Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Kissing the Sands of Sea!

Oh my wisdom, where are you taking me?
To the deeper oceans that I fail to understand.....
Oh my glory, where are you taking me?
To the deeper turbulances that pride aims to bring!

Setting aside the wisdom and glory of the masses
There arises a unstruggled inner peace
just like the kids kissing the sands of seas!
Going by your heart and living by your thought
makes you calm and better amongst the lot

Struggling with the silence depths of oceans
or giggling with the rising waves of the seas
you rave behind the oceans of calmness
and the kisses of the waves that touches

Life is all about remaining with inner calm
and rejoicing with the beautiful waves
that you touch, you kiss and you let go
And then wait for the next best wave
as your life and thoughts begin again to rave!

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