Sunday, January 18, 2015

Sunshine and Temple - Serenity and Devotion!

Pic Courtesy : Sri Venugopal and Surya Praba
Radiance of the bright red clouds
Freedom of the children playing around
Serenity of the silent temple pillars
Green grass shining black like whiskers

Four pillars representing each direction
The space between the two temples
showing the breathing space between the lovers
Lawn before the sanctum shows place to design lives

Every step on the temple tower
shows that we need to climb the steps
towards the growth of human life
to reach the ultimate goals and wishes

The roof shining bright with ups and downs
indicates that paths of life is its clones
Without which the beauty of life is blank
The twists and turns create the rhythm tank

Who ever thought that clouds
would be always blue and white
this picture shows that it is not right
it can be red, black and bright

Nature is the best canvas in God's hands
Best of pictures painted with his wands
The small twigs around the temple walls
show the signs of fire and zeal of life

Peace and calmness that this picture brings
The fire and equal radiance it does rings
Small standing sticks show us
that we do need them once in a while

Children running in the fields around
bounded by the happiness that surrounds
The fresh air, the open space, the temple bells
Rejoicing their sounds of music it dwells

Superficial sky and clouds filled with brightness
tell us that things may look different
On the surface life may look all fine or super bad
But as long as the rhythm of life goes on, just be glad!

Thanks to my childhood friend who Surya Praba who shared this picture and challenged us to write a poem.  Inspiration.  Thanks for this opportunity dear Praba.  

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venugopalbsnl said...

Very nice Uma.Thank you and you made my photography a day.
While my bird photography made me believe that Birds are beautiful,your stanzas really made Words are beautiful too.
You can post this to any reputed public column so that more people can enjoy the flavour of poetic life.