Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Kennings - With structural beginnings....Dear Snow-Wolf!

A Buzzing Beast
Caught the buzzing insect
with a flippy winged
A Flower Raider
with the colorful monster
and a continuous talker
with a giant food taker
followed the girls stalker
Bumped on a sleepy header
happens to be a web maker
also a mischief player
with man's best friend
his adorable loyal dog
a loud barker
a great swimmer
wonderful companion
and man's loyal friend
Flipped through white pages
a hard cover
colorful picture
great author
with a super story 
made my book reading
truly wonderful
came across a slim ester
a fly eater
a spawn layer
a water lover
and creepy creature
away from the sleep of the sword
away from slaughter dew
keeping away the blood-ember
sailing away from wounded sea
rules of the breaker of rings
flame- fare welled
with bane of the wood
I do not bid adieu
the the life rejoiced
than living in vain

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