Monday, September 30, 2013

Sonoware Lost and ProArtis Gained....Hurray...the paradise of fun went unplugged - Manmar Reunion @ MGM Sep 2013

Cranky....what....No the cheeks..we can see the alphabets...the right side got M and left side got V....Giggle go on, on flutters raising in the air..with smiles turning into loud laughters...thank god...these crazy people got huts of their own and let the remaining resort doze off in booze. and blend with the sounds of the sea just few meters away!

Here came the IT world class tech geeks..into the world of their unwind and unwrap the secrets of a the founders a blemishing smilezzzzzzzz....whispering into the ears of each other...the less known secrets to the loudly uttered crazy jokes of the past...from ballooning the time into a rendezvous journey -  a time machine flying back to a decade of innocent times...that were not so very innocent as they seemed..... from the time 2 wonderful bio-medical engineers who joined...and of whom one is a beautiful damsel even she slipped on the stairs with a sprain...20 odd boys left the coding as it is and ran to help her man gave a damn and walked away.....and later was the guy holding her hand as they walked together in a wedding binge ...a relationship of a lifetime!

The guy whose photographs-  yeap the passport size one's could only fit a A4 size now emerged a new You....making people ask him where is half of him.....where is their wonderful and most loving Heavy!....the guy who could fit a Breakvan for travel...made people jumble up in he climbed mountains high, ran trails new to find, and swam deeper depths than one can imagine...and above all..shaping up as a New You!  Making the factooo that nothing is impossible!

"Eppidi poyiniruku"  - dont ever dare to ask to this to our vulture conservationist and a born genius artist...and be shocked and faint with his spontaneous reply...-  Poda,,, Orey tannni aaaa poiyniruku..! 

Tall as his height and sales to his might....this one guy had every reason to roll over in wit and smile...and along with his friend called who could sell without even a product in hand,,make brouchers in train ....and sell the product even without a customer....that was the spirit of selling...that they could sell anything!  

Candid Moments!  Yes, as we moved to the beach...unfortunately with the black sands that stood as testimony to the poor ganeshas that were thrown into the sea...that made the beaches look like drains... the beautiful damsel of our union..started to speak about her new hobby and a possible candid shots that make holes in the one's who requests the spots!....reminds us of Kamal Hassan's dance shots!

Moments that made the day...the past that had its blast...the divine charm of friendship that swayed in the air..what else can you ask for when you get 25 people together after 10 years...and make them recollect their past and share their present times and to hold together the bonding for the future..Yes, this was about the Manmar Reunion 2013-  after 20 years exactly on the day Manmar shaped up in 1993,..and eventually after 10 years when Manmar diluted with history leaving behind thousands of customers....and very useful and still used products in the health care industry.  

Manmar had the privilege of being the best IT product company and was way ahead of their times. penetrating into the ultrasound market like no other player....they expanded their wings into health care by catering to the OEMs like GE, Siemens, Philips and Toshiba to name a few.  With best of Products like Sonoware, Proartis , ProArtis Xpert, Echo,  Cupid and ProCath to name few...their reach was far and wide...with a vibrant sales force and committed service team across India and Abroad..Manmar found a place in the History of IT in Tamil Nadu...Even today, people who worked their in the past feel connected, for the small company grew into a highly process oriented and a really cherished product company and unfortunately,  due to few wrong went into the history of times.  What remains today is the unbelievable intellect..that is wide spread still in the health care domain and entrepreneurs who dream big and made it into areas of OBG, Radiology, Tele-medicines,  Medical Imaging and Documentation, and lot more.   

Now on the Reunion of Marmarties that happened at MGM Beach Resorts on 28th and 29th of Sep 2013-   Update from Ravindran Padmanaban:

This re-union was a excellent trip to nostalgia, as Umasree described in her blog. We had some great talk, chitchat with friends, games, swim, food finally not to leave the booze. Glad to see age has taken a toll on all of us, but by heart we have the same enthusiasm and feeling. I wish this event could happen every year on September 4th Week (Bala suggested), so our calenders keep this marked permanently. My family had a great week-end.

We need your feedbacks as well for a better event next time. Please upload all your photos, this will motivate our friends to warmup for the next event. Had a never ending laughter treatment for almost 18 hours with all you guys. Thanks for all your presence, it was a great moment for my family aswell.

The Grand re-union happened MGM Beach Resorts Mahabalipuram, around 25 people across South India came, we have great fun. Soon we will update this Group with photos. The good news is, we have passed a friendly resolution to have this event will happen every year 4th Week of September. So don't worry guys who have missed - we would love to see you guys next year. Keep watching this forum for frequent updates.

 I will post more pictures once our Official Candid Photographer sends me her pictures!



K. Raghunath, PMP said...

Neat one Uma. You have done a great job at documenting the laugh riot! One can remember most of what happened on that day when they see this even after a while. Nice narration. Keep it up!

K. Raghunath, PMP said...

Neat one Uma. You have done a great job at documenting the laugh riot! One can remember most of what happened on that day when they see this even after a while. Nice narration. Keep it up!

Anonymous said...

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