth, but certainly to emerge from a tiring consequences and look forward for a newness. American Automobile industry will find a new GM, leaner, smarter and focused. Taking the clues of competitive advantages, the brand of America would definitely resell the GM brand at more meaningful way. The once glorified old GM gave loads of opportunities for almost a century in the American history. Gave wide opportunities to dealers, vendors, dependent ancillary industries, technology experts, and who just believed in its brand. The new GM will have its lessons learnt, but the good ones and vice versa. Careful management, structured objectives, focused core committee and backed by taxpayers equity share, which GM is aware need to be returned at the nearest future to become a stronger, vibrated new GM on its own very soon. I would wait for the day to come in the near future, where I would also post the same news here again. 16 more plants and 20000 more jobs would cost in this endeavour, but still if GM succeeds again in its new objectives, it will be a far more opportunity to the world creating jobs, revenue and rebuilding lives the same way it is going to rebuild itself. Good Luck "The New GM".!!!

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