Saturday, April 2, 2011

Proudest Day in the Indian History: Stunning and Defining Moments of Glory- ICC World Cup Champions India 2011- A New Religion!

What happens when two Nations stop all its activity and watch Men in Blue in Action?    2 Presidents of 2 Nations,  Half the Parliament and Entire entertainment industry stops at the doors of Cricket Stadium.  When one day, 121 crores of Population do nothing but get glued to Television sets watching every ball, every minute, every move of the men in action....This cannot get any better.   Today is a God Sent Day to India.   The love for Cricket, the mania, the fever, the entertainment, the sentiment and the emotions....Seen in millions of Indians who stood by the the Men in Blue...... Can there be any other Entertainment in India that could get better than this?  I doubt...... And this had been a long waiting of 28 Years to see the World cup again after the marvellous moment of Kapil Dev's team in 1983..... And Dhoni and his boys did it with diligence, consistency and a sheer dedication as this is a fitting tribute to the Master Blaster Sachin Tendulkar.....What a Match,,,what a madness,,,,what a money involved....what a Moment ....and What a have to witness it feel it, to cherish it and remember it.....for a lifetime.   
The emotions are evident, prayers kept hard....every ball made a real decision....and every person loved watching it.  
The Cricket is in our blood...our thoughts and our moments today....Its time to declare it the National Game...what matters is what makes it to heart..and Cricket definitely needs this glorified understatement to Hockey...but Cricket is what is close to our hearts...No wonder!
Srilankans did a fairly superb defence and they did everything to make this a match of real competition.  It was not a easy one...and each one of them did they best...just that India got a bit better and we deserved it...
Jayawardene's superb and consisting strategic runs and Malinga's fierce bowling can never be forgotten....and that is what made us Champions, to win over the best!
Champions World Cup 2011-  Men in Blue! The Glory..The Pride!
Dhoni and his team lived upto a Nation's fever and passion for the game...their highs with the highest expectations of the is no more just a Sport...It is far beyond it all.   It is a defining day ...And Cricket is no more just a sport...but deciding thing to lot of things in India...and this euphoria is not going to change...but live for long!    Hurray India!  Rock On!...The Cup of Joy is finally ours again!!!! Long live this glory and passion!....Long live our joys and happiness and the love for Cricket!!!! Hats Off!

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Best moment indeed!