Thursday, May 20, 2010

A Tribute to Rita Mulcahy

Experts and Aspirants of Project Management would know that a woman was making waves in bringing about great books on the Project Management and PMP certification close to last 2 decades. Rita Mulcahy. First I opened her book, I thought what a negative approach..but later when I went through the pages, I realized that it is not an negative tone of a writer, but a mitigation plan of going negative in the most valued certification in the world. Unless you know the pitfalls, you will not be able to control them, mitigate them and make contingent plans to avoid such lapses. She proved to be a great writer, a global speaker and above all a good human being.

In her last post on the Twitter account just a day before she died on 15th May 2010, she wrote "Have a wonderful weekend, everyone. The sun is finally out here in the Midwest!". In her pain and courage fighting a 5 year old cancer and catering to the needs of 7 and 5 old kids at home, she managed to bring out 10 great books to the community she believed in translating leadership with her team at RMC. This shows that here was a woman, who looked at sunshine all through her life setting examples of courage, managing time, balancing in all ways possible, both her personal and professional priorities with such a frail health.

No day would be more appropriate to pay our respects than today as she is laid to rest, to a woman of substance who not only promoted her books and webinars, project management courses and seminars but stand as a testimony, that no matter what, a true interest, strong leadership, an active elicitation always elevate our expectations in her, even after she reached God's greatest shore.  She will live for long in her books and followers... in everything she left behind.


Anonymous said...

I'm using Rita Mulcahy's book now to prepare the exam. While searching for some information about the exam on the net, I came across this terrible news.

You wrote a very nice tribute to her - I wonder if you could send to her company?

Ishrath said...

Yes, she will be missed. No other book simplifies the math and logic element of PMP preparation.

Her style was direct, no long essays, and to the point. Because of her, thousands of aspirants have passed. not only that, her fundas stay on even after the exam is over.

Thanks for sharing this post.

Umasree said...

Thanks Mary and Ishrath... Yeah,. she was one of the best authors for the PM community..

Nathaniel @ pmp certification online said...

Wow, she's been a very inspiring woman and a very great author. Her books is her great legacy left for us.

I know that even time goes by, her teachings for PM will never fade away.

Thanks for this post!

Richard Britwum said...

It's December 13th, 2010, and I'm just getting this news after reading her books and listening to her voice on audio.
How can this be? What an incredible and powerful advocate for a profession that is so endearing.
God Bless her soul, and Bless the family she left behind.