Wednesday, December 4, 2013

A year gone by as we lost our Delhi Braveheart - Yet the Crimes continue with no shame!

Every 20 minutes a Rape happens in India.  1128 rapes registered in 2013 compared to 468 cases registered in 2012.   This is still prevalent…Despite the change and campaign that engulfed after Delhi’s Brave Heart was gang raped in Dec 2012.   Police humiliation in handling of the rape/ sexual victims is still in existence, people walk out free after being involved in rapes, sexual assault and exploitation and stalking.   

India woke up to speak up against violence against weaker gender.  However, the men don’t stop zipping up given a chance, be it in a lift, or a corridor in office or a deserted street.  Forget the marital rapes and abuse that happens time and again inside the four walls of our India homes.  Unfortunately laws have its own loop holes and people still do not fear the law of the land to harass a woman.   Sex trafficking is a big business in India.   

Sexual harassment is every day “Breaking news” in the TV channels.  Acid attacks and stalking are every where in the newspapers.  Sending out our girl children out of our homes alone is always like having fire in the belly.  Leaving children with elders or even grand parents care is no more a security for there is a scare of the molestation.  Walk, Rise, Talk and Fight against Rape.  But nothing makes the mistakes stop.  Women are time and again raped, gang raped and left to die on the streets.    

Women’s rights are only in law books and not practically followed in India.   Fight for better law and order and not revenge still continues flustered.  Many women do not feel safe even in the public places.  Using public transportation without getting pinched on your backs or men rubbing from behind is still a distant dream.   Minor accused escapes in name of Juvenile law.

Even before Delhi Brave heart who stole the country’s attention, there are several Sunitha Krishnan’s who rise beyond the sense of being lost and raped and reconstruct their lives and silently set a path for others to survive and rebuild their own lives.  Government plays a very minor role in rescue and providing rehabilitation as after such incidents the families and society disowns them.   Effective legal procedure with a sense of responsibility and law enforcement is the need of the day.   Though now more rapes are reported, the legal system is still not adequate to put an end to this menace.  

People peace marches, candle lighting vigils, talk shows and repeated TV campaigns and political parties and social organizations did bring in a lot of awareness of sexual harassment of women.  Unfortunately the Mumbai Shakthi Mills Rape case, Tejpal sexual harassment case of a journalist, and several hundreds of reported cases continued in 2013 giving no respire to Indian women.  There are thousands of other incidents that go unnoticed, unrecorded and silently suffered.  More and more there are campaigns going on to prevent such issues; more seems to be the cases coming up.   

Probably the trend of violence was always there and only gaining momentum to fight after the death of India’s Brave Heart named Nirbaya.  Only wished her real name is known and we know her face to pay her rich tributes or may be silently visualizing the way we want is a better solace.  

A year gone by …and women of India and the world continue to fight for their safety and honor.  The fight only seems to strengthen day by day bringing people together to fight against injustice.   The age old law books seem to be no where clearing the dust and re-writing the pages of history with punishments that would bring in fear in the society to do such crimes.    

No one can save us, except ourselves.  Instead of teaching arts, science, dance and drama, parents should first make self-defense a compulsory education to children both girls and boys.  This should ensure that they protect themselves against any form of abuse and molestation.   Work place harassment should come to an end with corporate’s and government houses tightening up the internal policies and make people aware of the consequences to such acts.

We need to make our boys and brothers respect women, treat them with dignity and respect their emotions and safety.   It is only when women at grassroots and homes teach their children and bring in the moral values instituted in from a very young age, we can get rid of this perverts in the society.  

RIP Brave heart.  A year went by since your struggle for life started, and you disappearing into the test of time becoming an angel of fearlessness and voice of the Nation against such crimes.   

Wishing that a new dawn is in store in future when my country wakes up with a happy song of its girl child and not the shrill cry for justice.  Jai Hind!

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