Monday, November 29, 2010

Waves of Sea......Awakening Inner Thee!

Waves are reflections of my thoughts
The Candid one's that touch my life like rocks
they come, they touch, they go
leaving behind sands of truth to adore
the serenity of the calm filled sea
adores my inner self awakening me
looking at the vast horizons that never touch
the mergers of land, water and sky
that invade my waves and thoughts alike
crusading my peace, gushing thoughts
invading my happiness and inner peace
There, I sit alone, lost in my thoughts
looking at the unending waves of the sea
The depths so uncertain, just like our lives
But still we wander towards our horizons
just like the waves with hopes and dreams
Every time, I sit at the sea, I find myself again
for every waves takes away life's every pain!!!
Leaving behind the sands of love to gain,
And happiness and joys of life to regain…..

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