Friday, April 16, 2010

Earth's fury over mankind- Volconic eruption in Iceland

I know its been long time since I wrote a post on my reason being the relocation to Los Angeles from Chennai and looks like "Moving" had been the trend of our sisters with youngest one relocating to Toronto and the eldest moving across the blocks of Mumbai!!!

The temptation to write overtook all other things today as I kept watching and following the news of the Volcano eruption in Iceland. My first thought was "What???Volcano eruption under the icebergs???...Yes, its the Nature's way of showing unnatural things to mankind.

The scientific study shows that the pattern of eruptions are almost unpredictable and the kind of impact is also equally inaccessible. What does that mean? With all the technological advancement and scientific discoveries and man's quest to capture space, including footing on moon, capturing of Mar's surface and penetrating into the far away earth's orbits, man in all practical sense do not have control over his own Earth. Thankfully over the years, cyclones, earthquakes and major natural disasters are predicted...but still there are things that is beyond man's imagination.

Today we see this as a major economic set back costing close to $200 million dollars to the aviation industry and stranding the passenger and cargo traffic movement across the six continents.... closing down the major airports and diverting hundreds of flights causing havoc to travellers across the countries. One way of Nature telling the mankind that no matter who you are, how important is your journey or which class of travel you take...the whole of the journey is purely dependent on the way Nature provides the opportunity to mankind to survive.

Such disasters and unpredicted nature's behaviour had been read in the Hindu mythology and which indicates that the Earth is going towards the next yugam or kala chakram. Movement of the earth's metamorphosis's from one trend to the other...And this may be just a tip of the iceberg or a beginning of such uncontrollable kala chakram.....

The bottomline is not to harm Mother Earth and fight against the Natural essence of this world and live in harmony as long as Earth allows us to do so... Create a peaceful world beyond boundaries and respect the Natural phenomenon of Mother Earth and go with the time..... time to think again on global warming I guess!!!

Hope all the stranded world travellers find a quick solace and reach their destinations to end their trauma...Mother Earth, please leave them from your fury!!!

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