Monday, July 15, 2013

I am Malala.....

Malala...Today, this name is synonym to courage, braveness and fearlessness.  This word resounds the courage of a young girl to fight for her rights.     Her strong words with which she ended her speech at UN echoes from all parts of the world towards Education for Children.  especially for Women.   

"One child, one teacher, one book and one pen can change the world. Education is the only solution. Education first." From Malala speech at UN

In a world today, filled with the dangers of wars, frequent conflicts and failing government and economies, here is a girl who is fighting her best towards a cause.
A cause that is important in changing the thinking of hundreds of extremists towards positive world filled with no fear of existence and no struggle for survival.   Every child and every human being should have the right to education and peaceful living.  However, today the world has become a center stage for dramatic politics, religions intolerance, terrorism handling the countries, economies that create poverty and unemployment, and natural calamities that are beyond our control as human beings.  

The least we could do is join the campaign - ' I am Malala...' and provide our support and promise towards providing education and empowerment to our women and make learning a way of living so that this world become a better place to live

As Malala, reiterates Education is the ONLY Solution.   We don't need Preachers, Saints, Researches and Scientists to tell us what we should aim to build in this world in times of crisis.  Awareness comes from knowledge and knowledge comes from Education and hence 'Education is the Key'  and Malala happens to be the way to move forward.  She is not an individual anymore, she is movement that we should all join hands with.

Towards a better tomorrow,  and a fearless future...arising from the clutches of death, towards the route of optimism, turning every adversity into an opportunity, today this girl is teaching us again, that every problem has a solution and every child has a right to education.....

Malala at United Nations

Long Live Dear Malala with good health, happiness, purpose and greater education that you dream for.  

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