Monday, April 28, 2014

A Solider's Home Coming!

A Soldier's Home Coming!
Date:  28 April 2014

Few sets of eyes waited for him to come
An old and young woman waited for him to hug
Visibility pretending brave aged father, stood firm
A innocent young child kept playing around immune
The sounds of the vehicle disturbed the silence
It indicated the arrival of the brave young soldier
He did not run into their arms to give a big bear hug
or lift his child in passion to make her feel all of him
He did not walk with the same courage to bow his parents feet
or did not smile to his friends who waited to meet
The strong foot steps of his brave march was not heard
The sudden smell of incense took over the place
A silent arrival of a slain solider for the nation realized
He came home, yes, for the one last time
for his parents and young wife to mourn on him
His relatives and friends, stood in calmness grief
Colleagues who saw him fight for the Nation stood
in a sheer pride and unexpressed sadness and grief

He came home, Yes, for the one last time
draped in the Tri color, solemnly lifted
wrapped in a casket that had a role to play
Visibility a small hole for people to peep in and see
his wounded body bruised by the enemy's bullets
withered face with the strains of blood and pride
The day he took the owes in the Indian Army
the family and friends do know that this is coming
Yet, not so soon, not so without an aimless war
guarding our borders day and night fighting known enemy
There is no declared war, or a unsurpassed orders
yet, the borders take away lives of our unsung heroes
letting young women grieve for the gone husbands
and aged parents unable to speak or cry on their son's demise
leaving behind children who understand nothing including his death

Where is my Nation heading to, without having amicable neighbors
how many more soldiers, are we going to bid adieu?
recognized by none, not appreciated by the Nation
for which they have silently laid down their lives?
Arise, Awake and let the name of our solider's shine!
Let their last home coming be not their only dream!
They stand and rise for our National safety and Pride!
They fight, march ahead to protect us tight
In a valiant death, they feel a sense of pride and achievement
after all, their heart, mind, body and soul is only for Nation
soared with Patriotism, and courage to do the best

As Major Mukund Varadarajan's mortal remains are consigned to flames today, leaving behind an unimaginable impact on his family and friends, his death also makes us remain at pain.  We salute you, our brave soldier, on your final home coming!   You laid your precious young life for our Nation, and only wish you are never forgotten!

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Anonymous said...

My heart is heavy eyes filled with tears. Not sure whether to comment good one uma for your writing or sorrow n pitiful for the hero or ridiculous/bad....for the state of our country