Friday, November 4, 2011

"Aayiram Penmai Malarattume" Kannadasan Lyrics with my English Translation

Ayiram peNmai malarattumE

Ayiram kaNgaL rasikkattumE

oruththiyin nenjsam oruvanukkenRE

sol sol sol.. thOzi sol sol sol

 My English Translation ……..

Let the thousands of feminism features bloom

Let the thousands of eyes adore the loom

Yet, one’s purest heart is for one true love

Tell, tell, tell, Oh Friend, tell, tell , tell


onRE kAdhal onRE dheyvam

onRE vAzvin nIdhi

onRAy sErnthu anbAy vAzum

paNpE peNgaL jAdhi

kAdhal nAyagan oru pAdhi

kAdhali thAnum maRu pAdhi

irumanam anggE oru manam enRE

sol sol sol.. thOzi sol sol sol

My English Translation:
Only one love, only one God,

Brings in meaning to one’s life

Together we live, spreading the love

Character is the woman’s caste

The king of love rules one part

The queen of loves adore the other

Two hearts culminates as one soul here

Tell, tell, tell, Oh Friend, tell, tell , tell

mannavanE AnAlum

ponnaLanthu koduththAlum

peN manadhai nI adaiya mudiyAdhu

vAL munaiyil kEttAlum

venjsiRaiyil pOttAlum

udal anRi uLLam unnais sErAdhu


mAnum peNNUm oru jAdhi

mAnam enggaL thani nIdhi

thavaRu seyyAdhE arugil varAdhE

nil nil nil mannA nil nil nil

My English Translation

The king rules the man

Giving the precious things away

Cannot capture woman’s heart

Keeping her at the edge of the sword

Preying with the brightest gifts

You can only win over the body

And the soul will never be won


Mother earth and woman is one creed

The heart and soul is pure and consistent

Doing anything wrong, keep yourself away

Stop, Stop, Stop, Oh King, stop, stop, stop!


YEAR: 1965




My Interpretation of this song:

A woman adores true love and dedicated herself to one man whom she believes and she  believes that her character is her biggest assest and she respects her femine qualities of endurance, care and love and giving… You can win over a woman by touching her heart and not by force or fake gifts. Forcing her will make you win her body but never her soul.

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