Saturday, December 18, 2010

Da Rain, Da Heart! Poetry Chain continues.....

Oranges on the tree outside my window!
Lingering in the fresh showers of Rain,
I do not know how it disappeared all my pain!

Now sitting at this window pane
I watch the Oranges glowing on the tree

Lost in my world of thoughts in vain
Wondering about the birds being free

The smell of the Earth with the showers of Rain,
Touch my heart with all its rejoicing train

As the kids watch from the opposite window
wanting to get out and get drenched

The kid in me awakes to a new streams of joy
letting the adult pride die in and life to enjoy

Da Rain, Da Heart, in abundance
The winds blossoming in the tennace

The shrill cries of the ambulances on freeway
hints me someone in danger and pain

I look at the rain, with fervent thought
to take with it the needed help and care caught

There again, the silences adore me
letting me just to listen to the sounds of rain

The little droplets that I hold in my hand
I know they are sending me shivers as magical wand

Some moments they look like sky's blessings
other moments, they are heavy like a girl's tears

Yet, my heart, do not want to calibrate to pains
as my carnival of rejoice, with the rain, regains

As the noon slowly slips into the dust of twilight
Its nice to see the neighbours Christmas lights

With the sparkling droplets of unending rain
I know I have thoughts to cherish and live in pride

......Its a rainy day ...a Saturday afternoon,...I was in midst of my Telugu Vemana Poems translation, when this poem popped up in my brain.... I know, my heart cannot control the words...I have to scribble it somewhere before they my blog became my refuge camp today.....

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