Sunday, October 10, 2010

Common Wealth Games 2010: Is it a Red Project turned Green? Or Just a Failed Attempt?

Common Wealth Games 2010 was in mind as the Post for a long time now, and I know this is the right week to write it with a 360* view.
Like all Red project that teach us, bitter but better lessons, CWG., had also been a tremendrous, noteworthy project for India.  Here the only difference is that the PMO was our Prime Minister's Office instead of Project Management Office.

Leaving behind its curtains, all the scandals, media hype, adverse situations, infrastructure delays, haphazard things, and hundred other things that shook the CWG with corruption, lack of integrity, red tape, imperfection, missing deadlines, improper organizing, lack of adequate health and medical facilities.. the Opening Ceremony was like the First Tolgate.  Which the Project called CWG 2010... crossed successfully as planned on the D-Day with much cherished cultural display of India's -The Best.

Now, it is saddening to see the CWG Events Stands -  Almost 80% vacant... Where did the spirit go?   Trying to buy the tickets-  Sorry they are all sold...Then, where are the people???? Mystically, the whole project which suddenly looked Green, is now again looking Grey :-(   

3 more days and its all gone...leaving behind an exchequer deficit of 50000 crorers... atleast hope that this is a good lesson for us to handle such massive sports events going forward as a Nation.  Hope this event atleast showed the world our best of talents and a solace is the Winning Medals .... Jai Hind! India! 

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