Friday, May 7, 2010

Death Sentence to Kasab... Another Story of Long Awaiting

Indian Judiciary system is one of the most slowest and lengthiest process in the world.... The courts are piled up with cases that just don't have an ending. Indian jails are over crowded with not just convicts and prisoners on punishment, but by the people awaiting the end result of never ending legal battles... Recently there was a story of one man taken into custody in his teens and after close to 2 decades proved not guilty and released...whose fault is that he lost his entire life awaiting a judicial end point???

32 mercy plea petitions are still on Madam President's table and the longest is said to have been filed in 1998... 12 years and there is no decision by our President and council of Ministers under section 72 of our constitution.... 3 Presidents have changed in this time frame but nothing happened so far... the worst of the convicted are the 2001 parliament attack Afzal Guru and Nithari Killers still not executed even after the fury of the general public against atrocities committed by them. 9 out of 10 terrorists in the Mumbai 26/11 attacks died the same day and Kasab deserves the same being part of it, why give a provision without immediate implementation of the death penalty, why should a Nation's terrorist be given a chance for re-appeal after 18 months of judicial trail and with 80 out of 86 charges proved with substantial evidence...If we do not act strictly against such very open terrorists... where are we heading to in our fight against the wrong doings?

One side, the media forgot about the Moists attacks in Dantewada Massacre killing 73 CRPF personnel and not sure when those innocent souls will even get justice...the other side thousands of soldiers are fighting all sorts of infiltration in our borders,....but our media and regulatory bodies are concerned about Sania Mirza's half baked receptions, IPL matches and scandals, kites actors semi nude pictures, and funniest Rahul Mahajan and Rakhi Sawantsss....Common guys, wake up the realities that matter to millions in our country....

To us what matters is the Peace in our Nation, Security in our Borders, Fastening the process of legal battles, providing justice to the victims of terror, making India a welcoming place for tourists and travellers. Both our Law and Justice, Governance and Administration should aim at achieving this and should clear the backlog of the court battles to bring in Justice on time... at least during the lifetime of the victims to feel relieved..or else the justice that happens will not help anyone in the game:-)

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