Friday, April 11, 2014


Date: April 11, 2014
NaPoWriMo 2014-  Day 11 

Had it not been for hunger
there would not have been the human race
Had it not been for hunger
There would not have been the civilized ways
It is all for that small sack inside
that cries at regular intervals
wanting for good food and water
making us work hard to get it rest ensure
Is not just another English word
Its the inspiration 
to stay active, and crave for more
Hunger is not just for stomach alone
it is for the mind and heart together
Hunger makes dreams come true
Hunger makes you realize what you want for sure
Hunger for life, hunger for world
hunger for glory, hunger for peace
hunger for boundaries, hunger for success
hunger for love, hunger for wisdom
makes all the things in this world that matters
or reasons for all the things that shatters!
Hunger is not just a feeling
It is the pain in the utmost pit of our stomachs
That pulls you down or pushes you to run
in search of food for your body and brain
There can be no sense when hunger over takes
lot of petty things happen as it takes away common sense
Those who can control hunger
can control anything in this world in wonder
But not many can always do
that's why hunger strikes succeed true
Let the food we eat,
the thoughts we have and share
the hopes we dream and dare
the aspirations we kindle and desire
always enrich our hunger pranks
and satisfy the crazy hunger cravings
Let this world wake up 
one day where there is no single hungry soul
hungry for food and water
Let this world wake up
every single day with a hungry world
hungry for goodness and kindness
hungry for warmth and growth
Let this world be filled with no hungry deaths
with no hungry children going to bed at nights
Let this world be only filled with hungry minds
towards a better human race!

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