Monday, June 7, 2010

Haunting Bhopal Tragedy Ends With No Solace

25 Years and 15000 confirmed death in the city of Bhopal in India....the tragedy that stuck  on December 2nd 1984 is still a long lasting childhood memory.  Those were the initial days of television in India, and the news papers and magazines dominated our households with news.... the picture that covered the "India Today" magazine haunted me for long not knowing what the heck it was.    The industrial catastrophe that shook the Nation not just a next dawn but for generations to come left a lasting impact on the land of survivors.  Close to 2,00,000 people were affected and became a National health hazard.  Corporate liability and Social responsibility stopped being the words on the walls and documented ethics.  Judiciary and local political environment took its own long time of 25 years to come to final judgement. 

It is heart throbbing to note that the Union Carbide and Dow Chemical Companies ex-employees face a judgement of 2 years imprisonment after 25 years and of 8 convicted, one person already dead.   Why not wait for another 10 years and let the other 7 also have their own natural death???   Children effected by genetic influences still leave a scar on how worse this tragedy could have been?   It is not the question of being judgemental and punishments that matter. 

It is a "High Alert" for industrial safety and ethical responsibility of Corporate when they operate chemical industries close to human habitations.   What may seem to be just a small incident of negligence and carefree attitude leaves a scar on mankind to a certain extent for a life time.   Awakening to the reality, should be drive to check all industry and ensure standards are followed.  No corruption involved to trespass any of the regulations at any of the industrial and manufacturing sites, including waste management, scrap disposal and maintenance of chemicals beyond the permitted limits.   Unless and until this is done throughout India, no tribute would be enough to those whose lives were laid to rest in this bleak tragedy.  RIP to all lives laid in this worst ever gas tragedy in history.

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