Friday, September 2, 2011

A Wave of Friendship

They came into our lives so simply, just like any other friends
like a big wave of real and close friendship,  possibly with no ends
Just like the flocking birds on the tree, whispering sweet nothings
they came in our lives like the bleaming winds and friendship waves...

Like all friends did and do, we spent time giggling for everything
Eating together, sleeping under the same roof, and cheering Indian Cricket....
Movies, Games and Fun, and times sat on the terrace to cry together tooo....
Sometimes just sitting together and doing just nothing....

The day came when we made others feel jealous of us by all means
and so did some wicked minds that slowly came closer in between
Ofcourse, thats what made us think what we mean really to each other
as we overcame all obstacles to an real good friendship....

As I said, flocking they found a new tree away from our shore
and it was time for them to fly, and make us search for them tommorrow
We realize how much they were part of us unknowingly everyday
And just with all thoughts, and sinciere prayers that they would just do ok

Where ever they go, what ever they would endeavor
who ever their new friends are going to be
We would cherish every day and every moment spent
for friendship is far beyond the test of time or distance

Gonna Miss you Vasudha and Ram...But for sure you would live in our hearts ever!  Thank you for the wonderful time we spent together.....will wait for such a time again.

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