Wednesday, October 5, 2011

The Rain of Wisdom

Sitting in the office window, amidst the pile of work

I stare outside for a second, and see the storming rainfall

Thoughts flowed like a streaming brook, with eyes wide open

Into the cataclysmic of the nature all around

The mountains in the far looked like the shining canyons

Whispering to the weighed mules that carry people around

I know I need to take this few minutes to scribble down

Or else these thoughts are going to be prolonged

Looking for the sun on a windy rainy day from ground

Is like always wanting things that you don’t have around

The showers that flow on the glass window pane

Remind me that how much ever the tears of pain

They would just disappear along the wind and disdain

Calmness engulfed all around, there cannot be inner calmness

To the tensed thoughts’ of a heart that knows not to rejoice

It is the lack of faith that creates limitations

And it is the lack of thoughts’ that creates the boundaries

Once you are free from the limits and learn to go by nature

Life can be nothing but all yours and truly better

The rain is still pouring down the mountains,

And whispering into the leaves that sway in happiness

The roads are all wet and walkers are careful to step around

The cars are buzzing off the freeway in the far round

And see…now the rains of wisdom, started to fade from my thoughts

And it’s just done in 2 minutes of my time, and time to go back

To my pile of work that’s actually not using my wisdom of rain!

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