Friday, December 25, 2009

Sexual Predators and Indian Politics

Its a nice christmas morning and Merry christmas to you all...but watching Indian news and updating my reviews on various topics in the forums, I am getting restless and thought, my anger would find a solace if I am able to pen down my thoughts here.

Rathore smiling after the verdict in Ruchika's case and well known N D Tiwari going to HC to put an end to his bedroom drama on television... are just the tips of icebergs... its not a big deal for politicians and predators in India unless otherwise caught in a such an exbarrasing exposure. If some media thinks that Dr Tiwari is an exception and the whole system is perfect and flawless, I would strongly disagree. Right from doctors in hospitals, teachers in schools, professors in college, managers at workplace, industrialists in factories, insurance advisors and sales girls in marketing, every where the atrocities of sexual abuse is prevailing in India. It is a dirty fact. Stressful lives, exposure to abnormal lives, internet and pron sites, access to everything and anything beyond certain moral values is causing a havoc to the human minds. Colleges and hostels are filled with students accessing everything that once was considered serene, divine and special within the four walls of our homes. How can politicians be an exception with so much of things in reach of power and money? Biggest flaw of this case is having that so called fun in the goverment owned Raj Bhavan.... after hearing stories of Kancipuram preist exploiting women inside the temple, my thoughts do not go better towards whats happening in Rajbhavans and other ministerial retreats... only when Media exposes, things look awkward and alarming,,or else, its a known routine in the elite circles of all big cities and our capital.

Best way, is save our ownselves and our children from dirty molesting, drugs, unsafe sex and raise an alarm when something unacceptance is upto around us. If you go to police station, complaining, the same girls will be charged under different "Headings" and you damn have to please everyone in policestations and courts today to even seek justice. The whole system is corrupted and controlled and you just cant expect justice. Its better to me silent and move away.. court battles drain you physically, emotionally and financially when you fight for justice... it takes early to solve a single case, in search or want of evidence that gets tarnished, and witnesses who get into turmoils and turn hostile. There is no straight way for justice in today's India with today's law and police. The best you can do is go "Look Upon God, when its beyond you!" and having this belief, and trust that every dog will have its day. As a mother to a teenage daughter, I have all reasons to express my anger in the so-called predating system for money, power, sex and the greed doesnt end. Take care my dear children... no place is safe today in this Big Bad World! Merry Christmas!

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