Sunday, July 10, 2011

Invaders looted the wealth of my nation in the Past and Neta’s are looting much more in Present! What is the future of my country?

Shri Padmanabaswamy temple treasure is only an indication of the prosperous India in the glorious Pre-British days where kings and queens ruled my motherland. This treasure shows the intricate nature of the wealth that my Mother India possessed and the benevolence of the rules and amazing talents of beauty in the art hundreds of years ago. Those were no digital days and all the glorious gold and jewelry recovered only show the artist India with its real skill man ship and excellent talent of hand work that is slowly fading away.

These are the hands of millions of Indians, who need empowerment, it is the time Leaders of our Nation realize that this hands should be filled with the prosperity of tommorrow as early as possible!

For several centuries, Mother India was mercilessly invaded again and again by people who came in the name of trade, and begging for help. For 7 -8 centuries, Indian sub-continent faced continuous war in search of enmassing wealth and mineral resources that the countries geographically landscape had in its belt. We were not only wealthy in Natural Resources, Mineral wealth and man-made prosperity and our puranas and age old stories talk about the wonderful rulers who made people cherish with wealth and happiness.

Gupta Empire, Challukyas, Cholla’s , Pallava’s and Pandhya’s ruled the Nation as the golden age of India before the invasion of Muslim Rulers, and Slow and steady invasion of British into our otherwise peaceful nation. Mughal rules introduced art and architecture to India and at the same time brought in a religious divide amongst the otherwise Hindu dominated country. India being annexed by the most cleaver invasion by East India Company in the mid-18th Century ended the golden period of wealth and self-sufficiency. This was the end of the golden era for India.

As children, we read in our history text books, how Md Ghazni invaded India 17 times and still he could not take away much of its wealth. Every temple and kingdom was filled with the glory of the past and wealth of the Nation that was natural to its existence. Temples were destroyed and palaces were looted in this search and robbery by the so called wealthy developed nations. Thanks to the one sensible king who kept his entire wealth in the secret vaults of the Kerala temple and today we have this as a strong reflection of what it was in the past. Thanks to the Travancore royal family who preserved it so far and been loyal to both the king and the temple god. Otherwise we would have only read about it in history books, seen this in movies and not believed in the truth that my nation was the wealthiest at times.

Even today, if we as a public civil force, form a team and penetrate into the private homes and villas, bank accounts and binami’s of every politician, every member of the parliament in the past and the present, I am sure we will find an equal amount of wealth that would save us from being called a ‘Developing Nation’. If past had been a curse to us as part of the history, the current day scenario is much worse. For what these people are leaving behind to the future generation is a growing cost of living, increased poverty, struggle for survival, the stress of world class competition and an entire ruined and corrupted system.

Indian judiciary can let go a famous actress after she joined her fiancée and cuts her boyfriend’s dead body to multiple pieces and destroy the evidence because of the money she is able to pay into the system , where is the Law of the land? Political and media drama is taking people of India to the heights of tolerance. Every functionary in the country is haunted by a wave of corruption. To get a birth certificate or even worse a death certification, you have to bribe somebody. From the peon to the Prime Minister, everyone is part of this loot. The so called excellent economist and the most reversed Prime Minister of India stands as a silent spectator to the world’s biggest scam dramas as they unfold and still calls the press and says that he is doing what need to be done. Had he been doing what he was supposed to do, India today would have been a developed Nation,. With him occupying the highest chair of democratic government for 2 full terms. Wake Up Dr. Singh, we still believe in you!

And now the most happiest family in India, who can produce films after films spending crores after crores….a young 20 year old K- Klan kid will produce a movie worth 100 crores… with whose money? 87 year old King K of the family called their patriarch happily dons his 2 recognized wives on either side at events. A neighbor having 2 wives is pulled on streets by the same TN police for cheating his first wife? A 20 year old hardworking student who struggled all his childhood to make it to Anna University ends up in some remote college, where as all the kids of K-Klan get to go to the same university…. On what talent basis?

It takes several years for hardworking professional to build a two bedroom apartment, and a NRI struggles between the priorities and expectations of his life and people back home and finally manages to make few lakhs after years of struggle away from home. But these entire clan makes crores after crores that they don’t even know where the money is all spreaded secretly? The easy way to be rich, marry a younger K kid and you will be happily settled, first in life and then in Tihar jail. Mr. Singh and Madam are silent for they very well know that if they try to help the dust off the K family now, they would be equally dusted off by public.

Thanks to CBI finally something is happening. No politician is clean in the country, but enmassing the whole of nation’s wealth in the name of growth and welfare projects is unpardonable? What they did in the Telecom scam is not the 1,70,000 crores loot, but they stopped the possibility of this amount getting into the Indian Treasury as Telecom Dept. profits. How can you be ever developed in these kind of scenarios? We are today the world’s best scammed Nation! Unfortunately! Disgustingly our children are scared to live and lead their lives peacefully in India any longer. It takes our lives off to get one BSNL connection in Chennai, making us run from pillar to post…and our most educated Maran was able to have an entire telephone exchange grounded for his and his family’s personal gain. If we start running special dedicated railway trains and tracks for railway minister, special dedicated unpaid airports for aviation minister, universities for education ministers, when will be a developed Nation?

The life of the ordinary man is not changed for any good after Independence. Today we are still struggling to make both ends meet for millions of people…we are still having the bigger nightmares of illiteracy, unemployment, declining agriculture, increased cost of living, increased and commercialization of temples and education system, horrible transportation system, fraudulent banking systems, unreached health facilities to all of India, terrorism striking from neighbors, dowry deaths, honor killings, fraudulent colleges and professionals, fake pilots, raping policemen, fake medicine manufacturers, female feticides, farmers suicides, water disputes, terror strikes, moists and naxals revolts, language and religious fantasies, child labor, increasing AIDS, etc ,etc and cricketers becoming gods and warriors and our army men most ignored.

If all of the money that politicians have looted in the last 6 decades be brought to books and we rewrite the legal books that are dusted off and written 60 years ago for obedient people of pre-independence era., I am sure we will be a better country. A rape accused gets away paying a fine of Rs 10000, a murderer in the Grover case I mentioned, walks away after 7 years paying Rs 50000, and a dowry death, husband walks away after no proof produced and we let our terrorist whom we have videos recorded as shooting our civilians is provided a high level security and life?., where is the law and justice we are expecting in our country.

The words ‘Asathoma Sadgamaya…….meaning untruth leading to truth’ will never see a dawn in my country unfortunately if this continues. This is the cry of an inner heart of a citizen of India. It is my inner voice that makes me restless, angry and agitated to see the injustices happening and ripping my mother India apart. Please do not let her to bleed! PLEASE HELP MY NATION STOP TO BLEED!


Anand said...

Your outburst reflects our mind too. If facebook can create a revolution in Egypt, then i we can also do something.

Umasree said...

Thank you Anand....unless we aspire for the change, there is no solid future far from fear of survival for our children in our country.....time to wake up for another freedom struggle!