Thursday, February 5, 2015

All in the Mind!

All in the mind!
Date:  5 Feb 2015

The opulence of the human mind,
Where we run with thoughts behind
Where is the rest to the stressed brain?
That haunts for peace and happy train
This train is not the one that runs on tracks
But in the depths of the human thoughts
This train is not the one that is made of steel
But with deeper thoughts of love to steal

Magnificence of the enchanting human race
Where we smile on the earth’s peaceful face
Ripped across the oceans with the tears
Of the violence bastions unheard of joy
But with the sage of meaningless sacrifice
The tears are red as they are shed in blood
The human race is madly stuck in this daze
In the fear, in the fight, in the blood-shed
Where are we heading to as civilized lot?
For there would be no life left behind this!
The gory has to end to bring in peace
The human race need to be saved now than it’s too late!

-Umasree Raghunath

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