Sunday, January 10, 2010

Temples in Nanganallur

I wanted the first topic of the year to be something really positive and motivating..and hence waited for 10 long days but much of the current affairs do not seem to be encouraging me to do so... Hence I thought its time to dive deep into whats best around me in the neighbourhood...and Yes...Being in the suburbs of Chennai, what best could I begin with than the beautiful temples and music festivals:

Here is my quick list of temples in and around Nanganallur, for those of you, who have two things in common- one ardent devotion towards idol worship and second is interest in the beautiful architectural excellence from our good old days and sculptures that speak volumes of human history.

1. Nanganallur Means Anjaneya Temple. Vishwaroop Anjaneya stands tall as the testimony of courage, beliefs and happiness in the great idol worship, its around 2 miles from the Palavanthangal/ Nanganallur Railway Station. You can visit the site for full details

2. Varasidhi Vinayagar Temple:- Located at Ram Nagar 2nd Street,. is said to be one of the oldest temples which had Kanchi Periyavar staying in the temple during his visits to Nanganallur.

3. Sri Lakshmi Haygreevar Temple:- Hayagreevar said to be the Lord of Knowledge and Learning, this temple which is very close to Varasidhi Vinayagar temple is one of rarest Haygreevar temples in Tamil Nadu

4. Sri Guruvayur appan temple:- Beautiful temple in Kerala style and very close to the above two temples having the main deity Guruvayurappan almost similar to the Lord in Guruvayoor. Goddess Bhagavathi is a beautiful part of this temple along with sanidanams for Ayyapan and Prasanna Vinayaka along with Navagrahas. This temple is also famous for "Anna Prasanam" functions to the little children

5. Sri Raghavendra Temple:- Temple is reknowned as Dakshina Mantralayam and is an abode of peace and simpleness and the beautiful image of Lord Raghavendra in the mandap opposite to the temple is also a must see. This temple is very close to Anjaneyar temple

6. Sri Satya Sai Baba Temple:- This temple is just at the end of the road of Raghavendra temple and the temple is developed by local devotees who join to sing Baba bhajans and spread the message of Dharma. Thursdays 7 pm is the best time one can really enjoy the fullness of this temple

7. Sri Ayyappan Temple:- To me personally, this temple is very close to my heart. Lord Ayyappan here look almost like in Sabarimala, uncrowded and peaceful temple just on the back side of the Anjaneyar temple. It is said that no where in the world, there are two powerful Bharmachari swami's standing back to back and giving blessing to devotees in the world. It is said that visiting both Ayyappan and Anjaneyar temples for 9 weeks on saturdays will ward of any kind of evil and unpleasantnesses in life.. trust me, it is truth.

8. Sri Lakshmi Narasimhan Temple:- Walkable distance from Ayyapan and Ajaneyar temples is the beautiful new temple of Lord Lakshmi Narasimhan. The pleasant Narasimhan with his consort on the lap gives you all blessings and its is believed that Lakshmi Narasimha always blesses for Runa Vimochanam. Means, we get rid of our loans, here the great context of our bondages with people, materialistic things and life I guess. Real beautiful temple that you should not miss seeing. It is in 24th Street of TillagangaNagar.

9. Karumani Amman Temple:- This is the old temple which is on the adjacent side of Lakshmi Narasimhan temple and facing the new bridge connecting velacheri..The goddess is beautiful here and adjacently we have Lord Balaji blessing as you enter the temple

10. Sri Raja Rajeshwari Temple and sri Lakshmi satyanarayana perumal temple:- Nanganallur Raja rajeshwari is famous since old days and because of this temple's goddess "Nangai"..the area got its name as Nanganallur. The approach roads are bad but plan to park your vehicles at distance and walk to the beauty of the godess with Kumkumam in the first floor of the temple. 16 steps and every step is adored with one form of the goddess and its nice to visit Perumal after Amman darshan in the ground floor adjascent Satyanarayan swami temple,.where goddess Lakshmi who is present on the chest of Satyanarayan swami.

11. Sri Ardhanadeeswaran and Durgai Temple:- This temple is located in the main market place of Nanganallur. This temple is called as KethuStalam and the near by temple tank is said to be where the idol of Ardhanadeeswarar was found by Paramcharya. Durgai amman is beautiful and pleasant in this temple and called as "Sarvapalla Nayaki" means the goddess who gives everything.

12. Dharmlingeswaran Temple:- This temple is located in south Nanganallur and is said to be the oldest temple in the area. Build during Pallava dynasty, more than 1000 years old, this temple is an indication of a established civilization during good olden days as well in Nanganallur,. Lord Dhanmeswar was discovered during a construction and the temple was later renovated and worshiped.

13. Navaneetha Krishnan and Lakshmi Narasimhar temple - This temple is an old one dated to 8th century and beautiful for its architecture. The main sanctum, facing east enshrines the imposing image of the principal Deity, Lord Lakshmi Narasimha. The other murtis, which adorned the beautiful main sanctum are those of Lord Pradosha Narasimha, for whom special worship is performed during every pradosha and Sri Chakrattazhvar (Sudarsana). Also seen here are images of Sri Vishvaksena, Svami Nammazhvar, Sri Ramanuja and Sri Vedanta Desika. An interesting and rare architectural feature of this sanctum is a circular shaped pillar which resembles a stambha from which Lord Narisimha emerged to protect His child-devotee Prahlada.

14. Oppliappan Temple:- This temple is the oldest temple for Oppliappan in Madipakkam and the main deity is Lord Rama in Pattabishekam rupam.

15. Sri Gayathri Devi Temple and Mother and Aurobindo Centre:- Gayathri devi temple is in the complex of the Mother Centre for Meditation and with Vinayagar and Gayathri devi.

Close to Puzhithivakam late is the beautiful meditation centre of Mother of Pondicherry. Similar to Pondy, the serenity of the silence, flowers and incense smell, makes the place vibrate in a silence where only our inner consciousness emerges with peace and contentment.

16. Visa Anjaneyar:- This is the small Anjaneyar temple very close to Modern school in Nanganallur, where people believe that prayers at this temple brings them opportunties abroad :-) Sounds funny, but its again , believes and thats turn true I try your luck.

Past weekend was amazing with visits to some of these temples taking my mom on her spiritual tour of Nanganallur and same time trying to imbide values of worship, faith and rituals in my little one... Enjoy your temple visits. There can be many more that I am not aware of and would like readers to share information on them with me in comments.


S.Sundararaja Rao said...

Today only i came across your writings in your blog. excellent piece of work about nanganallur. I will go thro other articles and give my comments. what needs appreciation is the invitation for readers to share their views on these articles. good.

v.muthukrishnan said...

It is a very nice and highly informative.Yet a small correction: Sri Varasiddhi Vinayaka Temple is the oldest in Nanganallur and is located in II Main road, Nanganallur - not in Ram Nagar.
Added info: This temple is managed by Sri Ganesh Mandali which has recently started a beatiful Library for the benefit of the people of Nanganallur with more than 4000 books covering all areas like spiritual, technical, medical and others.Oneday, it will become a magnificent knowledge resource.

Umasree said...

Thank you Sundar for all your comments.

Muthu Sir, thanks for the information and correction. Am sure sharing facts is always helpful and also thanks for additional info on the library. Hope to visit it once i am back home in Chennai

S.Sundararaja Rao said...

I would like to make one more point on this article. You have mentioned that this post is for people who have an ardent devotion for idol worship. Are ardent devotees of idol worship real devotees of god? A really ardent devotee will not treat these idols as mere idols. If a person treats these as a mere idols then he cannot be a ardent devotee. Swami Ramakrishna saw kali in the kali temple. He did not see it as an idol but due to his devotion he was able to see the goddess kali herself and used to talk to her too. So many examples could be given but I think the above one will suffice for the moment to illustrate my point. It is my point of view and should not in any way be construed as a criticism of your statement. It is not meant that way. The temples I feel are more for people who are ardent devotees who see god in the idols.
You are writing wonderful articles on a wide variety of topics but i would request you to write one on spirituality which we sadly lack. It is mainly due to this very lack of spirituality that we are falling prey to the degenerate western ideas which could only make our lives miserable. Reving our hoary culture and tradition only could only save us from the perils of materialism which we see all around.

Umasree said...

Sundar Sir, thanks for your comment. When I said, Idol worship, it doesnt limit the worship to an idol form, it also depends on how far and how much you can feel the god and the superior being guiding us, we look upon the gods and godesses idols as a superior form and deal with worship as you have stated. Nextly, I would defintly write on spirituality when time permits very soon, for it is also a very specialized area of my interest. Nextly, looks like you have a strong belief that west has wrongly influenced our thinking and behaviour, but to my knowledge and after having travelled quiet widely in western world, I am sure my similar older perception is changed to a greater extent. It is more of Indian Media that projects west in wrong sense, where as there is so many good things that we can learn from these developed countries. We have to teach our younger generations not to get carried away by the so-called western influence and learn the best of things that west defintely have in its kitty. In the name of tradition, and heritage, we should not fail to see our own limitations and pitfalls and ultimately blame West for everything. Is it not time, for us to teach our future generations to refine our way of thinking and look only for the positive and best of things from the larger world? Just my thougth.

S.Sundararaja Rao said...

Thank you so much for your response and for your time. The words idol worship made me a bit uneasy and hence I elaborated it. However, your explanation is well taken.
I fully appreciate with what you said that we should not in the name of tradition ignore the good things in other cultures. Any individual, nation, or culture could grow or thrive only if good things are borrowed from others. We should really draw from them whatever is good for us. I would like to make two points.
You have said that there are so many things which we could learn from the west. True, but these pertain to the ordinary mundane world. Whereas our tradition aims at the overall development of the individual. It aims to strengthen the moral strength of the individual which consequently makes him/her a good individual in society. We ignore our tradition and lose our way and therein lies our tragedy. Our Gita tells everything that is necessary for an individual to live his life well in this planet, a few points which you have also very briefly touched upon in your article Vedanta. There have been and still are so many saints like the Shankaracharyas, Swami Sathya Sai Baba, etc who preach how a human should live his life. Tell me how many of us really listen to such divinity. We have time for movies and parties but not for such good things.
Media is not totally responsible to make the western culture look bad. There are certain bad aspects which are too attractive to our youngsters to ignore. It fascinates them and hence they are after them. Parents are also totally to blame for the failures of their children in this regard. Children are advised to study well and get first rank and earn big money but not a word is said about the importance of good living. I am totally with you when you say that we have to take only the best and the positive things from other cultures. But we also have to caution our youngsters to be careful of the pitfalls on their way now that their jobs have become global and they are exposed to cross cultures when they travel abroad.

rohini said...

excellent information gathered it will be helpful if u can provide me the official contact number if ayyapa temple nanganullur
email id

Srikanth said...

Can some share the exact location of the meditation center as like as Pondichery in pulithivakkam. Send me to my mail id

Umasree said...

Please visit Aravindar Annai dhyana mandapam trust, at #1 SHARMA LAYOUT BALAYIAH GARDEN, MADIPAKKAM, CHENNAI -600091 address..Their website is

kaliyuga ravanan said...


nice blog...

pls provide the exact location of the temple VISA ANJANEYAR in nanganallur.....

Anonymous said...

hi,ur blog is very nice, next year i am going to shift to nanganallur chennai really i was thinking abt temples in and around nanganallur ur blog helped me lot. thanks
sandya gurumurthy

Dileep.S said...

Can you help me with exact location of visa anjaneyar....

Dileep.S said...

Hi.... Plz share the visa anjaneyar temple location...