Saturday, April 24, 2010

Online Carnatic Music Class

Today was my daughter's first carnatic music class online...It was really a very beautiful experience. The power of technology and Internet... irrespective of the time zones and the distance, nothing stopped from achieving the objective of being connected to the roots in today's world. It was Saturday 8 am, over the webex meeting, here in Los Angeles, California, USA, my pre-teen was ready for the tutor sitting on the other side of the planet across 3 oceans and continents.

I have done many a conference calls and webex meetings in my professional life, have counselled people on Internet and addressed many complex life situations sitting anywhere in the world as part of being a physcology counsellor...but this was truly an enriching experience.

One that my kid was excited to find a teacher who gives her fullest attention and next was not discontinuing her passioned learning despite of her relocation. Though it is not a very cost effective solution, it is surely an optimal one, as the attention is on, the teacher is focused as much as the child and the music is in the air.... today there is nothing that is not possible with internet to satisfy our quest buds of learning.

From E-Partying, to virtual marriages and virtual offices, the world is going towards a "Best Shore" option which my mentor and role model in office, Mrs Sudha Sastry emphasis in her speeches and motivational as she receives this year's EWIT excellence award for the 3rd time in row, I am too proud of having knowing her and being in her path of me women achievers beyond the personal calling, when they set themselves in the path of success managing both as a parent and professional, the person in me is excited and motivated....Love you Sudha, god bless you for more success and I am very very proud of you....

Glad I am part of this world where virtual aspects still have the human touch, the required emotional quotient and beyond all, the reality surviving in it....

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