Monday, August 8, 2011

An Educated Fool! Am I?

As one neighbour impishly hit my sensitivity
Calling me an educated fool, I gave myself a silent inner pause!
Am I? That gave me a good amount of time
To introspect my inner self, my thought process!

What makes you educated is the not the number of degrees
But the amount of knowledge you learn from life’s lessons!
What makes you wise and thoughtful is not years you lived!
But the number of people whose lives you have touched!

May be the person who said so, the most wisdomful soul!
I revere the happy unthoughtful comment in the night!
But graciously let me let him know that I am not a Fool!
Yes, I would have been a fool having letting others say so!

As gracefully I know to handle people of all types in life
Having had the luck to deal with people of vivid attitudes
The best way is to keep yourself away from insensitivity
What you don’t deserve, let it not touch your heart

The things that others throw at you, thoughtlessly
If you don’t pick it to your hearts and leave them there
Trust me, god gives them back where they need
And lets your live in the way you are made and in peace!

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