Thursday, February 18, 2010

Educational Reforms by Kapil Sibal

One politician who really knows what he is doing and how best that can be done is Kapil Sibal...No doubt his intellect is taking over his intelligence as he drafts the latest Educational Reforms in India after he took over the Ministry of Human Resources development. 3 major decisions that would impact the most important human resources of our Future India- Our Children.

1. Making the 10th standard CBSE examination optional and making it a performance and grade oriented system
2. Bringing in a uniform pattern of evaluation for both engineering and medicine entrance
3. Best of all- No Pre school till the age of four.

With these reforms in place, there is lot more expected from him to continue bringing in a better Educational System in India.

1. Curb the practice of building funds and huge capitation and donations for school and college admissions

2. Streamline college elections and competitions without any political involvement

3. Put a regulatory authority to monitor exhoribant educational expenses

4. Bringing in more recent methods of teaching, enabling Government Schools to become primary educational institutions in India

5. Improving salaries and infrastructure supporting teachers well-beings

6. Building proper schools and libraries in Rural India making education within reach of common man across India

7. Adult education for illiterate Indians to be at mass scale to make India, the most educated Nation in the world.

If these few steps are taken, India not only will prove as the hub for knowledge and development but will also stand tall in terms of growth and economic well being. We need lot more Kapil Sibals' in the process to make this happen sooner than later!


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Sukhdeepak said...

He has taken very good steps to reform the educational system of India.