Thursday, August 1, 2013

The Rhythm of our heart!

Learning to know the rhythm of our hearts
Is the greatest known art
There is a silence in which you slide
To know the happiness and tides
For the inner walls of your thoughts
Know how far you can manage the arts
The art of love, in this life called new
The art of life, in this love we renew
The love for oneself, is the best of all
For you know that there can be never a fall
The radiances of your eyes that you see
Can only glow when you feel the fantasy
The dreams that you always dare to dream
The life walks that you take not as cream
But as an ever pounding flow of waves
That touch you at every turn life takes
The songs that you sing with in you
May not be loud and can just be few
Yet, the passion it brings to the mind
The beauty of life, that is of its own kind
Where is the end to this inner happiness
As you can stop by, and listen to you beats
Closing the tired eyes for a moment
And you can relive every thought in instant
That can just make you sing the song!
The song that is of just known to your heart all along!

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