Sunday, April 13, 2014

My Old Age- A imaginative walk with the time machine ahead of 26 years from now....into year 2040 - A dive from 2014!

A futuristic dive into my old age.....

Vision is getting blurred....
Hands are shaking as I write
Got my third leg to walk
and very few friends who come to talk

I sit under the tree, that grew with me
remembering the hay days lingering within
The house is now standing behind me,
with its empty rooms and opened windows

There are no one to accompany and laugh
all that remains are the pictures hanging on the walls
Sometimes, heavily, I turn the pages of the albums
that I happily made all the time when I was young

A old neighbour greets me a inaudible good morning
I wave him back my hands in the same greeting
my lips whisper, a good morning
that probably is not so loud and heard

I silently walk back into my living room
and on the songs, that soothe me to the core
I regain my smile, and walk to the shower
take a look at my bridal dress, with a shy

Slowly, my physical moments are restricted
but heart fails to acknowledge the same in any way
I still want to trek the nagala water falls
and run one last marathon, atleast those few miles again

I know I cannot anymore enjoy a full outside meal
but simply still pester my husband for a candle lit dinner
At the table, I slip the spoon as I sip my soup
My plate shakes as I go for the buffet refill

Once in a while, my child and grand children
visit me to surprise, to share and smile again
I get energies from all over the world to strain
every bit of me, to make all food and comforts

My grand child, asks me to play with him
I lovingly hug him telling him that I may be slow
He says, nothing doing, run behind me
and trust me, my steps dont tremble when doing so

A old collegue calls me for a evening tea
I call her over to my place, just to show off in glee
all that I achieved, the medals, the certificates
the appreciations and the enchanting journeys!

The bells of a last journey rings on the road
the fear of death, starts silently within
its not the fear of existence, but its very form
that's when we want life to give us even more

Yes, I have done my duties to my satisfaction
Life to me was truly a happy celebration!
I have done my set of good deeds and fulfilled needs
Now, I can count my bonus and blessings !

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