Friday, December 11, 2009

Winter coming with Vengence

For a person from a tropical south India where the maximum chillness we feel in the plains is 22C, this michigan winter is a surely giving a high time. Enjoying the fun of snow, the cool breeze and gusty winds is all quite exciting but it also comes with a package of heavy layered clothing, 24 hour heat on, flu shots and searching for car in the snow every day morning.

First few days is fun, but becoming a routine is a pain, but we get used it and stop cribbing about it.... Just like how we are used to sweating, summer clothers and vacations in summer. Nothing comes without a price. Be it success or anything in life. Thankfully winter started late this year but with a strong footing though. I still remember the days when we used to plan to Kodai or Ooty for getting this little chilly breeze and now its an everyday affair to get away from the cool and gusty winds. I dont think I have given Weather channel so much of importance in life anytime than now. Hot tea, spicy curries and fresh pakodas are tasting so good than ever before. 8.30pm looks like mid of the night with sun setting at 4.45 everyday... and by 6 am, I feel like kicking off my alarm with a big bang.... but no choice for I need to be at office by 7.30 and gooooo....zzooom with my energies back from no where....btw, its just 12F now translating to somewhere around -9 or -10 degree celsius...he he he he he:-)

I am having a good time with all the mixed climatic conditions, well planned work schedules and time for my self,,thinking about my family and friends who are miles away.... yet with the happiness of going forward.

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