Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Chennai Lighthouse opening for Public after 22 years

Interestingly one of the lighthouses within the city in India remained closed for public for last 22 years after the unfortunate assassination of Rajiv Gandhi in the outskirts of Chennai.  Today, when the decision is made to open it up for public to view the sea from the top of the light house, I am only sure that this landmark site of Chennai is all set to be a favorite destination for Chennai lovers.   On this eve, would like to recap few interesting facts about our lighthouse in Chennai
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 15 Great Facts about Chennai Lighthouse

1. Height of the lighthouse in Chennai is 45.72 meters with 10 floors and only one in India with an elevator
2. Visitors can view the Bay of Bengal from the 9th floor, where 2 sea facing balconies provide a spectacular view of the ocean
3.  Madras Lighthouse is the only one in the country within the city limits.
4. Chennai's first conventional lighthouse was built in 1796 on the terrace of the officer's mess within what is now known as Fort Museum
5. In 1846, the light house equipment with lantern was shifted onto the dome of the High Court building
6. Madras Lighthouse constructed at Marina beach using electric bulbs was opened in January 1977
7. Marina beach light house was closed from public viewing since 1991 and thus remained the only light house in the country which did not permit public to access the site
8. Madras Lighthouse will be opened again on August 15, 2013 for public to view from the 9th floor.  
9. The light is generated by three 150V-metal halide lamps and enhanced by a four panel convex lens
10.  The light house light can be seen from up to 30 nautical miles (34.5 miles /55.6 km) out at sea.
11. Radio becons on the 9th floor aide navigation of vessels
12. Movement of ships is monitored by national automatic identification system
13. Coastal static sensors are installed on the top of the light house by the coast guard
14.  Chennai Marina lighthouse is going to become a Lighthouse Tourism spot in Chennai giving great interests for viewers
15.   Chennai lighthouse is one of the 13 lighthouses identified as heritage centres portray maritime history of India


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