Thursday, December 19, 2013


As we fly high with moments of pride
And having God as our only perfect Guide
Wishing moments of joy at peak of things
Adoring flying with rapid flaming wings

Intellect, humbleness and endless ecstasy
With the moments that are too enough to be
Dawn upon me the rapid flaming wings
To cherish at soul the delights nature brings

Without the fear of tomorrow or mortality
Binding my heart with a richness of integrity
The mind is running in its peak sovereignty
Enjoying the mind, body and soul unity

In such a moment of supreme thinking
I am my own creator of being a radical king
Moments those gracefully uplift my soul
And cherish my life as an adorable whole

Cherishing the glorious permanence
Of meditations in thoughtful presence
Realizations dawn on the core life’s essence
With God, peace and calm immanence

In this moment of calm boundless atmosphere
Where inner peace chases away every fear
Every bit of me is tightened as a timeless whole
Uplifting my energies, my thoughts and soul

Things that made the every moment dear
Wiping away the unwrapped silent tear
Letting the passing clouds spiritually clear
As all moments last in an eternal Year

Yes, what make life are the moments
Moments of pride, joy and also laments
Gracefully being your own self
Rejoicing towards another year in belief

Moments and only moments that make what you are!
That teaches you, guide you and take you afar!

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